Memilih Jasa Kontraktor Kolam Renang Terbaik

Kolam renang ialah salah satu sarana dalam sesuatu hunian misalnya rumah, villa, wisma, hotel, serta sebagainya. Khasiat dari kolam renang ini sendiri merupakan dapat buat fasilitas berolahraga di pagi ataupun sore hari supaya tubuh senantiasa sehat, melatih respirasi, serta buat kanak- kanak dapat memesatkan perkembangan tulang. Tidak hanya itu, dapat pula digunakan selaku fasilitas tamasya buat hanya menikmati tenangnya air di senja hari, bermain air bersama kanak- kanak, sahabat, ataupun keluarga sehingga sanggup jadi obat atas kepenatan benak sebab rutinitas tiap hari.

Kamu bisa membuat cantik hunian rumah Kamu dengan meningkatkan sarana kolam renang sehingga rumah Kamu hendak nampak lebih elegan. Bila Kamu tidak mau repot membangun sendiri kolam renang idaman, Kamu bisa memakai jasa kontraktor kolam renang. Kamu bisa memilah sendiri kontraktor mana yang sediakan jasa pembuatan kolam renang cocok dengan kemauan dan budget yang Kamu miliki. Perihal berarti yang wajib Kamu jalani serta pertimbangkan saat sebelum memilah kontraktor kolam renang semarang yang terbaik merupakan selaku berikut:

Pelajari serta Pahami

Buat memilah kontraktor kolam renang Kamu tidak boleh asal- asalan serta langsung deal- deal saja dengan kontraktor tanpa menekuni serta menguasai perjanjian dalam pembangunan kolam renang ini. Terlebih dulu Kamu wajib cek apakah kontraktor kolam renang tersebut telah tersertifikasi ataupun belum. Apabila kontraktor kolam renang tersebut telah tersertifikasi, hingga pastinya telah terbukti kalau mereka terpercaya serta kolam renang yang terbuat juga kualitasnya pula baik.

Cek Portofolio Hasil Proyek Yang Telah Sempat Dibuat

Kamu wajib cermat dalam mengidentifikasi kontraktor kolam renang yang hendak Kamu seleksi. Kamu dapat terlebih dulu mengecek portofolio hasil proyek pembangunan kolam renang yang telah mereka jalani. Amati dengan seksama jangan hingga mereka cuma mencomot gambar hasil proyek dari kontraktor lain supaya jangan hingga Kamu tertipu serta menyesal nantinya.

Sesuaikan Budget

Sesuaikan budget Kamu pula kala hendak memilah kontraktor kolam renang. Apabila Kamu telah memilah serta menghubungi salah satu kontraktor kolam renang yang bagi Kamu terpercaya, rundingkan menimpa harga pembuatan kolam renang ini supaya cocok dengan item- item apa saja yang Kamu seleksi dalam pembangunan kolam renang yang Kamu mau.

Guide to Choosing the Right Age-Appropriate Dog Food

Like other living creatures, dogs also need to eat the best food to stay healthy and fit. If you have a dog, you must provide a dog food that contains complete nutrition and is age-appropriate. 

Just like humans, dogs also need proper nutrition. Every dog ​​needs different nutrition based on their age, weight, health condition, and how active they are on a daily basis.

Not only paying attention to the type of nutrition in the food, you also need to give dog food in the right portions, so that your beloved dog is not only full, but also always healthy.

Guide to Choosing the Right Dog Food

Dog food ( dog food ) that is sold in the market is available in several forms, such as dry food or wet food, with different nutritional and calorie content.

In order not to go wrong when buying, here are some ways to choose dog food based on his age:


Puppies are generally still suckling from their mother until they are about 7–8 weeks old. However, you can start introducing dog food when your puppy is around 3-4 weeks old.

When feeding puppies, choose dog food that has been specially formulated. Usually these foods contain lots of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

The amount of protein and fat in food for puppies can even be 2 times more than adult dog food. These extra nutrients aim to support the formation of bones, teeth, and muscles, pet supplies as well as provide the energy they need to play.

