Review Film Fistful of Vengeance (2022)

In February 2022, Iko Uwais, who is well-known as an action genre specialist actor from Indonesia, will star in the latest Hollywood film entitled Fistful of Vengeance . The action-supernatural genre film will be broadcast exclusively through the Netflix service starting February 17. This film is also a spin-off sequel to the Wu Assassins series which also airs on the Netflix platform .

Synopsis Fistful of Vengeance tells the story of Kai Jin (Iko Uwais), the Wu Assassins who travels to Bangkok with his two friends, namely Lu Xin Lee (Lewis Tan) and Tommy Wah (Lawrence Kao). This is done to avenge the death of their friend. However, the perpetrator of the murder turned out to be an ancient mythological creature who had tremendous power.

For those of you who have watched the Wu Assassins series, you might agree that the Netflix original series has a fairly complicated and swirling storyline. Because the series is trying too hard to explain the mythology about the main character Bioskopkeren xyz and it’s only easy to understand in the middle of the first season. Fortunately, this is not the case with Fistful of Vengeance.

The plot of Fistful of Vengeance is clear from the start of the film, namely Kai Jin and his two friends who are hunting down the killer of their close friend. In addition, the mythological or supernatural elements in the film version are not too thick, even though they are related to the main villain figure. In fact, the film version is not really related to the Wu Assassins series even though it involves the same cast.

Those of you who haven’t watched the Wu Assassins series can even enjoy the excitement of the storyline of Fistful of Vengeance thanks to its simple plot. Moreover, this film is more dominated by fighting scenes and not too focused on the storyline. However, on the negative side, you won’t be able to feel the emotional closeness between Kai and Lu Xin and Tommy if you haven’t watched the series.

More brutal non-stop action scenes

Review film Fistful of Vengeance

Just like the series, Fistful of Vengeance also carries the action genre and is full of fight scenes from the players, especially Iko Uwais. However, this film has a non-stop fight scene, aka full action from beginning to end, rather than the serial version. Of course, this is a very positive point for those of you who like action-packed shows.

In addition, the fight scenes in the film version are also far more brutal than the serial version. Throughout the film, you will be able to watch action scenes full of blood and goreWell , in the series there are actually some gore scenes , but it feels like the brutal moments in the film version feel much more intense.

In terms of choreography, there really isn’t much different because it’s just as stunning as the serial version. Moreover, most of the actors involved in this film are specialists in the action genre, so there is no need to use a stuntman , including Iko Uwais. However, Zama’s (Pearl Thusi) signature ” gun-fu ” fight choreography is something new for this franchise and quite reminiscent of John Wick.

The chemistry of the characters is slicker and very entertaining

As previously discussed KINCIR, Fistful of Vengeance still involves a number of players from the Wu Assassins series . However, the chemistry of the characters somehow feels much closer than from the series, especially Kai, Lu Xin, and also Tommy. In the film version, they really feel like a family who protect each other and care about each other’s safety.

The chemistry between Iko Uwais and Lewis Tan as Kai and Lu Xin is also much more highlighted in this film version. Throughout the film, we will be able to see a much more dynamic duet of Iko and Tan when fighting against enemies together with their respective fighting styles. Not only that, we can also see bromance moments from both of them that don’t appear in the serial version.

In addition, the presence of new characters such as Zama and also Preeya (Francesca Corney) in Kai’s group also gives a new color to this franchise . As Preeya, Corney managed to present a quite entertaining nuance in the midst of the action-packed theme of the story. Meanwhile, the figure of Zama managed to enter the ranks of the badass girl characters from the franchise who have their own fighting style.

Review Film The Batman (2022)

In January 2019, Ben Affleck, who plays Batman in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), decided to leave the Batman solo film project. Warner Bros. then recruited Robert Pattinson to play Bruce Wayne in The Batman . Was thought to be a replacement for Affleck, Pattinson turned out to be playing Batman who was outside the DCEU.

