Kyokou Suiri – Solving Problems with Nonsense

What happens when dealing with stealth can be solved with bullshit? Kyokou Suiri was the answer. This is the story of Kotoko Iwanaga and Kuro Sakuragawa who are trying to solve various supernatural cases.

The manga adaptation, also known as In/Spectre, tells of Kotoko Iwanaga who has a unique situation. As a child he was abducted into the demon world. She was asked to be a goddess by the demons. Kotoko, who was only 10 years old at that time, only saw demons as cute creatures. He innocently agreed. Instead of becoming a goddess or according to the Kotoko language, still a kind of priestess miko, she lost her right eyeball and left leg to around her thigh. Even so Kotoko after regaining consciousness in the hospital didn’t seem sorry.

At the age of 15 he met Kuro Sakuragawa during a routine health check at the hospital. Like any girl, Kotoko is thirsty for love. He felt he had found his first love. Unfortunately Kuro at that time already had a lover. Even so, Kotoko kept on digging for information and didn’t give up.

The opportunity came when he saw Kuro coming to the hospital alone. It turns out that he was recently dumped because his girlfriend was afraid of Kuro’s identity. Because the kappa demon that passed by on the way home actually shouted a warning while being scared. Her lover, who had just seen the demon for the first time, began to doubt whether Kuro was human.

Kotoko also begins to reveal a little bit of her past information to Kuro. Saying they are a perfect match for having dealt with stealth. He became more convinced and fell in love with Kuro. Will they make a perfect match? Find out what happens next in Kyokou Suiri.

Not Just The X-Files

Kyoukou Suiri combines two story elements in one package. Namely detective and supernatural stories. So if the audience can think of this series as a combination of Monogatari and Hyouka.

Kotoko Iwanaga who has been dealing with demons since she was made a goddess tries to lend her various knowledge to help. But he is not obliged to solve the problem according to the facts. As long as the demon is satisfied and calms down, it means the problem is over. That’s why he gave a lot of answers and solutions that were just nonsense. But all his bullshit is very convincing because Kotoko samehadaku streaming did enough research to back up the explanation. So like it or not, those involved believe it.

His meeting with Kuro also makes this series a little romantic. Although Kuro is only interested in people who look like his cousins. Meanwhile, Kotoko is far from her ideal type. Kuro is not too cold because their past dealing with stealth makes these two couples still closely related.

Kotoko also has an attractive personality for a girl who just entered university. He is quite open and assertive. Even several times he deliberately teased Kuro in the hope of getting more interested in him. Her knowledge of demons and ghosts has grown wider since she was appointed a goddess. Even so he does not have any special powers other than being able to see and touch these spirits.

Meanwhile, Kuro is able to see the future when he is nearing death. Plus his body is immortal even though it can still age. All of this because of his family’s experiment which fed Kuro two kinds of demon meat.

Kyokou Suiri is not the kind of anime that everyone can enjoy. Because this anime has more dialogue scenes. For action fans, don’t be fooled by the first episode. Because the action scenes here are few and the tempo of the battle can’t be said to be fast.

As usual the anime version gets scene cuts here and there when compared to the manga version. Some of the ones that got trimmed were precisely during the closer interaction between Kuro and Kotoko. However, the voices of Akari Kitou and Mamoru Miyano who animate the interaction between characters give their own advantages in the anime version. This anime by Brain’s Base is relatively stable and has an interesting character design. The background music support really helps various scenes in Kyokou Suiri. OPED’s music is also quite catchy to listen to.

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