Review Film The Batman (2022)

In January 2019, Ben Affleck, who plays Batman in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), decided to leave the Batman solo film project. Warner Bros. then recruited Robert Pattinson to play Bruce Wayne in The Batman . Was thought to be a replacement for Affleck, Pattinson turned out to be playing Batman who was outside the DCEU.

Yep, The Batman storyline has absolutely no connection with the DCEU. This film even tells the beginning of Bruce’s new career acting as Batman in Gotham for two years. Besides Batman, this film also features a row of iconic DC characters, including Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin, and other characters.

The Batman tells the story of Bruce who has lived his life as Batman for two years. In the midst of the chaos of Gotham, the city is suddenly shocked by the murder of its mayor. From these murders, many puzzles emerged that led Batman to reveal the dark secrets of Gotham.

It’s dark, intense, and the story is solid

Review film The Batman

It’s no secret that DC films are synonymous with dark films. Even though Warner Bros. now starting to make DCEU films and series with lighter nuances, DC’s dark image still lingers. Well, the presence of The Batman further extends the list of DC films with dark nuances and far from comedy.

Not only the story, the selection of the visual tone of the film is also really dark as you can see in the trailer. The darkness of the film is even more supported by a story that is so intense, Streaming Dramacute you can feel it from the beginning to the end of the film. The more Batman solves puzzles from the Riddler, the more thrilling things show in this film.

The director and scriptwriter of The Batman , namely Matt Reeves, deserves thumbs up! For information, this film focuses more on telling the side of Batman as a detective. Well, Reeves managed to make a detective story that is so solid and full of unexpected mystery. The puzzles that Riddler plays are so clever and you will be amazed when you see how Batman solves the puzzles.

Watching 3 hours does not feel at all!

Review film The Batman

One thing you need to know before watching The Batman is that this film has a duration of 2 hours 56 minutes or almost 3 hours! For a superhero solo film, The Batman has a fairly long duration. However, that long duration doesn’t make this film feel boring at all, it doesn’t even feel like 3 hours have passed.

The power of the story is so intense that it keeps you waiting for what will be revealed next. How Riddler plays Batman and how Batman solves Riddler’s puzzles are the main points that make you feel attached to this film.

The problem with most feature-length films is that there are usually a few scenes that don’t really matter. However, director Matt Reeves manages to make every second of 3 hours of The Batman meaningful. There are no long-winded and unimportant scenes in this film. You see, every scene supports how the character development of Bruce and Batman is. Plus, this film also presents satisfying action scenes.

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