Yep, The Batman storyline has absolutely no connection with the DCEU. This film even tells the beginning of Bruce’s new career acting as Batman in Gotham for two years. Besides Batman, this film also features a row of iconic DC characters, including Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin, and other characters.

The Batman tells the story of Bruce who has lived his life as Batman for two years. In the midst of the chaos of Gotham, the city is suddenly shocked by the murder of its mayor. From these murders, many puzzles emerged that led Batman to reveal the dark secrets of Gotham.

It’s dark, intense, and the story is solid

Review film The Batman

It’s no secret that DC films are synonymous with dark films. Even though Warner Bros. now starting to make DCEU films and series with lighter nuances, DC’s dark image still lingers. Well, the presence of The Batman further extends the list of DC films with dark nuances and far from comedy.

Not only the story, the selection of the visual tone of the film is also really dark as you can see in the trailer. The darkness of the film is even more supported by a story that is so intense, Streaming Dramacute you can feel it from the beginning to the end of the film. The more Batman solves puzzles from the Riddler, the more thrilling things show in this film.

The director and scriptwriter of The Batman , namely Matt Reeves, deserves thumbs up! For information, this film focuses more on telling the side of Batman as a detective. Well, Reeves managed to make a detective story that is so solid and full of unexpected mystery. The puzzles that Riddler plays are so clever and you will be amazed when you see how Batman solves the puzzles.

Watching 3 hours does not feel at all!

Review film The Batman

One thing you need to know before watching The Batman is that this film has a duration of 2 hours 56 minutes or almost 3 hours! For a superhero solo film, The Batman has a fairly long duration. However, that long duration doesn’t make this film feel boring at all, it doesn’t even feel like 3 hours have passed.

The power of the story is so intense that it keeps you waiting for what will be revealed next. How Riddler plays Batman and how Batman solves Riddler’s puzzles are the main points that make you feel attached to this film.

The problem with most feature-length films is that there are usually a few scenes that don’t really matter. However, director Matt Reeves manages to make every second of 3 hours of The Batman meaningful. There are no long-winded and unimportant scenes in this film. You see, every scene supports how the character development of Bruce and Batman is. Plus, this film also presents satisfying action scenes.

Voyagers Film Review (2021): Miniatures of Human Life in Space

More and more films are now discussing the possibility of humans being sent out of the earth in search of another place to live, and Voyagers adds to that list. This project headed by Neil Burger is full of passion, passion and passionate emotion. These spices are commonly found in young adult films.

When the earth was no longer suitable for human habitation, space exploration to find a new place to live became an idea that was raised, especially in films. One film that has a similar conflict and is still warm in the memory of cinema lovers is Interstellar (2014). The film, directed by Christopher Nolan, is an epic adventure in humanity’s mission to find a new home.

In Interstellar, however, Nolan is overly ambitious and wants to include all sorts of things in his slightly less than three-hour film. In terms of psychology and humanity, Dramaindo List this film does not focus much on these two aspects and is sometimes too whiny. A discussion of this aspect of space adventure can be found in the film High Life (2018).

High Life tells the story of convicts who are “dumped” by starships in search of black holes. The film from A24 is very dark, gloomy, and depressive, but on the other hand has a strange visual beauty. The limitations of the ship’s space, human alienation, and the longing for life on earth are the main focus of this film.

The three things that are the main discussion in High Life are commonly shown in similar films. However, when these three things are removed, what will a film set in life on a spaceship be like where the characters are the main focus? This is what Neil Burger is trying to discuss in the movie Voyagers .

Voyagers tells the story of 30 children who were born and raised just to find a new planet for human survival. These children are also raised in a place that was engineered as a spaceship so as not to miss life on earth and their interactions are limited, except when they communicate with their caregiver, Richard (Colin Farrell) who is present as their parent figure.

Richard, who initially only worked to raise the children to be ready to be sent to space, asked to join the mission. His presence also becomes a double-edged sword: making the children more obedient in carrying out the mission, on the other hand, it actually carries a sentimental value that this mission wants to eliminate so that there is no turmoil that arises on the basis of emotions. To suppress this, all children were asked to drink a blue liquid to suppress emotions.

