Quick easy ways to speak English that you can learn on your own

Who doesn’t know that English is an international language? English is an international language because it is one of the oldest languages ​​in the world. English originated in Britain in the 8th century. The development of English vocabulary is also very fast. Harvard University researchers say there are at least 8500 new vocabulary per year.

The UK is also a developed country, it can be seen from the many innovations that come from British countries and the advanced level of their knowledge. Another thing that causes English to become an international language is because England is the country with the record for colonizing the most countries. Of course, by colonizing a country, the language of the colonizer will automatically be used by the colonized.

Why is an international language needed? Of course an international language is needed so that people from different parts of the world can speak the same language. Just imagine if there is no language used as an international language. Indonesia alone has 1121 languages ​​recorded by BPS in 2010. How many languages ​​if the whole world? phonics singapore Of course an international language is required.

In this era of globalization, it certainly makes our lives easier. One of the impacts of globalization is free trade. This will certainly attract foreign investors to invest in Indonesia. Not only that, Indonesia’s natural charm also attracts many foreign tourists to come and vacation in Indonesia.

Now it’s easy for us to meet people who are not native to Indonesia and speak English. What if you suddenly meet Caucasians, what Indonesians call foreign tourists? Are you going to talk or just looking away? What if the foreigner asked you? For those of you who are already fluent and accustomed to speaking English, of course, you will be calm, but what about those of you who cannot or are not very fluent in speaking Indonesian?

Now English lessons have been included in the curriculum at all levels of education. There are even schools that require their students to speak full English during teaching and learning activities at school. This of course can be the basis for you to be able to understand common English and is used in daily activities.

However, if you are still not fluent in English, there is no need to rush into spending your money for English lessons or courses. Check out 13 quick ways to learn English below

How to quickly learn English on your own (self-taught)

1. Learn basic English words first

Before you start implementing the habit of speaking English, it’s a good idea to first learn simple words in English, which are often used in everyday conversation. Like the pronouns I, you, he, and other words that are commonly used in everyday conversation.

2. Often listen to English songs and then write the lyrics

In this age of technology, it is certainly easy for you to download English songs. If you are a music lover, of course learning while listening to music is very fun for you. At this stage you don’t just listen to the song. But listen carefully to the lyrics and then record them in your notes or gadgets. After you finish writing the song lyrics, check the lyrics on the internet. Are all right or something wrong.

This will increase the level of sensitivity of your ear to English (listening).

3. Often watch English films without Indonesian subtitles

Another fun thing that you can use as a tool to learn English is to watch movies in English. Of course, to make you smarter, start by watching movies without Indonesian subtitles. If you are still having trouble, use Indonesian subtitles but not too often. If you find a word that is difficult, write it down and look up the meaning to add to your English word dictionary.

4. Often read English literature

Well, read on. Reading is not a habit for most Indonesians. But of course even if you don’t like it, you still have to start learning to read any literature in English. This will improve reading skills.

5. Diligently read English dictionaries

Not only entertainment literature such as articles, novels, or news in English. You also need to read an English dictionary. This self-taught English fast way to increase your vocabulary (vocabulary).

6. Learn the meaning of an English word that you don’t understand and then memorize it

If while listening to music, watching movies, and reading in English you come across foreign words that you don’t understand. Don’t just skip it. Record and memorize. This is one of the easy ways to learn English.

7. Try writing something in English

Next, when you have a lot of English vocabulary. Start writing something in English to improve your writing skills.

8. Learn to speak English in the mirror

Well, before you start talking to other people in English. It’s a good idea to learn to speak English in front of a mirror so that you are fluent and not clumsy.

9. Make it a habit

Make all the 8 ways above as a habit or routine so that your English skills can improve quickly.

10. Keep practicing whenever and wherever

Don’t be shy to show that you are learning English. Keep practicing anytime and anywhere.

11. Use the internet for free English practice

The next quick way to learn self-taught English for beginners is to use the internet, where there are lots of websites that can help you learn English correctly.

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