The frequency of feeding the dog should also be considered. For puppies that have been weaned up to 4–6 months of age, feed them 3–6 times a day. This is so that the blood sugar levels in the puppy’s body remain normal.

For puppies under 8 months of age, you may need to moisten dry food first until it becomes chewy in texture to make it easier to eat.

Adult dog

Adult dog food can be given when your favorite dog is 1 year old. Adult dog food should ideally contain protein, fat, carbohydrates, water, as well as various types of vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc and magnesium.

The serving portion also needs to be adjusted to the dog’s weight and how active he is every day. Meanwhile, in dogs who are pregnant or have just given birth, they will need higher calories. This means, the amount of dog food given should be more.

The best frequency for feeding adult dogs is 2 times a day. You can also consult a veterinarian first, to determine the portion and frequency of dog food according to his condition.

Old age dog

In general, a dog is considered senior or old when they are around 6 or 7 years old. This food for senior dogs differs from adult dogs because of their reduced activity and slowing of the body’s metabolism.

Total calorie consumption in senior dogs will be reduced by as much as 20%. Usually, senior dog food is formulated to be easier to digest and can help with weight control. Therefore, the ingredients and nutritional content are different from adult dog food.

As dogs enter their senior years, the best food is what they think is good. Many senior dogs like wet food or warm food because of its stronger aroma.

So, so that nutrition is maintained, always give special dog food for senior dogs or consult a veterinarian first to determine the right food.

What to Look For Before Buying Dog Food

In addition to the nutritional content and age information on the packaging, there are several things you should also consider before choosing dog food, including:

1. Pay attention to the nutritional guarantee of dog food

Packaged dog food must have a marketing authorization and meet the nutritional guidelines set by local agencies. Some dog food on the market usually follow the nutritional guidelines issued by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

2. Check the list of ingredients used

The order of food ingredients written on the packaging indicates the amount of these ingredients in dog food.

For example, the list of ingredients listed in dog food in order is corn, ground beef, potatoes, peas, and chicken. Well, this shows that the content of corn is more than chicken.

3. Choose the form of dog food that suits your favorite dog’s condition

All forms of dog food, whether wet or dry, have sufficient nutritional value for your pet dog. Dry food is good for your dog’s teeth and is easy to store. However, you have to make sure that he is drinking enough water if he eats dry food.

Meanwhile, wet food is very good consumed by dogs who have disorders of the urinary tract and tend not to drink a lot of water.

Tips for Choosing Cheap Website Development Services

Now there are many inexpensive website services scattered in cyberspace. However, unfortunately not all services can provide additional offers according to the user’s budget. In fact, sometimes it often causes disappointment, because the services provided do not match reality.

Not infrequently, including inexpensive website service providers, the quality is very low. When the website has been created and you share it with colleagues, the website is often slow, errors and so on.

This does not mean that you have to buy a website with an expensive budget, Jasa pembuatan software a website with a low price is also always recommended, with the conditions that it must comply with the required specifications.

Well, for Qwords friends who are currently looking for website creation services at affordable prices, we have written down interesting tips on how to choose your particular website vendor.

Tips for Choosing a Cheap Website
Development Service Tips for Choosing a Website Development Service
Tips for Choosing a Website Development Service
So that you don’t choose the wrong type of website from an inexpensive website making service, make sure you follow these tips:

1. Pay attention to the appearance of the website. Service providers make websites

Website appearance is an important point for users, especially unless you crave ordering an online store website, then the user friendly aspect is very important for you to pay attention to.

In this case, evaluate the appearance of the service provider’s interface, is their website user friendly and looks attractive or does it bother users?

Based on this appearance, you can then judge which services are unprofessional and which website creation services are inexpensive and of high quality.

2. Check the Profile of your Website Service Provider

Including having to explore more deeply about the company profile of the service provider. Check who their website development team is, look at their skill specifications, career experience and the like.

In addition, what is no less important is that you must know how to contact the provider unless there is a problem every time. Have you ever heard of the case of a developer who ran away after getting a down payment (DP)? That is the importance of ordering from a vendor who already has a name.

3. Check the Website Services Portfolio

Another important thing that you should pay attention to when choosing a website creation service vendor is to do a search on the website portfolio that they have created before.

