Tips on how to promote via email

Email marketing tips

1. Write a strong message title so that subscribers won’t be able to refuse to open it

Identify what benefits will be obtained by subscribers so that it becomes the reason to open your email. If people know what benefits they will get, then quickly his brain will respond to immediately open your message.

For example: How to keep money chasing you [FIRSTNAME]

The title above is very clear the benefits are to make people so chased money. Some people will be curious about that. Create interesting and fantastic titles so that no one can refuse to read them. This is where the art and the science is.

2. Give readers a reason why they should respond to your email

Ask the question “Fortunately what if I act now, and what misery will happen if I don’t act now”. Our brains will always seek pleasure and stay away from misery. So with a game like this, you can “influence” the reader’s response to take action immediately.

For example, giving limited discounts only to the first 10 registrants. Or whatever activity you want readers to do once they get to your web. It can contain gift download links or special promo coupons for your product.

Another unique way to influence a reader’s response is to create a contest. For example, telling them to answer questions on your website. And if they are many who enter the contest, it means you managed to get a response from readers. This can be a parameter that your subscribers are completely RESPONSIVE. A strong reason will result in strong action.

3. Do the test by sending several different emails to find out which one gets the highest response rate the most

Do the test using split A / B so you can find out which contents of the message get a good response. Also change one or more variables at a given time so you can monitor the effect of those changes on the response rate.

Change the incentives or giveaways you offer. Create a new landing page for visitors Stamped Business Real Estate Dentist Doctor Postcards who come to your site by changing the links in your email.Use different graphics, or change the color, background, logo, page barrier or other features.

4. Provide helpful tips, informative articles, promotions and other incentives to keep subscribers reading your emails

When you rarely send emails to subscribers, for example more than a month, then they may forget about you. They forget when and for what they signed up to your list for. And it could be that they will immediately click on the “unsubscribe” link, or worse is to mark your email as SPAM.

5. Don’t send messages too often or for no good reason

Consider the right time to send a broadcast email to your subscribers. Understand when your list wants to receive your email.

Too often sending broadcasts will cause many of your subscribers to immediately click on the “unsubscribe” link. But sometimes it’s not a problem because it can actually filter which ones really need your email or which ones are just the organizers.

6. Give special or free gifts to your subscribers at certain times

To keep subscribers on your list, give them certain gifts at certain times. For example, during the New Year, give them your free product. Or at the lunar time, give special discounts to them to buy your product.

The more you give, the greater the blessing you will receive. So don’t worry that by giving instead you will lack. The more you give, the more you will receive.

From the 6 tips above, you can use the formulation 5 W + 1 H. Namely what, when, where, why, who and how. Everyone will act if they have a good reason to do so.

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