Online Business Ideas During a Pandemic, Can Be Passive Income

The existence of a pandemic does not only reduce people’s interest in buying necessities. The key is knowing what kind of items the public is looking for. For some, this pandemic has caused income to falter. To overcome this, what if you open an online business during a pandemic as passive income with the following 6 business ideas? business to start in covid 19 pandemic

Online Bookstore Business
One trend that has emerged during this pandemic is the increasing hobby of reading books. Yes, social restrictions make people choose to buy books in online stores . This is an opportunity for you to open an online business during a pandemic, namely by selling books on your e-commerce or social media. 

In addition to selling the latest books from distributors or publishers, you also have the opportunity to resell used books that are still in good quality. The fans are quite a lot, you know! You can also sell physical books and e-books at the same time. 

frozen food Who says that frozen food is just nuggets? Nowadays, people are increasingly longing for restaurant dishes. Not a few who are tired of eating home cooking that’s all. The solution? Of course buying restaurant-style frozen food ! 

You can start an online business during this pandemic from now on, just cook your food as usual and store it in airtight packaging. Next, just freeze it in the freezer so that the food lasts longer. Buyers just need to heat the frozen food and the food can be eaten deliciously. 

Selling Home Decorations
Every day working at home without going out to find a new atmosphere makes many people feel bored. It’s no wonder that finally home re-decoration is a project that people do on the weekends. Selling home decorations has become an online business during a pandemic that many people are looking for. 

There are so many items that you can sell, it can be goods from distributors or goods made by your own hand. The most common examples include bed linen, window curtains, floor rugs, home furnishings, aromatherapy candles, beautiful plates and glasses, ornamental plants, and beautiful paintings. 

Fabric Masks with Various Motifs and Embroidery
It is undeniable that masks are now the most purchased item by people throughout 2020 and 2021. In addition to medical masks, cloth masks are also the choice of many people because they are comfortable on the face and can be reused, making them more economical. Because masks cover most areas of the face, the fashion trend has shifted to cloth masks that are full of motifs and beautiful embroidery decorations .

How to make a cloth mask is also not difficult, especially if you have high sewing or embroidery skills . You can sell your handmade cloth masks in several bundles to increase your profit. Also promote your cloth mask work on social media to increase online business exposure during this pandemic. 

Are Feeling Tired, Check Out Tips for Choosing a Call Massage Below!

Call massage is a massage service that is usually used for people who want to do reflexology, with home services. This means that you do not need to come to the masseur directly or to the massage parlor because the masseuse will come to your house.

However, in choosing a home service masseuse, you have to choose carefully and even tend to be more selective. Here are some tips on choosing a call masseur who comes to your home so you can find a quality one.

1. Pay attention to the location

We recommend choosing a masseur on call whose location is close to the address. Of course the reason is, to make it easier for the therapist to come to your home. It is even recommended to choose a therapist who does not need to use transportation to come to your home, so it will not be a hassle.

If the distance between your home and the therapist is far, of course you have to pay for transportation costs and may be charged to you because of the distance. In order to save costs, of course, finding the nearest masseuse is the best solution.

2. Experienced

For someone who does massage often, they must have a regular therapist. But for those who have just started a regular massage, it is better to choose a therapist who has a lot of experience. You can choose directly from services that provide massage services or choose a personal therapist.

But pay attention because you will call a home massage service, so make sure that it is a professional job, let alone being called home. Do not let your masseuse will endanger the safety of you and your family. pijat panggilan bintaro

3. Safety And Convenience

In terms of safety and comfort, it is certainly important to consider when choosing a massage therapist. Therefore, it is better to choose a professional massage therapist so that the safety is reliable. You will not feel threatened if you call these services.

Meanwhile, for the sake of convenience, choose a massage therapist according to gender so that there will be no misunderstandings later. This means that if you are a woman, then choose a female therapist and vice versa. Things like this must also be considered, to minimize unwanted things.

4. Choose a Certified Therapist

Actually this is an optional consideration. Because there are still many therapists who are not certified but are experienced in the world of massage and indeed the massage results are of high quality. However, it would be better to choose a masseur from professionals who not only have quality, but have a lot of knowledge about the world of massage, the nerves of the body which are safe and not safe to massage and so on. You can choose from services or services that provide professional therapists with proven certificates.