Do a thorough background check, both in terms of appearance, speed, and quality of visits from websites that other people used to create by website services. For example, you can see a list of client websites that used to use website creation services at Bikin.Website via the Make.Website Client List page.

Choosing a Website Development Service Package,
an example of an online study website, an
example of a website . Website
providers usually provide various packages that are tailored to the needs of the user. 

The types of packages that usually exist are as follows:

The basic package, which is a package that suits the needs of the user for the purpose of creating a personal blog. This package is more suitable for those of you who want to build a website as a hobby or track income from Google Adsense through articles.
Business Package, which is a package that is tailored to the needs of users from business class. This package is more suitable for those of you who want to build a website for online shop purposes.
Pro Package, which is a website package that is specially presented for users who are already clear about the digital world. Generally, this pro package is presented for those who want to open a digital startup, multi-national company, or other professional needs that need a lot of features and also display customization.

Advantages of Cheap Website Development Services
websites Paid websites
There are many advantages that can be obtained from professional website creation services using Bikin.Website. 

The other benefits that can be obtained are as follows:

Fast service, no more than 72 hours your dream website is ready to use.
Easy ordering method, integrated with the
Cheap e-payment feature, with a capital of no more than 50 thousand.
Bonus premium template immediately use.
Easy to find on page one of Google search.
24 hours non-stop service.
Free domain and hosting.
Those are some of the advantages that you can get by shopping for the best inexpensive website at the trusted website service Bikin.Website.

The Benefits of Having a Website
The Cost of Creating a Website Mockup
The Cost of Creating a Website Mockup
Creating a website doesn’t have to be expensive, a website with an inexpensive price can even compete with other big websites. As long as the content is managed by the SEO Content Writer and also the website developer to the maximum.

The following are some of the benefits that you can get from having a website.

1.Branding Name
By having a website you can add a business branding name. You can have a business that is almost the same as a unicorn class start-up such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee and the like.

2. Get More Customers
Website is one of the most powerful internet marketing media compared to other media. Through the website you can increase customer trust by creating a catalog display and also a description of each product.

3. Easier Sales Transactions
With the support of software from your e-commerce platform, you will be helped in various fields including the buying and selling process which is very easy and fast.

The only way is to integrate e-payments into your website. After that, customer transactions with your business can immediately be executed automatically.

4. Facilitate Accounting Recording
It is enough to just enter the product database, price, and quantity together once. You no longer have to make notes again on products or inventory that appear to enter the online store. The reason is, all products will be automatically calculated by the process provided by the cheap website editing service provider.

How to Be a Motivating Speaker

There are many ways that we can contribute to those around us. We can help change someone’s negative thought patterns through writings that make many people more motivated, or through positive words that can awaken their passion for life to have a better life than before.  Are there any Career Advice readers who feel that they are fussy, or maybe they like to speak in public (by giving speeches, for example). If “yes”, hey congratulations! Because it’s a power that other people might not have! If readers have these strengths, you only have to think about how to hone these skills into a benefit for others. One good idea is to become a speaker who can motivator di jogja motivate others to be more enthusiastic in facing the black and white of life.  If Career Advice readers are interested in becoming a speaker who can give “light” to others, let’s look at some of the tips below.  

1. Develop a Conversation Idea 

Before conveying knowledge and experiences that are beneficial to others, the thing we must do is develop ideas.  We will not become successful public speakers by repeating the same old ideas as other speakers. If we use the same method as them, then how is the content that we conveyed different from the previous speaker? There is not any.  Especially if we only quote the motivational words they have, for example “Mr. Mario Teguh always says that…” “As Uncle Bob Sadino said that…” and that happens over and over again without making the typical quote that we have.  Everyone has a different way and view of staying motivated in life, and listeners want to hear your version, not stick with someone else’s version. Invest a lot of time thinking about the message and how we can deliver it in a way that will inspire, motivate, and captivate listeners. 

