Squid Game Korean Drama Review

A different question for this one Korean drama is: Who hasn’t watched this drama yet? Ha ha ha ha. Because this drama is the most popular drama on Netflix right now, it even beats the popularity of Money Heist dong! It’s really great, South Korea now, after Parasite won the Oscar, BTS has become the most popular boy band in the world today, even their songs always occupy number 1 on Billboard. People are learning Korean and so on. If it wasn’t for the pandemic and the borders were opened freely, I’m sure the tourist rate in Korea would definitely increase rapidly this year.

Seong Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae) is a child who lives with his mother. He had no steady job and had huge debts paid by his aging mother. While he has a lot of debt, Gi Hun still likes to play gambling which makes him also owed money to moneylenders. Gi Hun has a child with his ex-wife who is divorced from him. He loves his son very much, but his wife doesn’t like him because of his current state.

One day, Gi Hun meets a stranger at the train station (played by Gong Yo ) who invites him to play. Every time he lost he would be slapped, but every time he won, he would get 100 thousand won. He lost many times until finally he won once and was given a business card with a number. Having no hope he then called the number and was then taken to a place where many other people there were wearing the same shirt, a green tracksuit with the number on his shirt. Gi Hun is the last participant numbered 456.

Inside that place, Gi Hun meets Oh Il Nam (Oh Young Soo) who is participant number 001, an old man in his 70s. Cho Sang Wo (Park Hae Soo) was Gi Hun’s childhood friend who was famous for his success in the area because he studied at Seoul University, and several others.

When they were gathering, they were also given instructions in this game. There will be 5 games that are not told in advance what the game is. Any player who has already signed an agreement may not withdraw from the game. Download Drakor

After signing the agreement, they then immediately played the first game, namely Green Light Red Light. Easy kids game. However, when the game started, they just found out that every loser would be shot and killed on the spot. Feeling cheated, they run around which eventually makes many players die during the first game. Those who managed to survive finally asked for the game to be stopped and because they got the most votes, finally the rest of the players then returned to their respective places.

Gi Hun returned to his mother’s house to find that his mother had a very serious illness and had to be treated at the hospital. However, because they didn’t have the money to pay for it, he couldn’t even take care of his mother in the hospital. He then tried to borrow money from his ex-wife but was then mistreated by his new husband and he finally decided to return to the game.

In the game, there are still 4 games left to complete. Can Gi Hun survive in the game? And does he accept money from people who have died and lose when he wins?

Many people say the Korean drama Squid Game is a depiction of Capitalism. That the poor, no matter how hard they try, will not be able to get out of their poverty because of the rich people who move them.

So also remember the article I’ve read about structural poverty. We are (I mean, hahaha) Millennials are taught that you have to work hard, save diligently, that effort will not betray the results. It turns out that we have been lied to by the ancient leaders. That people who work hard from dawn to dusk, for example, like farmers, will never be rich. That people who save to the point of being very economical by only eating rice and salt will never be rich if their salary is like that. That there are many people whose jobs are easier than rice fields, or carpentry but can still be rich and have the time and money to enjoy their hobbies.

That people who have been determined to be poor are very, very difficult to get out of poverty and become the upper middle class. That we, who are the middle class, are very, very difficult to upgrade to become rich people or 1% of Indonesia’s population. What about the inspirational people on TV? Yes, we have to read the statistics, OK, what percentage can succeed like that? Is up to 1% of the population poor? And if they have succeeded, are these people really examples of hard-working souls and make us think and feel guilty for not working hard? Even though he can do it, not necessarily we can too? He works hard yes we also work hard.

So (so the discussion is far from the drama, hahaha) this Squid Game drama does feel real. That many people have worked hard but still don’t succeed (eg Ali) and willingly and knowingly risk their lives just for money.

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