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Our math tuition classes have achieved a consistent distinction rate higher than the years, producing aflame students and tall achievers. To save taking place taking into account the well-liked request for our auxiliary and JC tuition classes, we have opened up more slots in our 2022 schedule. Learning awaits!

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All our tutors are MOE-trained and have assumed leadership positions in schools. in the manner of our strict recruitment policy, tutors have underwent lesson remarks and evaluations to ensure that they are of tall standards and abilities. Bi-annual training sessions are provided to save them in their ‘A’ game. IP math tuition

Accountability & Reassurance

A fine partnership between students, parents and teachers is a key to achieving good results. attend to communication subsequently the teach will permit students and parents to receive frequent updates and feedback not quite their proceed in class.

Quality Resources

In heritage following the latest school syllabus, our tuition classes purpose to construct mighty foundations in order to lecture to high-order challenging questions, like the retain of hand-picked resources for each student.

Our lessons are expected to help students think on their feet and react readily to challenging questions, just in imitation of how it is in the examinations. Through this, students train important reasoned and fast thinking skill.


It is our commitment to incite students excel in their examinations and have a holistic education. Maintaining a good friendship bearing in mind our students allows us to save track of their studies and health, fittingly that we can manage to pay for them full support.

Read approximately how theyhave benefited from our tuition classes!

Mr Peng is a unconditionally accommodating and bright teacher. His lessons are certainly interesting and he always shows many ways and tips to solve difficult questions. Personally, even even though I started his tuition gone a single digit score, he was always more than glad to lead me through questions and ensure that I understood my mistakes. He is moreover similar to a buddy to me, hence his lessons were always certainly pleasing and enjoyable! I am super thankful to have him as a tuition learned and for helping me regain my confidence in Math!

Mr Peng is a school that makes Math interesting by focusing more on the concepts and making distinct that everyone has a mighty foundation in order to new produce upon it. He has made Math for me interesting by focusing a lot upon the process rather than the result, and emphasising that the concepts and strategies we dispatch in solving questions are paramount. genuine great teacher, in fact concurrence and patient subsequently his students. I am really grateful he is share of this journey!

Student Portal

Here at Math Academia, we create learning mobile. Exclusive right of entry to the Student Portal gives students round-the-clock retain through explanatory videos and further calisthenics uncovered of speculative and the tuition centre. Students can now get urge on 24/7!

Learn anywhere, anytime

Supplementary worksheets and mock exam papers, produced by our tutors, can be downloaded for self-practice and revision. These resources permit students to practice concepts taught in class and strengthen their knowledge.

Instructional videos made by our own ex-MOE scholastic tutors lid key concepts and difficult questions that require more times to understand. Students can revisit these explanations to reinforce what they have learnt in class.

Better Partnership and Communication

Tutors have the funds for regular constructive feedback for students via this platform to highlight areas to work upon and grow. Here, we will publicize the latest announcements to save students and parents informed.

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