2. What Kind of Listener Do You Want? 

Thinking that what we have to say will have a positive effect on everyone’s life, it’s a very good enthusiasm. However, the reality is that not everything is suitable for everyone to hear. Why? Simple, maybe the points we will convey are irrelevant to their lives.  For example, when we become a speaker who excels in conveying tips for successful negotiations with clients, this may be very suitable for business people who want to expand their business network. However, is this the ideal material for high school graduates who are confused about choosing a university? Certainly not. Messages that are too general usually won’t leave a huge impact on anyone. So, we need to identify which types of groups we really want to reach, so that we can create content that is relevant to them.

3. Test Content Before Delivering It

In modern times like today, the presence of the internet really helps us in measuring market demand and public interest in the motivational words we spread.   Not a few writers who convey the motivation they want to transmit through writings on personal blogs or other platforms. People feel so attracted to the content provided, that readers “ask for more”. They want to hear other motivational words live, which increases the passion and enthusiasm of each individual in facing this enigmatic life.  Use social media to share quotes or ideas with followers. When our writing catches their attention, that’s when we know that the content is really what other people want. Not only that, they will also tell us what they want to learn more if we listen to their requests.  

4. Gain Speaking Skills

Having content is a good starting point, but there’s something else to think about. What’s that? The correct and correct way of delivery. There are many very influential speakers who became famous because of their way of delivery which is very interesting and different from other speakers.  Also pay attention to body language used spontaneously when conveying content to listeners. For example, shaking your legs while talking is quite disturbing. To gain skills in public speaking , we can take special classes, hire a coach to help us develop better communication habits , or record ourselves giving a speech and watch it again.  

5. Be a Volunteer Speaker

Once Career Advice readers feel very ready with the development of the content concept, the delivery method, and have the confidence to appear and motivate the crowd, try to reach out to local organizations or associations that may need your services and content to deliver to their team. But wait. For starters, you can give this offer for free.  Will you lose? Certainly not. Think of this opportunity as an initial practice that should really be carried out as well as possible, where your name will be increasingly known, and you can also use this as an initial experience to become more skilled at paid opportunities in the future. 

6. Promote Yourself

Once we feel ready to start the conversation, start to “market yourself”. For example, try to build a website that shows that you are a professional speaker, or add a professional title as “speaker” on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, and include a phone number or email address where you can reach if any participant is interested in invite you to their events.  In addition, continue our efforts in writing motivational content on personal blogs or websites, it would be even cooler if we could publish motivational books written by ourselves. That way, the valuable knowledge and experience that you will give to the public will last forever. 

Steps to Becoming a Motivational Speaker

Becoming an effective public speaker has different strategies depending on the goal. There are those whose purpose is only informative, some are only to convey messages, some are to provide understanding, and some are for other purposes. motivator di jogja

We often hear these two words, motivational speaker. Someone speaks in front of an audience, in a very convincing manner, makes everyone amazed, and can change the lives of the listeners . How can they do it? Here is a 5-step technique to become a motivational speaker that is most commonly used by motivational speakers , taken from Mahvir Mohnot’s free translation.


First and most importantly: Make the audience feel comfortable with a statement or phrase that reads more or less: “I AM OK, YOU ARE OK”.

“I am so happy to be together in this room, with such a smart, clever and brilliant group of people!”

Don’t talk about the main subject or topic.


Start talking from a point called the “point of understanding”.

This point is a point of view, or perception, or understanding where everyone will say or feel: “Yes! That’s just how it is.”

“Love, is one of the most precious things in the world.”


Slowly move to the “point of difference”, or “point of disagreement”. or “point of controversy”.

This shift must be gradual. All shifts must be shifts from HEAD to HEART or from HEAD to STOMACH. From LOGICAL reasons to FEELING and MOOD issues.

“We love life. We love God’s creatures and creations on earth. We love friends and family. We want everything to be maintained and their needs met. We want to be there when they need us. In joy in sorrow. Just by being there, we feel that we have given emotional support. The smallest thing we can do for the people we love, is to be there with them.”

“If those people are important people in your life, then they are our love. So, you and I are also important people in everyone’s life.”

“And if we love them, then why do we keep destroying ourselves with bad behavior? Bad behavior in our eyes, and in their eyes — those we love?”

