Types of food for iguanas

Iguanas are herbivores. Iguanas eat certain fruits, vegetables and plant products . This is something a prospective iguana owner needs to know.

Just because iguanas eat plants, it doesn’t mean that all types of plants and fruits are suitable for them.

There are types of food that need to be fed regularly, some that are only given occasionally, and some that should never be given to iguanas.

So, for an iguana to live a healthy and prosperous life, knowing the right type of food is very necessary.

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Summarizing the previous explanation, there are three types or categories of iguana food:

  • Foods that must be given regularly
  • Food that only needs to be given once in a while
  • Food that should not be given

Let’s start with the foods that should not be given to iguanas.

Since iguanas are herbivores, do not give meat or other animal products . Iguanas may not resist being given meat, but don’t start this habit .

Animal protein is actually not good for iguanas. Iguanas still need protein, but make sure to get it from plant protein.

So don’t feed iguanas with meat, worms , insects, or other animal products . Also avoid milk and eggs.

Iguanas should also not be fed dog or cat food. This product can be given as long as it is confirmed that it does not contain animal protein .

After the foods that should not be given, now let’s discuss the types of foods that should be given to iguanas.

These types of food include:

  • Green beans
  • Yellow-orange vegetables, such as pumpkin and carrots
  • cassava
  • Green radish
  • Watercress
  • Banana
  • Blackberry

The list above, of course, is not all-encompassing. But what is certain, the nutrition contained in the food must be a combination of several nutritional elements.

To keep your iguana healthy , don’t just give green beans every day, for example. Types of food must be combined.

The following composition can be used as an easy guide for making iguana food combinations.

  • 45% plant products such as green beans or pumpkin
  • 40% vegetables
  • 10% fruits
  • 5% additional protein , and other foods

Lastly is food that only needs to be given occasionally. These types of foods include spinach, celery, broccoli, and tofu.

The presentation above contains only a partial list. But at least this short list can give you an idea of ​​the different types of food for iguanas.

The right food will make the iguana grow optimally and stay healthy . Of course you want to have an iguana that is active and not lethargic. Providing the right food is one of the keys.

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