Online Business Ideas During a Pandemic, Can Be Passive Income

The existence of a pandemic does not only reduce people’s interest in buying necessities. The key is knowing what kind of items the public is looking for. For some, this pandemic period has caused income to falter. To overcome this, what if you open an online business during a pandemic as passive income with the following 6 business ideas? free bingo bash chips

Online Bookstore Business
One trend that has emerged during this pandemic is the increasing hobby of reading books. Yes, social restrictions make people choose to buy books in online stores . This is an opportunity for you to open an online business during a pandemic, namely by selling books on your e-commerce or social media. 

In addition to selling the latest books from distributors or publishers, you also have the opportunity to resell used books that are still in good quality. There are quite a lot of fans, you know! You can also sell physical books and e-books at the same time. 

Jastip Various Online
Business Needs during a pandemic that can be done by everyone is jastip. Unlike before, where jastip only applies to imported goods, in the pandemic era, jastip covers a variety of necessities. 

For example, you open jastip for Bandung brownies or vitamin C supplements which are still in high demand. You can get the profit from the cost of jastip which is usually pegged at around 10% of the price of the goods. Pretty interesting, right?

Bottled Milk Coffee
Wake up, go to work, then buy milk coffee at your favorite cafe to be more enthusiastic. This routine is becoming increasingly rare during the pandemic, especially with most employees working from home. This limitation is what makes bottled coffee innovation an online business during a pandemic that is the most in demand. 

By buying 1 liter bottled milk coffee, buyers can enjoy cafe-style milk coffee at home every morning. Instead of bothering to brew your own coffee, of course buying bottled milk coffee is more practical. If interested, you need to find a delicious milk coffee recipe and market this bottled coffee milk online . Also inform how long bottled milk coffee can be stored in the refrigerator.

Restaurant-style frozen food
Who says that frozen food is just nuggets? Nowadays, people are increasingly longing for restaurant dishes. Not a few are tired of eating the same home cooking. The solution? Of course buying restaurant- style frozen food ! 

Business online when this one any pandemic can start from now, stay cook food as usual and store them in airtight containers. Next, just freeze it in the freezer so that the food lasts longer. Buyers just need to heat the frozen food and the food can be eaten deliciously. 

Selling Home Decorations
Every day working at home without going out to find a new atmosphere makes many people feel bored. It’s no wonder that finally home re-decoration is a project that people do on the weekends. Selling home decorations has become an online business during a pandemic that many people are looking for. 

There are so many items that you can sell, it can be goods from distributors or goods made by your own hands. The most common examples include bed linen, window curtains, floor rugs, home furnishings, aromatherapy candles, beautiful plates and glasses, ornamental plants, and beautiful paintings. 

Fabric Masks with Various Motifs and Embroidery
It is undeniable that masks are now the most purchased item by people throughout 2020 and 2021. In addition to medical masks, cloth masks are also the choice of many people because they are comfortable on the face and can be reused, making them more economical. Because masks cover most areas of the face, the fashion trend shifts to cloth masks that are full of motifs and beautiful embroidery decorations .

How to make a cloth mask is also not difficult, especially if you have high sewing or embroidery skills . You can sell your handmade cloth masks in several bundles to increase your profit. Also promote your cloth mask work on social media to increase online business exposure during this pandemic. 

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