“Imagine a few years from now, if someone we love is in trouble, or is in joy and happiness. And at that moment, they really wanted, really wanted to share all of that with us. Really want to pay attention to each other with us? And…”

Maintain eye contact, pay attention to their body language.


When you can sense that they have reached a “tuned-in point” with you, waste no more. Ask them to do something! Something very clear, easy and realistic. Something to do — today too!

“Can we decide — now — and commit to ending all the bad behavior that hurts and injures the people we love?”

“Let’s sign this agreement, by signing on this paper — now!”


Assume they can agree. Say that you believe and trust that they will all do as committed.

Thank them, and close your mouth.


At each stage, maximize the use of the word “we”. We know. We must. We can. We want. We hope.

Use the pathos (emotional) method which is more powerful. The easiest way is to use connotative sentences like “We hope, as we hope when we see the sky will fall.”

Do not release more arrows than necessary.

Don’t force the emotional situation. Let it flow naturally. Otherwise, everything will fall apart.

One HUMAN STORY is more powerful than a hundred arguments. Than thousands of facts and figures.

Everything you need to know about an insurance policy

Insurance means that a lot of people share the risk of losing money in the event of an accident. In this case, all of the insurers will have to pay for the damage caused. For detail everything About Insurance is (full explanation) you must know before understand How insurance policy is work for you.

How an Insurance Policy Works?

For example, if Mr. Adam buys a new car and wants to insure it against any accidents that might happen, Insurance agents or brokers will help him buy the policy. He will pay a certain amount of money, known as the “premium,” which will be given to the insurance company by him when he buys it.

 It doesn’t take long after Mr. Adam pays the premium to get an insurance policy from the insurance company. In this policy, the insurer thinks about how it will pay for all or part of the damage or losses that might happen to Mr. Adam’s car.

 However, just like Mr. Adam can buy an insurance policy and pay his insurance company, a lot of other people in their thousands are also doing the same thing. This means that any one of these people who is covered by the insurer is called an insured person. As a rule, most of these people will not have any accidents, so the insurer will not have to pay them any money.

 Insurance will pay Mr. Adam and a few other people if they have any accidents or lose money. They will pay them based on the policy they have.

Important notices

It’s important to note that the premiums paid by these thousands of people are so much more than the amount of money they will get back for the damage or losses they caused. Thus, the insurer uses the huge amount of money that is left over after paying out compensation to do the following:

1.      To start, some money is kept in a bank account.

2.      Some people use them as investments to make more money, so they can make more money.

3.      Some of these costs are used to run the business, like rent, supplies, salaries, staff welfare, and so on.

4.      Some people are lent to banks as fixed deposits so they can make more money, and so on.

It doesn’t have to be just the new car that Mr. Adam gets insurance for. He can also choose to get his own insurance. There are two types of insurance: life insurance and assurance. This one is very different because it deals with the life of a person.

People get life insurance to protect them against things that will happen, like death. They don’t get insurance for things that might happen, like damage or loss of property.

As a matter of human life and business security, the question of life insurance is very important. Life insurance is very important for your business, and it also gives skilled employees a reason to join your company.

People who have life insurance protect their own lives and give money to their beneficiaries when they die. In the case of a key employee, partner, or co-owner, this person can be your business. In some cases, the person who gets the money is the person’s next of kin or a person who is close to or far away. When someone buys a policy, they can be the beneficiary. It all depends on who the policy holder is.

Life insurance policies come in three types:

Life insurance policies exist in three forms:

• Whole life insurance

• Term Insurance

• Endowment insurance

 whole life insurance.

People who have whole life insurance (or whole assurance) get a certain amount of money when they die. The insurance company pays that money to the person whose life is insured. As opposed to the idea of term life insurance, whole life insurance is valid and will last as long as the premiums are paid.

Insurance companies look at a person’s current age and health to figure out how long he or she will live. They then look at longevity charts that predict how long he or she will live. The insurer then gives you a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual premium. To pay this premium, you have to be at least 18 years old right now.

If you are older, you have to pay less. However, over many years, the very high price that a young person is paying will go down to a lot less than it did when the person was younger.