Order begins to lose control after two young children, Christopher (Tye Sheridan) and Zac (Fionn Whitehead), stop drinking the blue liquid which results in Richard’s death. Richard’s death caused not only a mystery, but also controversy in the struggle for leadership between the two young people. Starting from here, Burger who also acts as a screenwriter begins to give a passionate story.

In short, the 30 humans who are in the young adult phase in this spacecraft are like humans who have not evolved, but have been more educated and supported by technology. When emotions are no longer contained, according to Burger, basic human instincts will stick out. The main basic desire is sex, then following all other desires that give rise to differences of opinion to the split of the joint venture. The split between Christopher and Zac is like seeing a miniature of politics on earth that ends in a small war.

Like other young adult science fiction-themed films, Voyagers is very passionate in the final 2/3 of the film. Conflict comes from order that is too pressing so that chaos is born. Then, there is also the split of friendship, the spice of love and sex, then the shooting and chasing.

We have found this formula in films with similar themes that emerged in the early 2010s, such as The Hunger Games (2012), Divergent (2014) which was also directed by Burger, and Maze Runner (2014). Apart from the slightly different setting from those films, there is not much new that is offered from Voyagers that we can find in the films above.

On the other hand, the well-arranged background and good lighting are one of the entertainments in this film. It’s just that, on the one hand, the cinematography looks sober. There is one way that the cinematographer, Enrique Chediak, displays distortion by shaking the camera during conflict. However, its existence is a little annoying for the camera, which is more stagnant.

Another interesting thing in this film is Christopher and Zac’s power struggle which is mostly supported by the performance of both Sheridan and Whitehead. However, sometimes their dialogues and behavior are trapped by the clichés of dialogue created by Burger so that their good acting is closed.

If you want to dabble in young adult sci-fi films again, Voyagers is worth watching. This film is more or less like Divergent who wants to dwell on his basic human instincts, not focus on the action. However, be prepared for cliches that may not be suitable for audiences who have gone through early adulthood.

Review Film No Time to Die (2021)

James Bond, played by Daniel Craig has provided many changes from his predecessors. Even in No Time to Die , director Cary Joji Fukunaga is more challenging. The story is more sentimental and makes the figure bound, so that the movement is more measured.

After five films as 007/James Bond, Craig has finally finished his journey to become an MI6 secret agent. Since Casino Royale (2006), we see a lot of new things from Bond that he played from his predecessors. It starts from his shabby figure when fighting, LK21 Film Terbaru the nuances of the film which are darker and cleverer, giving birth to the impression of a much more serious film.

Seeing Craig’s Bond must be looked at in one package, five films in one saga that is not only full of action, but clever tricks that make it even more interesting and unique. The characters are also given the right continuity and separation in No Time to Die .

In addition to several MI6 members such as M (Ralph Fiennes), Q (Ben Whishaw), and Eve (Naomie Harris), supporting characters such as Felix (Jeffrey Wright), and Madeleine (Léa Seydoux) are also given the right portion of farewell for them too.

Of course, the sweetest farewell to Bond, played by Craig. Not only is it given a complicated espionage story that breeds violence, the drama element actually makes this film much softer than the 007 films starring Craig as well. Bond this time has a much deeper bond with some of his characters, no longer as flexible as before in action.

With a bond, it’s not just completing missions and saving the world that is Bond’s bet. However, there was also an element to protect those closest to him, especially when there was a love game that made Bond much more sentimental. Bond is no longer a person who can have sex here and there without any consequences.

Maybe this is already present in Casino Royale when Vesper, played by Eva Green, is so captivating and binds Craig’s Bond. However, the presence of Madeleine who can offer a way out of the hustle and bustle of Bond’s life makes it so different. Plus, there was a surprise from Madeleine that made Bond much more attached, not just his love.

Some of the previous Bond films have been long and complicated with action and espionage, so it needs to create a precise background and work out time-consuming problems. With the presence of a deep drama element, the time was too late, reaching 2 hours 43 minutes.

