YouTube SEO: Easy Ways to Increase YouTube Video Rankings

When you upload a video to YouTube, you certainly hope your video is watched by many people. yes, right?

However, this may sound difficult. You see, you have to compete with a lot of YouTube videos.

Especially every hour, there are 100 hours of new videos uploaded there!

But, wait! Don’t be discouraged just yet. One trick to get your videos watched a lot is to make them easy to find. The trick, just need to implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) YouTube.

YouTube SEO can help your videos appear at the very top when viewers are searching.

That way, your video can have a greater chance of being clicked and watched.

Well, what the hell do you need to do to practice YouTube SEO? Here, we’ll discuss it in full. Starting from tips to tools.

Let’s check it out together!5+ YouTube SEO Tips That You Should Try

Here are tips that can help boost your video’s ranking in YouTube search results: Keyword Research

When you’re looking for videos on YouTube, you’ve definitely seen search recommendations that appear along with the keywords you type:

jasa backlink terpercaya It looks simple. But, actually the recommendation displays the keywords that are most often searched by YouTube viewers.

Well, to make your video easier to find, of course your video must contain keywords that are sought by many people, right?

That’s why you need to do keyword research first. To find the right keywords, you can use tools like Ubersuggest or Ahrefs.

But remember, do not pursue keywords solely because the search volume is high. You also have to make sure that the keywords are in accordance with the theme of your channel. Use Interesting Titles and Thumbnails

Before deciding to choose a video, viewers must see the title and thumbnail first. If the title and thumbnail are interesting, they can be interested in clicking on the video.

In other words, no matter how interesting your content is, if the title and thumbnail are ordinary, no one will want to click on the video.

Therefore, make sure you create a catchy title and supported by visual thumbnails that attract the eye.

If you want to create interesting visuals, Canva is the right solution. This tool has a complete enough editing feature to create video thumbnails that spoil the eyes.

But, although the main goal is to attract the audience to click on the video, never use titles and thumbnails that smell clickbait. This can encourage viewers to click the dislike button.

Oh yes, don’t forget to also save keywords in the title of the video. So, your video becomes relevant to the keywords that the audience typed in the search field. Install Keywords in the Video Description

In addition to installing keywords in the title of the video, you also need to write them in the description column.

Why is that? Because if YouTube detects a particular keyword in your video description, they can assign it as the relevant result for that keyword.

For example, here is a description of the video that appears in the first rank for the keyword “learn digital marketing”:

As seen above, the uploader mentions the keyword clearly at the beginning of the description.

Why at the beginning? Because the description is only displayed in the first 3 lines. For the rest, viewers have to click the Show More button to see the rest of the description.

Therefore, make sure you write the target keyword clearly at the beginning of the description. Keywords must also look natural and connect with the overall description. 4. Make An Interesting Video

When reading the title of this subheading maybe you think, “Yes definitely dong, the video period is not made interesting?”.

Ironically, many video makers miss these tips. They just think that the important thing is that they’ve made a good video.

However, they don’t think whether the video is interesting or not for the audience.

According to research from Backlinko, the longer viewers stay on your videos, the more likely your videos are to be recommended by YouTube.

This is natural, because YouTube will want to recommend videos that are considered interesting. And one of the indicators is a video that is often watched until it runs out.

So, how do I make an interesting video? It’s simple. You just need to observe videos that are the same topic as the ones you made.

Make sure the videos you make comparisons have a good record. For example, the number of likes or the number of views.

After that, you just find out what are the weak points of the video. Is the video material lacking detail? Or maybe the visuals can still be emerated again?

Well, from there, you can get inspiration to make interesting videos compared to competitor videos.

To find out if the audience lasts longer when watching the video you make, you can see it in YouTube Analytics. Install Tags and Categories That Match Keywords

Another thing that can help YouTube to show your videos is to jasa backlink terbaik put up the right categories and tags. It is also recommended by the YouTube Creator Academy.

Although somejasa backlink times considered the same, actually categories and tags have different functions.

  • Categories serve to determine the classification of the video. So, does the video fit into the sports category? food? Or music?
  • Tags serve to tell the characteristics of the content. For example, suppose you make a video tutorial to create a website. You can put up tags “education”, “website”, “IT”, and the like.

That way, your video can be more relevant to the audience’s search results.

Make sure you use categories and tags that match the theme of your content. And it would be even better if you set your target keyword as a tag.

Don’t worry about running out of inspiration. You can find tag recommendations that match your content in tools like Keyword Tool or Youtube Tag Generator. Promote your video

Hooray! You’re done creating, optimizing, and uploading your videos. Does that mean everything is done?

Unfortunately, not yet. You can just wait for the audience to come alone to your video. But, this method will take longer to increase the number of views.

Conversely, by using a ball pick-up strategy, your video will be able to reach views at the beginning of its publication.

This is important, because in order for YouTube to know if your content is worth showing in high rankings in search results, of course they must know first whether your content is able to attract visitors.

For that, you have to promote your video to various platforms. For example, to social media.

By spreading video links to Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, the number of views you get will be more.

But that doesn’t mean you have to spread your links across all platforms. Instead, you just need to choose a platform that is really relevant to your content only.

In addition to promoting your own videos, you can also invite your audience to share the video.

So how do they share your video? Of course they will do it with pleasure if your video is indeed useful for them.

So, the key, is in the quality of the video you make. Are you ready to practice Seo On YouTube?

Okay, you already know how to rank your videos on YouTube. Now it’s time to practice it!

Start by doing keyword research first. Then, make an interesting video based on these keywords.

Don’t forget to optimize the video by slipping keywords into the title, thumbnail, description, and tag. After that, you can start promoting the video to various platforms.

Oh yes, in addition to learning YouTube SEO, you can also learn SEO to increase your website’s ranking in Google search results.

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