5. Easy to Order

In addition to the quality of the therapist, also pay attention to how easy it is to order a home service masseuse who is usually called home. It would be better if you could place an order online either via WhatsApp or directly on the application and website.

That way you as a customer feel no hassle and confusion when ordering massage services. Also pay attention to how the massage service admin responds in handling orders from customers to various complaints. So from things like this you can certainly see the level of professionalism of massage services.

Various Sizes of Dump Truck Carrying Capacity

Heavy equipment dump truck is one type of transportation vehicle that is widely used to transport materials by mining, construction and plantation companies. Its large capacity and ease of transporting and unloading both from the front, side and rear of the body with a hydraulic engine, are the reasons why dump trucks are widely used by these companies. 

Having various types of dump trucks with special functions makes it easy for entrepreneurs to choose according to their needs. In addition, various sizes of dump truck carrying capacity are also available which can be adapted to operational needs in the field

Materials that are Dumpster Rental Brandon Fl generally transported by dump trucks include sand, garbage, palm oil, coal, building stones, mining products, bulk materials and so on. Materials that have a large capacity are more efficient using dump trucks with large carrying capacity. Vice versa. Dump trucks have a carrying capacity measure or often called an index or volume to make it easier for entrepreneurs to adjust their business needs. In fact, some dump truck manufacturers produce the largest dump trucks in the world, especially for the needs of the mining industry. This mining dump truck has a very large carrying capacity of up to 400 tons one way

Several types of dump truck indexes that we can find in the field usually start from the volume or index 8, 10, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 and 30 M3 (cubic meters). Dump trucks themselves have a classification based on several factors and how they work, including:

  1. Size, engine type and fuel
  2. Number of wheels, and how to steer
  3. Unloading Method
  4. Capacity
  5. Disassembly System

In addition to the capacity of the tub that is adjusted to the needs in the field, there are several other factors that must be considered before buying a dump truck, namely a chassis that has been tested strong, has a fairly large gear ratio, is stubborn and fuel efficient, is equipped with a triple filter and double water separator.

For some entrepreneurs, renting a dump truck is the best option to support their business. Moreover, there are many companies that provide dump truck rentals of various sizes of carrying capacity and also various types of dump trucks according to consumer needs. When deciding to rent a dump truck, there are several things to consider before deciding, including:

  1. Dump truck fleet age. Make sure the truck is between 3-5 years old so that it can operate optimally and reduce the possibility of damage during operation or the possibility of high maintenance costs
  2. Make sure to rent a dump truck directly from a dump truck rental company and not from a broker. This is important to do to reduce the cost of renting a dump truck
  3. Make sure to have driver backups to maximize the use of dump trucks. The driver will receive a road trip every day and their performance is measured by how many rides are done

Thus a review of various sizes of dump truck carrying capacity, if you want to get information about the price of a new dump truck, please contact the sales team selling dot ne heavy equipment.

Choose a professional travel agent

Tour guides have a very important function while you are traveling. Not only accompanying you during the tour , they will also explain the ins and outs of the tourist objects visited and ensure the safety of your friends at tourist attractions. For that, don’t choose the wrong tour guide. Don’t let your friend be disappointed because you get an incompetent guide. So that that doesn’t happen, let ‘s look at the following tips for choosing a tour guide .

Choose a professional travel agent

The first tips for choosing a tour guide are professionals. Professional tour guides have good communication skills and know the destinations to be visited in detail. Friends can ask for recommendations from friends or family to get a professional travel agent. Professional travel agents not only pursue one-time transactions, but also build long-term relationships with clients.

Find a tour guide from a travel agent with a wide network

Travel agents with extensive networks show that they are really credible. Make sure you choose a travel agent who has connections with the tourism industry such as travel agent associations, hotel chains, tourist attractions operators, vehicle rental services, cruise ships, and airlines.

Don’t be tempted by low prices

Competition causes travel agents to try to offer low prices and various promos. But friends, don’t be tempted by cheap package offers. Pay close attention to the details of the package including transportation, logistics, accommodation, length of trip, and places visited. Most importantly, the facilities are adequate and not a hassle.