The early part that tells the background feels a bit too fast to make it drama. However, once the action sets in and the conflict becomes more real, Fukunaga’s skill in binding us for almost three hours makes the film less long and boring.

There are always interesting tricks that keep us captivated, especially the action scenes on the stairs at Lyutsifer Safin’s headquarters which are made like long takes which make the tension even more real. Rami Malek as Safin the main enemy also gives off a strong aura, perhaps only losing to Javier Bardem as Silva in Skyfall (2012).

The ending was so emotional. Bond is no longer an untouchable hero, he feels more human. Sorry Sean Connery or the actors who previously played Bond, maybe only Craig can be a Bond like this. The screenplay by Phoebe Waller-Bridge et al. indeed very prepared to give strong emotions.

Maybe there are some sentences that sound too cheesy and don’t fit the character of Bond. The problem with the spread of the virus is also a little questionable, this slight stain makes No Time to Die a little inferior to Casino Royale and Skyfall . However, for those who waited a year and a half for this film, and six years after the last film, Specter (2015), the wait paid off nicely.

Hanebado – Smash Towards Success

Hanebado is the first badminton anime adaptation of Kosuke Hamada’s manga. Badminton has indeed slipped into a number of anime titles, such as Gochiusa, Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge, and Tari Tari. However, it was Hanebado who really focused on badminton.

There have been many changes between the manga and the anime adaptation. This change has also received approval from manga-ka. The first episode opened with Nagisa’s defeat against Hanesaki who was still in middle school. This defeat had a major impact on Nagisa’s mental state. The captain of the high school badminton club begins to force the members to train harder. This took place at least six months after the painful 21-0 defeat.

Unexpectedly, Nagisa will meet again with Hanesaki, who is now entering the same high school and becomes her classmate. He began to recall his bitter memories when Hanesaki displayed extraordinary athletic abilities while trying out the tennis club. At almost the same time, the new coach Kentarō Tachibana also saw Hanesaki’s abilities. He tries to attract Hanesaki to become a member of the badminton club. One Piece Sub Indo

Rivals and Friends

Hanebado in the first three episodes already featured drama between club members. So from the start it was gassy. Viewers who are used to the mountain conflict model, which is a light introduction and then brought to the next conflict resolution, will feel that the drama in Hanebado is unnatural.

In the first episode, Nagisa who has no natural talent, works hard only to lose to the very talented Hanesaki. Hanesaki himself was not free from problems. He was abandoned by his mother because of a misunderstanding after a match. His mother felt the need to put some distance so that this child genius would not only focus on badminton. But Hanesaki thought his mother dumped him and chose to train new players who could win the championship.

In fact, almost all sports stories have drama. However, when the audience is not familiar with the characters, it will be difficult to care about their problems.

For this reason, LIDEN Films staff is trying to boost the quality of the animation. At least if the audience is not comfortable with the drama between characters, they can be amazed by the animation. The movement of Hanebado’s character in action on the badminton court cannot be underestimated. By utilizing the rotoscoping technique , the staff is able to make character movements as closely as possible to real badminton players.

Rotoscoping is neither a new technique nor a taboo. Big studios like Disney have also used it in a number of their animated films. For those who don’t know what rotoscoping is , the short explanation is to use real people’s motion references to make animations. The most commonly used technique is to record the movement of the person in the camera at the required angle.

Later, some of the film’s frame collection will be taken and then traced to people’s movements to be used as character models for animation. For anime, it is not copied raw but prioritizes body movements which are used as the basis for animation. Not surprising when the main game animated character movements are smooth and similar to human movements in general.

Kimetsu no Yaiba – Demon and Human Cooperation

Since time immemorial it is reported that there are many man-eating demons roaming around the forest. Because of this the villagers never travel at night. It is also reported that the demon slayers also move at night to ward off the bloodthirsty demon. To Tanjirou, this was not just news. But it has become a harsh reality.

