Majo no Tabitabi – The Selfish Narcissistic Traveler

Elaina has loved Nike adventure books since she was a child. This book motivated him to become a traveler. But of course her mother put the condition that Elaina had to become a witch like Nike. After being a teenager, with her talent and hard work, Elaina graduated as an Apprentice Witch who was entitled to receive further education from a senior witch.

The road to getting a teacher is not smooth. Because the seniors felt unable or reluctant there was a young magician whose abilities were known throughout the city. He finally One Piece oploverz meets Fran after accidentally overhearing his parents talking about a witch from outside the kingdom visiting the city.

This strange teacher did not directly teach Elaina. After painstakingly passing exams and receiving advice, a year later Elaina graduated to become a witch. She got the title Ashen Witch because her hair was gray.

With this Elaina managed to carry out the conditions given by her mother. Shortly after, Elaina began preparations to set out on a journey. Even though her father was sad, Elaina’s parents let go with a smile.

Spread Controversy

Elaina is the most controversial character whose anime adaptation premiered this fall. The reason is trivial. This is because the audience did not pay attention to the details that were clearly shown in the first episode. Namely three promises that Elaina had to fulfill to her mother.

First, during wandering Elaina was an ordinary person. Never feel special. This sentence alone is very clear. Elaina is not a hero. It’s also not the police who go around patrolling while solving people’s problems. There was nothing wrong with Elaina ignoring the person in trouble. Especially if the person does not ask for help at all. Here it needs to be emphasized, Elaina is still willing to help as long as people ask for help and provide compensation.

Second, run if the situation threatens safety. Again, the sentence is clear. Elaina cannot wander if she is dead or injured. But not limited to that, Elaina also had to try not to stumble with the law. Indeed, in Elaina’s world it is not explained in detail until the sixth episode. That is the existence of the Magician’s Association which acts to deal with problems related to the misuse of magic.

Third, go home and write a diary of travel stories. This indirectly strengthens the second condition for survival.

Elaina is a witch who is still green. Feel like you can do everything. If it is likened to him like a military fan, likes things related to weapons, is able to operate weapons but has no experience at all on the battlefield.

Witches in Elaina’s world also have personality problems on average. Because the world’s people have a hierarchy based on the magic power they have. Not infrequently people whose position at the top of the pyramid are arrogant. Elaina is included.

LN writers include shoujo ai as one of the humor elements. Ever since Elaina became acquainted with Saya, the audience could see various expressions as I tried to cling to the gray-haired mage.

Elaina’s journey is not always filled with pleasant things. There was a time he saw tragedy. But because of his position as a traveler and those involved in the tragedy who didn’t ask for help, he often could only see. The point is that this anime is not watched with families who still have younger siblings who are less than 15 years old. Worried that it will make you confused or shocked.

Putting aside the controversial things in the story of Majo no Tabitabi, the C2C studio staff has tried to beautifully present the fantasy world of medieval fantasy. The visual background is clear and many can be cut out of computer wallpaper or smartphones if you like the view. Consister character animation is clean and quality is maintained. The character’s expression can also be adjusted. If the atmosphere is really cheerful and comedy is inserted, a comical expression is displayed. The atmosphere of a serious atmosphere also adjusts.

The anime adaptation does not follow the published chapters of LN. It doesn’t matter because the format is episodic or stand-alone. The selected chapters seem random or may be chosen based on the director’s preferences. Even so there are things that can not be watched randomly. Mainly the introduction of characters that Elaina will meet repeatedly like me.

Things that are not explained in the anime are related to the world where Elaina lives as a whole. It is natural because this LN series is still ongoing. But simple things such as countries/kingdoms, routes traversed and the extent of the world are not well described. It is as if the kingdoms do not have diplomatic relations or are far apart. Elaina also very rarely pulls a map from her bag to mark which kingdoms she has visited. So the audience can only guess. However, it also gives the author the advantage of continuing his work as long as it sells by adding new empires without getting hung up on the initial list that Nike has visited.

The biggest question, who is this anime produced for? Certainly not for audiences looking for a casual interlude. Some dark events can spoil the mood of the audience who wants to relax. Majo no Tabitabi is more suitable for viewers who want to see adventure as it really is. Elaina’s personality is far from perfect. He is not a saint who helps anyone for nothing. But precisely because of Elaina’s many weaknesses, the audience can see this character like a human.

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