Research the promo packages offered first

Don’t be lazy to ask for an explanation about the holiday packages offered so you won’t be disappointed behind your back. Friends need to know whether the package includes a pickup vehicle, travel malang juanda surabaya entrance tickets to tourist attractions, lunch, snacks, and insurance.

Pay attention to the travel route

Travel routes are important for you to know. Choose a travel agent that offers tour packages with the destination you want. If there are 10 tourist attractions on the list, at least 7 tourist attractions really want to visit. If you want a lot of alone time, choose a travel agent that offers few tourist attractions and lots of free time.

Russia-Iran support immediate resumption of nuclear deal on conditions

Russia supports the resumption of full implementation of the Iran nuclear deal. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday (15/3) emphasized this while refuting US accusations that Moscow was deliberately slowing down the revival of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

During the two talks, Lavrov said that Moscow was waiting for Washington to return to the legal framework of the agreement and lift sanctions that hurt not only Iran but other countries as well. “We discussed in detail the current situation berita kendari around the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on Iran’s nuclear program,” Lavrov said, as quoted by TASS. “We support the possibility of resumption of full implementation of this agreement, which is supported by UN Security Council resolutions, based on the balance of genuine interests embodied in it,” Lavrov continued.

Moscow made the request last week amid reports of an imminent deal after more than 11 months of negotiations.

In the context of unprecedented sanctions pressure from Western countries, Moscow sought written assurances from Washington that the current US sanctions against Russia will not affect trade, economic relations and investment, which are inherent in the JCPOA. And vice versa that US sanctions against Russia will not affect Russia’s cooperation with Iran.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said Russia’s formally submitted request should be discussed in the Joint Commission, like all proposals on the nuclear deal.

The United States called Russia’s request to lift sanctions on Iran at the last minute “irrelevant”, while the E3 countries; France, Germany and Britain have warned it could lead to the breakdown of talks.

UK Launches Home Program for Ukraine, Hundreds of Enthusiasts A Day

More than 100,000 UK households have signed up for the government’s ‘Home for Ukraine’ scheme for refugees fleeing the conflict with Russia.

The Homes for Ukraine Scheme, which started on Monday (14/3), gives Britons the opportunity to accommodate refugees in their homes for a minimum of six months.  In return, the hosts will be given a “thank you” tax of £ 350

($457.49) per month . Interested UK citizens are required to register online via the website. Both homeowners and refugees must pass inspections and several tests to ensure that both parties are eligible to join the scheme.

Local authorities in the UK will also provide more than £10,000 ($13,070) per Ukrainian stationed in their area to help cover the costs of services, such as education and health.

The sizable support from British citizens comes as the British government faces criticism for its slow response to the influx of people fleeing Ukraine.  

The United Nations estimates that more than 3 million people have fled Ukraine since Russian forces began their military offensive last month.

In contrast to the 100,000 Britons who are ready to host Ukrainians, the UK government only issues 4,000 visas under the alternative Ukrainian Family Scheme.  

Don’t Ignore! Here are 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Insurance

Health has become an expensive item that everyone really needs, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic like now. It can be said that having insurance is as important as having a place to live. In order to get an insurance product with the most complete benefits, you should know tips on choosing insurance.

Maintaining health and fitness is not only about maintaining a regular diet, exercising and resting regularly.

Because, cigna credentialing for providers in several cases, it was found that someone who maintains a regular diet and rest and regularly exercises actually faces death quickly.

Given the risk of health problems and death that are difficult to predict, it is better to protect yourself and your family with insurance that provides the most complete benefits at a premium price that is in accordance with the coverage provided.

Come on, find out tips on choosing the right insurance below!

  1. Do Research About Insurance Products
    In Indonesia, there are at least 10 insurance products offered by insurance companies. Among them there are life insurance products, health insurance, accident insurance, home insurance, vehicle insurance, education insurance, loss insurance, travel insurance, pension insurance, and sharia insurance.

    Each type of insurance offers different coverage benefits. For example, term life insurance products that provide protection benefits for a certain period of time, such as 5 years or 10 years.

    Meanwhile, there is a dual-purpose life insurance that provides benefits as term insurance as well as savings. Then, unit link life insurancewhich provides coverage benefits in the form of life and investment protection insurance.
  2. Buy Insurance Products According to Your Needs
    Before deciding, you must identify what insurance suits your needs and abilities.

