Hanebado – Smash Towards Success

Hanebado is the first badminton anime adaptation of Kosuke Hamada’s manga. Badminton has indeed slipped into a number of anime titles, such as Gochiusa, Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge, and Tari Tari. However, it was Hanebado who really focused on badminton.

There have been many changes between the manga and the anime adaptation. This change has also received approval from manga-ka. The first episode opened with Nagisa’s defeat against Hanesaki who was still in middle school. This defeat had a major impact on Nagisa’s mental state. The captain of the high school badminton club begins to force the members to train harder. This took place at least six months after the painful 21-0 defeat.

Unexpectedly, Nagisa will meet again with Hanesaki, who is now entering the same high school and becomes her classmate. He began to recall his bitter memories when Hanesaki displayed extraordinary athletic abilities while trying out the tennis club. At almost the same time, the new coach Kentarō Tachibana also saw Hanesaki’s abilities. He tries to attract Hanesaki to become a member of the badminton club. One Piece Sub Indo

Rivals and Friends

Hanebado in the first three episodes already featured drama between club members. So from the start it was gassy. Viewers who are used to the mountain conflict model, which is a light introduction and then brought to the next conflict resolution, will feel that the drama in Hanebado is unnatural.

In the first episode, Nagisa who has no natural talent, works hard only to lose to the very talented Hanesaki. Hanesaki himself was not free from problems. He was abandoned by his mother because of a misunderstanding after a match. His mother felt the need to put some distance so that this child genius would not only focus on badminton. But Hanesaki thought his mother dumped him and chose to train new players who could win the championship.

In fact, almost all sports stories have drama. However, when the audience is not familiar with the characters, it will be difficult to care about their problems.

For this reason, LIDEN Films staff is trying to boost the quality of the animation. At least if the audience is not comfortable with the drama between characters, they can be amazed by the animation. The movement of Hanebado’s character in action on the badminton court cannot be underestimated. By utilizing the rotoscoping technique , the staff is able to make character movements as closely as possible to real badminton players.

Rotoscoping is neither a new technique nor a taboo. Big studios like Disney have also used it in a number of their animated films. For those who don’t know what rotoscoping is , the short explanation is to use real people’s motion references to make animations. The most commonly used technique is to record the movement of the person in the camera at the required angle.

Later, some of the film’s frame collection will be taken and then traced to people’s movements to be used as character models for animation. For anime, it is not copied raw but prioritizes body movements which are used as the basis for animation. Not surprising when the main game animated character movements are smooth and similar to human movements in general.

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