One day Tanjirou finds his family has been slaughtered by a demon. The only survivor was his sister, Nezuko. But his younger brother began to slowly turn into a demon even though he still showed his human side. Begins Tanjirou’s life as a demon slayer to find out how to turn his sister back into a human.

Tanjirou starts off as a crybaby character. Basically good-natured and uncaring. Even to the demons that have clearly preyed on humans. His love for Nezuko, the only sister who survived the stealth attack, gave him the willpower to continue to survive. Genre Animeindo

Training under former member of the stealth slayer Sakonji Urokodaki, he doesn’t immediately become strong. Tanjirou is not very smart in matters of fighting and studying. He needed at least a year to practice strengthening his body and sword techniques. During that time, Tanjirou’s whiny nature diminished. Although sometimes still sad when thinking about his sister.

This anime is not 100% serious with tragedy and sadness here and there. Thanks to the support of various characters, there are quite a number of scenes that can invite the audience’s smile. At the beginning it was Tanjirou’s innocence that was used for jokes. But later when Inosuke Hashibira has entered the team, this series will be even more crowded. This did not stop them from carrying out their duties as stealth slayers.

Kimetsu no Yaiba is an anime adaptation of the manga by Koyoharu Gotouge. Because this is a shounen anime with an action genre, of course, smooth animation must be presented. Ufotable, which is believed to be producing, managed to beautifully display the animation of Kimetsu no Yaiba. Their experience in producing the Kara no Kyoukai and Fate series was successfully applied in Kimetsu no Yaiba. A number of effects are indeed assisted digitally. For example the animation of snow falling from the sky.

The tempo of the battle choreography feels fast. In some parts of the scene, the slow motion effect is added to make it more dramatic. But what’s even more amazing is the animation when Tanjirou uses his swordsmanship. The water effect in the ukiyo-e style of drawing beautifies the battle scene. The staff has also tried to maximize the use of background music to amplify the atmosphere.

Like most manga from WSJ, Kimetsu no Yaiba also starts the story weakly. In the sense that the story at the beginning feels less exciting. For this anime staff can not do much other than beautify the animation. After releasing several chapters, Koyoharu Gotouge began to understand how Tanjirou’s journey should be told. Perhaps also thanks to input from the editor. Anime still needs to wait a few more episodes to reach that point. Fans of action anime with a solid story, shouldn’t miss this anime.

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? – Fit Body, Ideal Body

Sakura Hibiki is a typical high school gyaru. When he realized his clothes were starting to get tight due to the weight he gained, he decided to join the gym near his house. At the gym, Hibiki meets a schoolmate, Souryuuin Akemi who is still the same age.

Akemi who likes sexy muscles tries to include Hibiki in the gym despite the ratio of men who train more. Thanks to the charismatic Silverman Gym trainer, Machio managed to convince Hibiki to come along to get a more beautiful body through training in the gym.

The premise of Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru’s story? very simple and easy to understand by many people, especially anime fans. Coupled with a group of girls with sexy bodies, making this anime has a magnetic power for several types of audience.

Of course, the male muscles, especially the trainer and several other characters, are still scattered in this anime. But for those who are used to watching JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure, this doesn’t bother much. Because the portion of the sexy body of the girls is much more for the audience who likes to wash their eyes. Since the first episode, Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? strewn with fanservice . From the fourth episode onwards, a number of fanservices are getting bolder because they show a nearly naked girl’s body. Download Anime Sub Indo


Even so, this anime does not forget its main purpose, which is to provide education. Manga writer Sandrovich Yabako who also made Kengan Ashura really understands muscles. From the manga Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? it was clear that he had been looking for information about muscles, gym and health and then processed it so that it could be easily understood by ordinary people. The tips and tricks given do not all have to be done in the gym. Even if it’s just a beginner level, tips on maintaining health and body shape can be done at home with commonly found tools.

A little trivia because it comes from the same manga-ka , Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru background? and Kengan Ashura are still one universe. It is evident from Soryuin Akemi who is the younger brother of Soryuin Shion. In one of the frames , there is also a glimpse of the character that had appeared in Kengan Ashura.