The insurance company is the best person to tell you what kind of life insurance you should get. Whole life insurance comes in three types: variable life, universal life, and variable-universal life. These are good options for your employees to think about or for you to use in your own financial plan.

 Term Insurance

In term insurance, the life of the person who has the policy is insured for a set amount of time. If the person dies during that time, the insurance company pays the person’s beneficiary. Because if the policyholder lives longer than the time frame in the policy, it is no longer valid. If the policyholder dies before the time is up, he or she doesn’t get anything.

He takes out a life insurance policy for at least a year, but not more than a year after he turns 60. A life insurance company will pay out if Mr. Adam dies before he is 60 years old. As long as Mr. Adam lives to be 61 years old or above, he will not get any money from the insurance company if he dies before that time.

It only pays out if the policy holder dies during the “term,” which can be up to 30 years. It doesn’t work after the “term” (i.e., worthless). In general, term life insurance policies come in two main types:

o Level term: In this one, the death benefit remains constant throughout the duration of the policy.

o Decreasing term: Here, the death benefit decreases as the course of the policy’s term progresses.

Note that term life insurance can be used in situations where the debtor and the lender are both alive at the time of the death. A creditor may decide to insure the life of his debtor for a period of time during which the debt is supposed to be paid off. If the debtor dies during this time, the creditor (who is the policy-holder) gets paid by the insurance company for the sum assured.

 Endowment life insurance

In endowment life insurance, the policy holder’s life is insured for a certain amount of time (say, 30 years). If the person insured is still alive when the policy runs out, the insurance company pays the policy holder the amount of money they agreed to pay. This is called the “sum assured.” In other words, if the person who was insured dies within the “time specified,” the insurance company will pay the person who will get the money.

For example, when Mr. Adam was 25 years old, he took out an endowment life insurance policy that would pay him a set amount for 35 years. It’s possible for Adam to reach the age of 60, which is 25 + 35. If he does, he will get the amount of money that was agreed upon. But if Adam dies at the age of 59 before the 35 years are up, his beneficiary will get the money (i.e., the policy-holder). In the event that Mr. Adam dies, the amount of money he was insured for is paid out at the age at which he dies.

Safe Tips for Choosing a Tourist Bus Rental Service

If you want to travel with family or a group of office friends, of course you need a vehicle that can fit a lot of people. You don’t need to worry, because there are already many tourist bus rental services in any area.

Of course, this makes you have to be smart in choosing a service provider that has their respective advantages. To be able to get the best bus rental service, find out the track record carefully. Here are some tips for choosing a trusted and quality bus rental. Listen carefully, yes!

Know the Background

It is very important to find out the background of the tour bus you choose. Usually, a professional bus rental will include the history, background, to what services are offered in the media they use to promote the company.

This proves that the company is not a fictitious company and is legal, thus providing a guarantee of safety and comfort for passengers.

Choose the Fleet As Needed

When choosing a bus rental service, you also need to find out the fleet offered. Make sure they have services of all types of fleets of various sizes, so you can friend of bus in singapore adjust it to the number of groups that exist.

In addition, you also need to know other things, such as the pick-up location, the terrain you will be traveling to, what facilities are available, and so on.

Make sure the condition of the tourist bus is always well-maintained

Not only must it meet your needs, you have to make sure that all the bus conditions are still in excellent condition and roadworthy. Professional bus rental service providers must have good maintenance to care for and maintain their entire fleet.

This is very important for you to do because it is very influential for the safety, security and comfort of you and your group during the trip.

Tips for Choosing a Cleaning Service

Cleaning services are widely used in companies and industries as well as other units that have large environmental areas, but it is not impossible if cleaning services are found in private homes.

The use of cleaning services to care for and keep the environment clean is considered more optimal because the cleaning service personnel must have been equipped with various trainings so that they are more experienced both technically and non-technically.

But before deciding to use a cleaning service, there are several things you need to pay attention to in order to get the best cleaning service as expected. Here are important points you need to consider: sg clean hero

The legality of the company

Legality is a very important thing to consider before you decide to work with the related cleaning service company in order to help deal with cleanliness and comfort issues in your company. This legality can be seen from the various documents and related certificates owned.

