8 Points to Consider when Writing Content for SEO

The essence of writing content to optimize SEO for your website, is how to add value offered to the target audience jasa backlink terbaik and provide useful information to solve certain problems that are being faced by them. Therefore, creating content to boost SEO is a challenging task.

First of all, you need to understand the audience’s intentions, know very well which jasa backlink terpercaya keywords you want to raise, and always be aware of how Google’s algorithm works.

Given the many aspects contained in SEO improving tips, this article will only focus on the content writing process and the technical aspects of SEO only. Keyword Research Should Follow Best Practices

Always remember, that when writing content, you have to maximize keywords for the target audience. Otherwise, your content won’t reach the targeted person. Keywords that should be lifted are phrases that your audience is actively looking for.

To determine the right keywords, you need to understand:

  • Target audience — who are they?
  • What problems do you want to solve through the content created?
  • What kind of information does the audience need?
  • What keywords and phrases do they often use in search engines?

Take advantage of the various tools available out there, both free and paid, to do keyword research. Some of the most popular, there are Ubersuggest, Google Keyword planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, and KWFinder.

When determining keywords for the topic you want to raise, it’s a good thing to consider the following data:

  • Search volume — the number that indicates the frequency with which the keyword is searched
  • SEO difficulty — competitor estimates among organic search
  • Paid difficulty — competitor estimate among paid search
  • Cost per click — the average cost per click for a single ad on Google.

One useful tip that must be remembered, is to always check related keyword sections and questions. This will give you more topics, ideas, and insights into what words you can use as next-died content. Also optimize writing content for Search Robots

Try to write content in the senateural style possible, that is, use a language that is familiar to the audience. However, it is also necessary to consider content adjustments to target search engine robots.

Virtual robots also called crawlers or spiders are basically machines that continuously scan all the space in the virtual world for content. In order for your content to rank on Google, you’ll need to make sure these robots are able to index your pages. When Google bots “store” your content in their database, it means that your content has made it into the index.

To get your content in the search engineindex, try the following ways:

  • Add primary keywords in the form of tags and meta descriptions
  • Use key keywords in the as early sections as possible in your content
  • Use other keywords that still have a correlation with the main keyword

Another factor that is also no less important, is that if you can insert a target keyword at the beginning of the content, it will add weight to your content. But remember, if this is not possible or not in line with the large framework of content, it should not be forced to do so. Because back again, writing senateural content is probably the main key. Prioritize creating long-format content

The ideal blog post length is approximately 1,500 to 2,000 words. It’s only legal if you want to experiment with the format or length of the writing, and see which one elicits a more positive response from the reader. In addition to more freely in pouring what is to be delivered, some of the advantages of large volume content include:

  • Provides SEO value for the longer term
  • Can update the content at any time by adding new information, which, by the way, has an impact on the increase in traffic
  • Potentially high-quality magnet backlinks. If your content is good and considered relevant, many bloggers will display your content links on their blogs. This will certainly add more value to the target audience.
  • Long content tends to attract more organic traffic.
  • If your content has a complete and comprehensive discussion, readers will not hesitate to share it through their personal social media channels.

4. Diversivikasi content format to maintain reader interest

It is true, maintaining the specificity of content must be maintained in order to get a higher ranking in search engines. But, the variety of content must also be considered so that readers do not get bored.

Although the content is equally informative, try to review who your target audience is, and try fresher content formats. Maybe there are people who prefer videos, some are easier to digest through reading, or even some like to be practical just by scanning infographics.

Here are some content writing ideas for you to try to be more engaged with your audience:

  • Tutorial
  • Freebiew: checklist, eBook
  • Listicle
  • Interactive content
  • Case study
  • Interview with experts
  • Survey or poll
  • Presentation

The combination of easy content format options binds the audience in a good way of writing is a complete combination to improve SEO and ranking. Pay attention to the structure of the text and focus on the reader’s comfort

Most people tend to skimming when reading articles on the internet. They won’t read the entire article until the end unless they really need the information that’s in it. Often, they will look for certain parts that contain specific information that they want to know.

Therefore, your job as a creator is to make it easier for readers to find ideas that will be sought after.

  • Break ideas into single ideas that are each organized in separate paragraphs
  • Use bullet points and lists
  • Pour ideas and convey information in a language and way of writing that is clear and easy to understand.
  • Arrange well your writing, so that it has a good-to-read groove

For English-language content, use useful tools like Grammarly and Hemingwat to help you create writing that is clear, structured, and has good writing rules. Include supporting visualizations

Starting from images, infographics, to short videos, when used accurately, this variety of visual forms can make the packaging of your content more attractive, even increase the level of engagement. Utilizing visual media is a way to illustrate and affirm the ideas contained in your content. This supporting visualization adds valuable value to your content, because the possibility to be shared on social media by readers is greater, than if your content is just written text.

For starters, try to use the imagefirst. As the most common form of visual media used, the effectiveness of images has been widely proven to help the performance of your content. Images that are optimized correctly, can make your content get a high ranking in search engines. Then, what do you need to know to make your images give maximum effect?

  • Compress the picture first. This will make your website more accessible, a factor that determines whether a content will get a high ranking or not. One simple way to press the jasa backlink file size of your image, is to use TinyPNG.
  • Name an image with descriptive text. This will make it easier for Google to read and identify the images you’re using.

7. Use internal linking

Internal linking is the most essential practice in efforts to improve SEO. Basically, what is meant by internal linking is linking(link)one page in your website to another page.

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