NetSuite PDF Practice Test

Where can I say you will the official recognition exam? Do I have to go to a testing center?

You sign happening subsequently the third party vendor Kryterion, who administers and proctors the computerized exams. There will be 2 ways to resign yourself to the exams:

  • Testing center:Search for locations using this link:
  • Online proctored examinstallation of software is required ahead of time. Internal (embedded) laptop camera is permitted. More details are comprehensible here:

When can I sign taking place for the tests?I want to be certified!

You can register for an exam using this link:

How much does an exam cost?

Exams vary in cost depending on level. see each exam for details.

If you fail to pass an exam, you may demand a discounted press forward to retake it after 15 days, by emailing the NetSuite endorsement Mailbox.

How get I purchase bulk vouchers?

You need to fill in the Bulk Voucher purchase Form and send it to Kryterion. The vouchers will be fine for 12 months from the date of buy and no clarification will be allowed.

What form will the questions take?

The questions are every multiple-choice or matching.

In what languages are the NetSuite authorization Exams available?

The NetSuite endorsement Exams are in English only. Non-native English speakers may demand extra era by emailing the NetSuite endorsement Mailbox. absorb permit two weeks for your request to completed.

Will I have access to a demo account while I am taking the test?(So I can look in the works SuiteAnswers?)

The computer screens are locked during the exam, so there is no right of entry to any materials netsuite suite analytic user certification questions and answers pdf or online sources for information. scuff paper and calculators are not allowed.

I have dyslexia, I am not a native English speaker, I have test Anxiety, or otherwise need assistance. Can you have enough money special becoming accustomed for the exam?

If you infatuation a special adjustment in testing, keep amused edit the NetSuite certification Mailbox 60 days in assistance of your desired assay date.

Will I know right away if I passed or failed?

Yes, exam results will be understandable immediately.

What score do I need to acquire to pass?

The required passing score is confidential.

If I fail, how soon can I retake the test?

A 30-day waiting mature together with re-tests is required.

If I fail, will you tell me what areas I should study?

You will be notified of sections where you scored less than 50% correct. It is reachable to score above 50% on all sections and nevertheless be below the passing score.

Duration of each exam, and number of questions, are listed in the testing lead for each exam.

How can we reschedule in less than 72 hours before the exam?

The 72-hour relieve declaration required to reschedule exams is not controlled by NetSuite. This is a policy of our psychoanalysis vendor, and is allowance of their bargain subsequent to the assay centers. We have no endowment to reschedule the test within that 72-hour window, nor can we waive your study fees.

What description are the exams written on?

As a cloud company, NetSuite certification exams are updated to match the current tally of the NetSuite product. However, we roll out our supplementary forgiveness in phases, and some customers may be upon the leading (new) release, even though supplementary customers are upon the lagging (old) release, for a period. Click this member for a table that identifies to which NetSuite bill the exams have been updated.

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