Hometown Cha Cha Cha Korean Drama Review

Writing a review of this drama when it’s been over for a long time and when it’s over, the hustle and bustle of Kim Seon Ho’s drama even though it still feels bitter. But, because the drama ended with the sadness of the players, it really had to be written here so that I wouldn’t forget the love story of the drama.

Yoon Hye Jin (Shin Min A) is a dentist at a large clinic in Seoul. One day he got into a fight with the doctor who owned the clinic where he worked because he felt the owner often lied to patients so that patients get treatment that is more expensive than what is actually. Hye Jin was so angry that when she was drunk she wrote bad comments to her boss in the dentist group. Because of his carelessness he ended up not getting another job at the Seoul clinic.

On her late mother’s birthday, Hye Jin then went to Gongjin, a place where she had gone on vacation with her mother and father before her mother died of illness. While going there suddenly bad luck after bad luck came to him. Starting from his shoes that drifted in the sea and then being found by Hong Du Sik (Kim Seon Ho) , when he bought coffee he couldn’t pay because the internet service in the village was interrupted, until when he wanted to go home his car suddenly couldn’t turn on so he finally had to stay in the sauna with the money he works cleaning squid with the elderly.

While in Gongjin he was unwittingly always assisted by Du Sik to help him and because of Du Sik he also met Yeo Hwa Jeong (Lee Bong Ryun) who advised Hye Jin to open a dental clinic in Gongjin because they didn’t have one. Finally, because Hye Jin couldn’t find a job in Seoul, she immediately moved to Gongjin and opened a dentist clinic there. Nonton Drama Korea

However, of course the journey was not so smooth. Hye Jin who was used to the Seoul style was very unfamiliar with the Gongjin villagers. He wasn’t used to hanging out together, he didn’t like eating together, nor did he feel familiar with the residents. Which caused the dentist’s clinic to be very quiet and no one came at all.

Seeing this, Du Sik then helped him secretly by forcibly ordering a friend to have his teeth checked at Hye Jin’s clinic. Since then and with Du Sik’s help who made Hye Jin closer to the villagers, over time, Hye Jin’s clinic began to receive more patients.

With Du Sik always helping Hye Jin, Hye Jin gradually begins to like Du Sik. But unfortunately Du Sik kept a dark secret inside of him. Du Sik is a very smart person in Gongjin, because of his intelligence he also managed to enter Seoul University and work in a large company in Seoul. One day, he suddenly came home to Gongjin and did nothing. The residents then slowly asked for his help to help them until finally he became a Hong Bajang who did not have the right job and helped all the problems of the Gongjin residents.

I myself really like this drama actually because first, there are no bad people here. Second, even though there is a love triangle (in many players) but they solve the problem very maturely and the loser accepts it with grace and can still meet together without any guilt and heartache.

The secret story in Gongjin is also not only fixed on the two main characters. Each resident has their own story, just like the lonely elderly living alone in the village while their children and grandchildren are far away in Seoul and even abroad. The story of Yeo Hwa Jeong and her husband who divorced due to deep heartache and his husband’s ignorance of understanding his own feelings. The story of Oh Chun-Jae (Jo Han Chul) who gave up his career to take care of his own daughter after his wife died and so on.

It is because of the stories of every villager that this drama feels very rich in its story. Not only telling stories in the main character. Even Hye Jin’s family story with her father and stepmother is also discussed in depth.

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