Doga Kobo’s role in translating in anime media is also commendable. The combination of character designs, colors and the use of appropriate background music can make the audience feel at home. There is also no unnecessary drama here. Because the story is wrapped in a light comedy genre. The audience can smile a little seeing Hibiki’s behavior when she gets enlightened to achieve the ideal body shape.

One that is no less fun is the catchy opening and closing music . The lyrics related to exercise and muscles can provide additional motivation for the audience to continue to maintain a healthy body.

Kyokou Suiri – Solving Problems with Nonsense

What happens when dealing with stealth can be solved with bullshit? Kyokou Suiri was the answer. This is the story of Kotoko Iwanaga and Kuro Sakuragawa who are trying to solve various supernatural cases.

The manga adaptation, also known as In/Spectre, tells of Kotoko Iwanaga who has a unique situation. As a child he was abducted into the demon world. She was asked to be a goddess by the demons. Kotoko, who was only 10 years old at that time, only saw demons as cute creatures. He innocently agreed. Instead of becoming a goddess or according to the Kotoko language, still a kind of priestess miko, she lost her right eyeball and left leg to around her thigh. Even so Kotoko after regaining consciousness in the hospital didn’t seem sorry.

At the age of 15 he met Kuro Sakuragawa during a routine health check at the hospital. Like any girl, Kotoko is thirsty for love. He felt he had found his first love. Unfortunately Kuro at that time already had a lover. Even so, Kotoko kept on digging for information and didn’t give up.

The opportunity came when he saw Kuro coming to the hospital alone. It turns out that he was recently dumped because his girlfriend was afraid of Kuro’s identity. Because the kappa demon that passed by on the way home actually shouted a warning while being scared. Her lover, who had just seen the demon for the first time, began to doubt whether Kuro was human.

Kotoko also begins to reveal a little bit of her past information to Kuro. Saying they are a perfect match for having dealt with stealth. He became more convinced and fell in love with Kuro. Will they make a perfect match? Find out what happens next in Kyokou Suiri.

Not Just The X-Files

Kyoukou Suiri combines two story elements in one package. Namely detective and supernatural stories. So if the audience can think of this series as a combination of Monogatari and Hyouka.

Kotoko Iwanaga who has been dealing with demons since she was made a goddess tries to lend her various knowledge to help. But he is not obliged to solve the problem according to the facts. As long as the demon is satisfied and calms down, it means the problem is over. That’s why he gave a lot of answers and solutions that were just nonsense. But all his bullshit is very convincing because Kotoko samehadaku streaming did enough research to back up the explanation. So like it or not, those involved believe it.

His meeting with Kuro also makes this series a little romantic. Although Kuro is only interested in people who look like his cousins. Meanwhile, Kotoko is far from her ideal type. Kuro is not too cold because their past dealing with stealth makes these two couples still closely related.

Kotoko also has an attractive personality for a girl who just entered university. He is quite open and assertive. Even several times he deliberately teased Kuro in the hope of getting more interested in him. Her knowledge of demons and ghosts has grown wider since she was appointed a goddess. Even so he does not have any special powers other than being able to see and touch these spirits.

Meanwhile, Kuro is able to see the future when he is nearing death. Plus his body is immortal even though it can still age. All of this because of his family’s experiment which fed Kuro two kinds of demon meat.

Kyokou Suiri is not the kind of anime that everyone can enjoy. Because this anime has more dialogue scenes. For action fans, don’t be fooled by the first episode. Because the action scenes here are few and the tempo of the battle can’t be said to be fast.

As usual the anime version gets scene cuts here and there when compared to the manga version. Some of the ones that got trimmed were precisely during the closer interaction between Kuro and Kotoko. However, the voices of Akari Kitou and Mamoru Miyano who animate the interaction between characters give their own advantages in the anime version. This anime by Brain’s Base is relatively stable and has an interesting character design. The background music support really helps various scenes in Kyokou Suiri. OPED’s music is also quite catchy to listen to.