Quality service

Choose a cleaning service company that has work standards and quality and of course professional service standards, where the services are described in detail. You don’t need to hesitate to ask for details of what services are available and what you will get if you use their services.

Equipment used

Make sure you choose a cleaning service company that provides complete and environmentally friendly work equipment. The use of environmentally friendly materials or tools is very important, to avoid negative impacts on both the environment and the people around the environment.

Competitive price

Price is a thing that many take into consideration in any case, including when choosing a cleaning service. You can compare the prices offered by cleaning service companies with one another. Do not forget to also compare the service with the price offered. Choose a cleaning service that offers standard and competitive prices with clear service quality.

Skills and experience

In addition to quality services and competitive prices, the company’s expertise and experience in the cleaning service sector can also be a consideration for which cleaning service you will use. Because these two things will affect the quality of service that will be provided to your company.

So, those are some tips and things you need to consider when using a cleaning service. Although currently there are many companies that offer cleaning services, of course you have to be selective in choosing them.

Hometown Cha Cha Cha Korean Drama Review

Writing a review of this drama when it’s been over for a long time and when it’s over, the hustle and bustle of Kim Seon Ho’s drama even though it still feels bitter. But, because the drama ended with the sadness of the players, it really had to be written here so that I wouldn’t forget the love story of the drama.

Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min A) is a dentist at a large clinic in Seoul. One day he got into a fight with the doctor who owned the clinic where he worked because he felt the owner often lied to patients so that patients get treatment that is more expensive than what is actually. Hye Jin was so angry that when she was drunk she wrote bad comments to her boss in the dentist group. Because of his carelessness he ended up not getting another job at the Seoul clinic.

On her late mother’s birthday, Hye Jin then went to Gongjin, a place where she had gone on vacation with her mother and father before her mother died of illness. While going there suddenly bad luck after bad luck came to him. Starting from his shoes that drifted in the sea and then being found by Hong Du Sik (Kim Seon Ho) , when he bought coffee he couldn’t pay because the internet service in the village was interrupted, until when he wanted to go home his car suddenly couldn’t turn on so he finally had to stay in the sauna with the money he works cleaning squid with the elderly.

While in Gongjin he was unwittingly always assisted by Du Sik to help him and because of Du Sik he also met Yeo Hwa Jeong (Lee Bong Ryun) who advised Hye Jin to open a dental clinic in Gongjin because they didn’t have one. Finally, because Hye Jin couldn’t find a job in Seoul, she immediately moved to Gongjin and opened a dentist clinic there. Nonton Drama Korea

However, of course the journey was not so smooth. Hye Jin who was used to the Seoul style was very unfamiliar with the Gongjin villagers. He wasn’t used to hanging out together, he didn’t like eating together, nor did he feel familiar with the residents. Which caused the dentist’s clinic to be very quiet and no one came at all.

Seeing this, Du Sik then helped him secretly by forcibly ordering a friend to have his teeth checked at Hye Jin’s clinic. Since then and with Du Sik’s help who made Hye Jin closer to the villagers, over time, Hye Jin’s clinic began to receive more patients.

With Du Sik always helping Hye Jin, Hye Jin gradually begins to like Du Sik. But unfortunately Du Sik kept a dark secret inside of him. Du Sik is a very smart person in Gongjin, because of his intelligence he also managed to enter Seoul University and work in a large company in Seoul. One day, he suddenly came home to Gongjin and did nothing. The residents then slowly asked for his help to help them until finally he became a Hong Bajang who did not have the right job and helped all the problems of the Gongjin residents.

I myself really like this drama actually because first, there are no bad people here. Second, even though there is a love triangle (in many players) but they solve the problem very maturely and the loser accepts it with grace and can still meet together without any guilt and heartache.

The secret story in Gongjin is also not only fixed on the two main characters. Each resident has their own story, just like the lonely elderly living alone in the village while their children and grandchildren are far away in Seoul and even abroad. The story of Yeo Hwa Jeong and her husband who divorced due to deep heartache and his husband’s ignorance of understanding his own feelings. The story of Oh Chun-Jae (Jo Han Chul) who gave up his career to take care of his own daughter after his wife died and so on.

