Why is on-page SEO important? How to Write SEO Friendly On-Page Articles in 2021

On-page SEO refers to on-site optimization or on-page optimization. So why is on-page SEO important? On-Page SEO gives you the freedom to control all SEO jasa backlink factors and make pages have a better user experience and higher rankings through SEO concepts and techniques.

If you have your own website, you can use On-Page SEO to meet all optimization requirements. No one likes to browse through ugly and worthless articles, and through On-Page SEO, you can gain more ranking authority. At the end of this article, I’m going to talk about How to Write Seo Friendly Articles On-Page Why On-Page SEO Is Important

On-Page SEO is a combination of white hat SEO concept and writing skills, improving the quality of a website’s content to get better rankings is the goal of On-Page SEO. To do good On-Page SEO, you should consider these 3 main factors. High Quality Content

The first focus of On-page SEO is to jasa backlink terpercaya provide useful content, why should people come to your website to see your page content? There seems to be no other possibility other than something good or valuable. Therefore, you should provide real and useful content, so that people will be willing to visit your website, and then the search engines will rank you higher because your information is very helpful to many people. Website structure

In addition to good content, On-Page SEO also requires visitors to be able to load very quickly and smoothly while browsing your website. Your website code should be optimized, images should be compressed, and the structure of the website should be clear. On-Page SEO improves user experience, strengthens their stay rate and bounce rate Exterior design and user experience

On-Page SEO is very attentive to the user’s feelings. As long as the user is satisfied, the search engine will be satisfied. Therefore, good On-Page SEO is not about making adjustments to search engines but improving the user experience. A good exterior design and interface design can allow users to get a better experience while browsing. An intuitive layout and layout design can guide users more effectively to the next page and continue browsing. Such On-Page SEO is the key to improving a WEBSITE’s ranking. How to optimize on-page SEO

An important part of On-Page SEO optimization is content optimization. Only high-quality content can entice users to read. Providing useful information to the public is one of the main reasons why search engines improve your rankings. Therefore, in On-Page SEO optimization, most focus on the quality of the content.

After saying so much about the importance of On-Page SEO content optimization, then how to optimize content SEO? Continue writing the original article

Original articles are the search engine’s favorite content. To be true, articles plagiarized or reposted will be considered duplicate content by Google, so original articles usually have a higher weight.

In addition, frequently updating original articles with a certain frequency can effectively encourage search engine crawler robots to keep visiting your website, which can effectively increase search engine attention to your website.

When you continue to insist on publishing original articles, jasa backlink terbaik whether intentionally or unintentionally, you will often get more traffic because of those articles. In general, we call it long-tail keywords. For example, the theme of your entire website is SEO, and the content of this article is “Google SEO Optimization Highlights 2021”, so your article can appear when users search for “Google SEO 2021”. This is the advantage of the original article and using long tail keywords.

In addition to the fact that original articles can have a higher weight and long-tail keywords can gain more traffic, it is also very important to enrich the content of the website. Search engines love websites with great content, which means that they are of a lot of quality (high) and can provide a lot of useful information to users, so as to effectively improve search engine rankings.

In summary, the benefits of publishing an original article over time are:

  • The original article has a high weight.
  • Increase the frequency of search engine crawling
  • Long tail keywords get more traffic
  • Richest website content

How to Write SEO Friendly Articles On-Page

Now that we understand that writing high-quality content can benefit a lot, what are some specific techniques that can be used to improve content article writing skills quickly? The following will tell you some of the main points of article writing so that you can quickly start practicing writing high-quality articles. Create unique confidential information

Take SEO as an example, you can create different confidential information, such as SEO skills, Google SEO, Bing SEO. . . . And many more. Write different types of articles according to different categories. Remember, all categories should revolve around the same topic (this is SEO) or related categories, so that your website has a diverse and highly relevant topic at the same time.

If it is a general company website, you can make case introductions, Q&A encyclopedia questions and answers, and related news. And so on, to keep the website constantly updated with new content. The content of the article revolves around keywords.

The content of the article should be written according to the category keywords, and the classification is closely followed by the main keywords, so that extensively related structural content will be formed. When your article is classified as Google SEO, the content of the article should be written around relevant Google SEO content. SEO takes a long time to accumulate, and it is necessary to keep deciphering keywords. Title contains keywords

Titles contain keywords, which can effectively allow users (or search engines) to have an intuitive response. For example, someone searched for Google SEO 2021, and two articles, one title is the latest published algorithm update for Google search engine optimization; Another title is the updated Google SEO Algorithm 2021, which of the two articles will you choose? Obviously, you have to choose the latter. Therefore, the title should contain the target keyword you want to reveal (in this case Google, SEO, 2021).

The content of the home article is written around the keywords. Target keywords are naturally distributed in articles, do not accumulate, are unintentional, and do not affect reading. The beginning of the article is very important.

The first paragraph at the beginning of the article is the most important. Except that search engines generally use the first paragraph as a Description (if you don’t set it specifically). After reading the first paragraph, they will decide whether to continue reading. Therefore, the first paragraph can start with your target keyword and the focus of the entire article. It will also affect the evaluation of articles by search engines (users). Keywords are not limited to text.

Keyword elaboration is not limited to text. You can present it in different types of images and videos. Article content with images, text, and images is the most ideal because it contains diverse content. Search engines like to integrate different types of content, just as people like a lot of things together. Search engines mimic human preferences for assessing websites.

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