Majo no Tabitabi – The Selfish Narcissistic Traveler

Elaina has loved Nike adventure books since she was a child. This book motivated him to become a traveler. But of course her mother put the condition that Elaina had to become a witch like Nike. After being a teenager, with her talent and hard work, Elaina graduated as an Apprentice Witch who was entitled to receive further education from a senior witch.

The road to getting a teacher is not smooth. Because the seniors felt unable or reluctant there was a young magician whose abilities were known throughout the city. He finally One Piece oploverz meets Fran after accidentally overhearing his parents talking about a witch from outside the kingdom visiting the city.

This strange teacher did not directly teach Elaina. After painstakingly passing exams and receiving advice, a year later Elaina graduated to become a witch. She got the title Ashen Witch because her hair was gray.

With this Elaina managed to carry out the conditions given by her mother. Shortly after, Elaina began preparations to set out on a journey. Even though her father was sad, Elaina’s parents let go with a smile.

Spread Controversy

Elaina is the most controversial character whose anime adaptation premiered this fall. The reason is trivial. This is because the audience did not pay attention to the details that were clearly shown in the first episode. Namely three promises that Elaina had to fulfill to her mother.

First, during wandering Elaina was an ordinary person. Never feel special. This sentence alone is very clear. Elaina is not a hero. It’s also not the police who go around patrolling while solving people’s problems. There was nothing wrong with Elaina ignoring the person in trouble. Especially if the person does not ask for help at all. Here it needs to be emphasized, Elaina is still willing to help as long as people ask for help and provide compensation.

Second, run if the situation threatens safety. Again, the sentence is clear. Elaina cannot wander if she is dead or injured. But not limited to that, Elaina also had to try not to stumble with the law. Indeed, in Elaina’s world it is not explained in detail until the sixth episode. That is the existence of the Magician’s Association which acts to deal with problems related to the misuse of magic.

Third, go home and write a diary of travel stories. This indirectly strengthens the second condition for survival.

Elaina is a witch who is still green. Feel like you can do everything. If it is likened to him like a military fan, likes things related to weapons, is able to operate weapons but has no experience at all on the battlefield.

Witches in Elaina’s world also have personality problems on average. Because the world’s people have a hierarchy based on the magic power they have. Not infrequently people whose position at the top of the pyramid are arrogant. Elaina is included.

LN writers include shoujo ai as one of the humor elements. Ever since Elaina became acquainted with Saya, the audience could see various expressions as I tried to cling to the gray-haired mage.

Elaina’s journey is not always filled with pleasant things. There was a time he saw tragedy. But because of his position as a traveler and those involved in the tragedy who didn’t ask for help, he often could only see. The point is that this anime is not watched with families who still have younger siblings who are less than 15 years old. Worried that it will make you confused or shocked.

Putting aside the controversial things in the story of Majo no Tabitabi, the C2C studio staff has tried to beautifully present the fantasy world of medieval fantasy. The visual background is clear and many can be cut out of computer wallpaper or smartphones if you like the view. Consister character animation is clean and quality is maintained. The character’s expression can also be adjusted. If the atmosphere is really cheerful and comedy is inserted, a comical expression is displayed. The atmosphere of a serious atmosphere also adjusts.

The anime adaptation does not follow the published chapters of LN. It doesn’t matter because the format is episodic or stand-alone. The selected chapters seem random or may be chosen based on the director’s preferences. Even so there are things that can not be watched randomly. Mainly the introduction of characters that Elaina will meet repeatedly like me.

Things that are not explained in the anime are related to the world where Elaina lives as a whole. It is natural because this LN series is still ongoing. But simple things such as countries/kingdoms, routes traversed and the extent of the world are not well described. It is as if the kingdoms do not have diplomatic relations or are far apart. Elaina also very rarely pulls a map from her bag to mark which kingdoms she has visited. So the audience can only guess. However, it also gives the author the advantage of continuing his work as long as it sells by adding new empires without getting hung up on the initial list that Nike has visited.