It is because of the stories of every villager that this drama feels very rich in its story. Not only telling stories in the main character. Even Hye Jin’s family story with her father and stepmother is also discussed in depth.

Squid Game Korean Drama Review

A different question for this one Korean drama is: Who hasn’t watched this drama yet? Ha ha ha ha. Because this drama is the most popular drama on Netflix right now, it even beats the popularity of Money Heist dong! It’s really great, South Korea now, after Parasite won the Oscar, BTS has become the most popular boy band in the world today, even their songs always occupy number 1 on Billboard. People are learning Korean and so on. If it wasn’t for the pandemic and the borders were opened freely, I’m sure the tourist rate in Korea would definitely increase rapidly this year.

Seong Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae) is a child who lives with his mother. He had no steady job and had huge debts paid by his aging mother. While he has a lot of debt, Gi Hun still likes to play gambling which makes him also owed money to moneylenders. Gi Hun has a child with his ex-wife who is divorced from him. He loves his son very much, but his wife doesn’t like him because of his current state.

One day, Gi Hun meets a stranger at the train station (played by Gong Yo ) who invites him to play. Every time he lost he would be slapped, but every time he won, he would get 100 thousand won. He lost many times until finally he won once and was given a business card with a number. Having no hope he then called the number and was then taken to a place where many other people there were wearing the same shirt, a green tracksuit with the number on his shirt. Gi Hun is the last participant numbered 456.

Inside that place, Gi Hun meets Oh Il Nam (Oh Young Soo) who is participant number 001, an old man in his 70s. Cho Sang Wo (Park Hae Soo) was Gi Hun’s childhood friend who was famous for his success in the area because he studied at Seoul University, and several others.

When they were gathering, they were also given instructions in this game. There will be 5 games that are not told in advance what the game is. Any player who has already signed an agreement may not withdraw from the game. Download Drakor

After signing the agreement, they then immediately played the first game, namely Green Light Red Light. Easy kids game. However, when the game started, they just found out that every loser would be shot and killed on the spot. Feeling cheated, they run around which eventually makes many players die during the first game. Those who managed to survive finally asked for the game to be stopped and because they got the most votes, finally the rest of the players then returned to their respective places.

Gi Hun returned to his mother’s house to find that his mother had a very serious illness and had to be treated at the hospital. However, because they didn’t have the money to pay for it, he couldn’t even take care of his mother in the hospital. He then tried to borrow money from his ex-wife but was then mistreated by his new husband and he finally decided to return to the game.

In the game, there are still 4 games left to complete. Can Gi Hun survive in the game? And does he accept money from people who have died and lose when he wins?

Many people say the Korean drama Squid Game is a depiction of Capitalism. That the poor, no matter how hard they try, will not be able to get out of their poverty because of the rich people who move them.

So also remember the article I’ve read about structural poverty. We are (I mean, hahaha) Millennials are taught that you have to work hard, save diligently, that effort will not betray the results. It turns out that we have been lied to by the ancient leaders. That people who work hard from dawn to dusk, for example, like farmers, will never be rich. That people who save to the point of being very economical by only eating rice and salt will never be rich if their salary is like that. That there are many people whose jobs are easier than rice fields, or carpentry but can still be rich and have the time and money to enjoy their hobbies.

That people who have been determined to be poor are very, very difficult to get out of poverty and become the upper middle class. That we, who are the middle class, are very, very difficult to upgrade to become rich people or 1% of Indonesia’s population. What about the inspirational people on TV? Yes, we have to read the statistics, OK, what percentage can succeed like that? Is up to 1% of the population poor? And if they have succeeded, are these people really examples of hard-working souls and make us think and feel guilty for not working hard? Even though he can do it, not necessarily we can too? He works hard yes we also work hard.

So (so the discussion is far from the drama, hahaha) this Squid Game drama does feel real. That many people have worked hard but still don’t succeed (eg Ali) and willingly and knowingly risk their lives just for money.