    If the insurance needed is insurance that provides life protection as well as an investment platform, you should choose a unit-linked life insurance product instead of dual-purpose life insurance. This is because the coverage benefits provided by dual-purpose life insurance do not provide investment benefits and vice versa.

    So, determine in advance what kind of insurance you need. Just adjust it to your financial ability to pay insurance premiums.
  3. Actively Ask an Insurance Consultant or Licensed Agent
    When you feel doubtful and worried about the coverage benefits that will be obtained from the insurance product, you should immediately ask the insurance consultant or agent who has been prepared and has been licensed so that all questions that are on your mind are answered promptly. correct.

    Cases that occur in the community are shy and reluctant to ask questions that are in their brains so that returning home is still filled with a myriad of questions.
  4. Do We Really Understand The Selected Insurance?
    Before actually signing the Life Insurance Request Letter (SPAJ) or Health Insurance Request Letter (SPAK), it’s a good idea to ask yourself whether we really understand about the selected insurance product.

    Know for sure how far the coverage benefits will be, how the flow of insurance benefits will be obtained later, what the insurance disbursement process will be, and how to pay the premium each month.

In addition to doing research on insurance products, it is important to do research and find out the track record of the insurance company. The most important thing is how big the level of solvency or risk based capital of the insurance company.

Risk based capital is a calculation method to determine whether the insurance company is at a financially sound level to pay all of its responsibilities.

Tips to Minimize Loss in Trading

Any tips to minimize loss ? In trading, you will not always get a profit. There are times when you will experience losses . 

There are several ways that you can minimize these losses. 

Five Tips to Minimize Loss in Trading

  1. Always Check & Re-Check

In trading, the main thing you need to pay attention to is always check back and make sure that the transaction you are about to make is correct. You also need to pay attention to the volume of transactions you make.

You need to limit the number of lots to be traded. The lot size and stop loss level will depend on how much capital you have and how much risk you will bear.

  1. Back to Trading Plan

The second tip is to be consistent with the trading plan you have. Often a trader who uses a simple trading strategy can consistently earn profits because he is consistent in his trading plan.

If you already have and set a trading plan, then run the trading plan seriously and consistently. If your trading system does not allow opening positions, just follow them, don’t force yourself to open positions. 

  1. Disburse Profit

The purpose of trading, of course, is to make a profit. You can withdraw profits periodically, such as once a month. 

It doesn’t matter if the target you set has not been achieved, because there are times when a target cannot be achieved at that time, but will be achieved another day. But, singapore trade financing consultant why should profits be taken periodically? 

If you do not take the profits that you have earned, it is feared that you will be carried away by the existing market transactions because you assume that you still have a profit.

  1. Use Cut/Stop Loss Strategy

In trading, of course you need a strategy. There are two strategies that can be used to minimize losses, namely Cut Loss and Stop Loss.

Cut Loss is a strategy where traders sell their assets as the value of the asset moves down to limit losses. This Cut Loss is not intended to realize losses, but rather to prevent greater losses if the asset value continues to decline.

While Stop Loss is a strategy to limit the losses experienced by traders in trading by determining the limits of the value obtained from a trade.

  1. Take a Break

There are times when you can’t keep up with the market and have a losing streak. At such times, you will become very emotional and this psychological state will result in the following two things:

  • There will be fear to make transactions again.
  • You actually become more greedy and make transactions without paying attention to your trading plan.

If you feel at least one of the two feelings above, it is better to take a break from your trading. You can take a break from the world of trading and use that time to evaluate your forex trading results.

Those are five tips to minimize losses in trading. Hopefully this article serves as a reminder and can help you in your trading.

Tips For Choosing A Lawn Mower 2022

Having a green and clean lawn is a dream for some people. The lawn with green and clean grass is very beautiful to look at and can give a calm feel, the mind will feel relaxed.

However, we often think that taking care of the grass is very inconvenient when we want to have a lawn with green and clean grass. You can use the services of a lawn mower, or do it yourself.

If your yard is not very wide, husqvarna automower 450x residential robotic lawn mower you can use lawn mowers, whereas if your yard is large enough you can use a lawn mower. If you don’t have one and are planning to buy one, read on in this article, which will give you tips on choosing a lawn mower.