The biggest question, who is this anime produced for? Certainly not for audiences looking for a casual interlude. Some dark events can spoil the mood of the audience who wants to relax. Majo no Tabitabi is more suitable for viewers who want to see adventure as it really is. Elaina’s personality is far from perfect. He is not a saint who helps anyone for nothing. But precisely because of Elaina’s many weaknesses, the audience can see this character like a human.

Tips Memilih Lokasi Rumah Yang Ideal untuk Keluarga

Dikala Kamu memutuskan buat membeli rumah, Kamu bisa jadi mencari ketahui menimpa harga, tata cara pembayaran, tipe rumah serta pastinya posisi rumah tersebut. Dalam perihal tersebut, posisi jadi poin berarti yang mesti diperhitungkan kala hendak membeli rumah. Contohnya tidak hanya di bunda kota, rumah di Pamulang, Ciputat serta Tangerang dikala ini jadi posisi yang dapat dikatakan sempurna buat ditempati.

Tiap orang mempunyai kriteria sendiri kala hendak membeli suatu rumah, namun di dasar ini, kita hendak memandang sebagian pertimbangan universal yang wajib Kamu ingat kala memilah posisi yang sempurna serta pas buat rumah impian Kamu.

  1. Dekat dengan Pusat Kota

Idealnya, Kamu mau membeli rumah yang lumayan dekat dengan pusat kota sehingga instan buat berangkat ke tempat kerja, sekolah, tempat ibadah ataupun juga pusat perbelaanjaan, walaupun harga yang wajib Kamu keluarkan pastinya hendak lebih banyak dibanding Kamu membeli rumah yang jauh dari pusat kota.

Tetapi, Bintang residence cikeas harga yang mahal bisa jadi hendak proporsional dengan akses yang hendak Kamu miliki.

  1. Lingkungan

Area jadi salah satu poin berarti dalam memastikan seberapa puas Kamu dengan posisi rumah baru Kamu. Idealnya, Kamu mau tinggal di area dengan orang sebelah yang ramah sehingga hendak membagikan rasa tenang yang lumayan buat Kamu serta keluarga tercinta. Sebab hendak jadi perihal yang percuma bila mempunyai posisi yang sempurna tetapi tidak mempunyai orang sebelah yang ramah.

Tidak hanya itu, area dekat pula wajib mempunyai akses yang kilat serta gampang buat berangkat ke suatu tempat semacam mall, sekolah, tempat ibadah ataupun restoran.

  1. Pengembangan

Nah, di poin ketiga yang wajib Kamu pikirkan merupakan menimpa pengembangan yang hendak terjalin di posisi tempat Kamu hendak tinggal. Semacam sarana publik di masa depan yang hendak mempermudah Kamu.

Tetapi, pengembangan bisa jadi tidak senantiasa menciptakan hasil yang positif. Contoh pengembangan yang menciptakan hasil negatif buat Kamu bisa jadi kala di dekat tempat tinggal Kamu hendak dibentuk kemudian lintas yang hendak memunculkan kebisingan yang lumayan menganggu.

  1. Keamanan

Di poin ke 4, Keamanan wajib senantiasa jadi prioritas yang sangat berarti dikala memilah posisi yang sempurna buat rumah Kamu. Rumah yang terletak di zona yang kurang nyaman nyaris senantiasa lebih murah, namun apakah risikonya proporsional? Pula, bila Kamu memutuskan buat memperoleh rumah di posisi semacam itu sebab biayanya yang murah, hendak jauh lebih susah buat menjual rumah di masa depan. Idealnya, Kamu wajib mencari rumah di wilayah yang relatif nyaman mesikpun harga rumah tersebut cukup mahal.

Dalam perihal ini, Kamu wajib melaksanakan suatu studi menimpa posisi yang hendak kamu huni. Semacam tingkatan kejahatan di wilayah tersebut ataupun juga hal- hal yang lain yang bersangkutan dengan keamanan di posisi tersebut.