Tips for Choosing a Lawn Mower

  • Types of lawn mower

There are 2 types of lawn mowers, namely:

  1. Push lawn mower

This type of machine is only used for pages that have a flat ground surface. The push rod on this type of machine can be folded so that it is very easy to store. This type of machine can cut the grass to the edge according to the wheel path. This type of machine also has a grass holder that is not difficult when installed or when removing it.

If the yard or field is quite large and rectangular, it is better to use a push lawn mower and when using it it is better to go around in circles. This is so that the cut grass can be collected in the middle of the yard, so that the cut grass is easy to collect and dispose of and it should be done when cutting the grass during the day when the dew has disappeared, the point is that the cut grass does not stick much in the storage bag on the machine so that it is easy to clean

  1. Grass cutter

Carrying lawn mowers are used to cut grass in fields or yards where the ground surface is uneven or bumpy. The shape of this type of machine is almost the same as the pest sprayer that is often used by farmers to spray and eradicate pests. This type of machine has a long iron handle. How to turn it on just by pulling the lever located near the engine.

When using this type of machine, it is best to use it by walking forward, not by walking backwards. If there are stones on the ground, it should be removed first so that the blades of the lawn mower are not damaged or deformed quickly.

  • knife type

There are 3 types of blades on a carrying type lawn mower, namely:

  1. Cross knife

Used to cut large grasses such as reeds, elephant grass, and so on.

  1. 8 . toothed round knife

An 8-toothed round knife is used for cutting shrubs.

  1. 80 . toothed round knife

An 80-toothed round knife is used for cutting very large plants.

Meanwhile, the push-type lawn mower only has one blade model.

Those are some tips that you should pay attention to when choosing a lawn mower . Hopefully this article is useful and useful for you.

Siapa yang Mengeluarkan Sertifikat Ahli K3 Umum?

Dalam dunia kerja, industri diwajibkan buat mempraktikkan persyaratan K3 buat kurangi musibah serta penyakit yang mencuat akibat pekerjaan. Berangkat dari permasalahan ini, pemerintah kesimpulannya membuat sesuatu program penunjukan pakar K3 universal yang jadi tangan panjang pemerintah dalam melaksanakan pengawasan terhadap pekerjaan biar berjalan cocok Undang- Undang yang berlaku.

Perkaranya, tidak sembarang orang dapat jadi pakar K3 universal. Calon pakar K3 universal wajib menjajaki sertifikasi K3 universal buat mengukur sepanjang apa tingkatan kompetensinya di bidang K3. Sehabis sertifikasi usai, nantinya partisipan hendak memperoleh sertifikat K3 universal selaku fakta sudah lolos pengujian.

Siapa yang Menghasilkan Sertifikat Pakar K3 Universal?

Paling tidak terdapat 3 lembaga yang berhak menghasilkan sertifikat K3 universal, ialah BNSP, LSP, serta Kemnaker. Buat LSP, sertifikat K3 biasanya sama dengan BNSP sebab LSP terletak di dasar naungan BNSP. Untuk yang belum ketahui tentu bingung, apa kelainannya sertifikat K3 universal dari BNSP serta Kemnaker?

Yang awal dari segi persyaratan. Apabila Kamu menjajaki sertifikasi K3 Kemnaker, ketentuan berarti yang wajib Kamu memenuhi ialah:

sarjana dengan pengalaman kerja minimun 2 tahun di bidang keahliannya

sarjana muda yang mempunyai pengalaman kerja minimun 4 tahun di bidang keahliannya.

Berbeda dengan Kemnaker, persyaratan sertifikasi K3 BNSP dibedakan jadi 3 cocok tingkatan yang diseleksi apakah tingkatan muda, tingkatan madya, ataupun tingkatan utama. Uraian persyaratan tiap- tiap tingkatan merupakan selaku berikut:

Tingkatan muda

SLTA: mempunyai pengalaman 3 tahun di bidang K3

D3: memiliki pengalaman kerja di bidang K3 minimun 2 tahun

S1 non metode& non K3: mempunyai pengalaman kerja minimal

1 tahun di bidang K3

S1 metode( non K3): memiliki pengalaman kerja 1 tahun di bidang K3

S1 K3: Memiliki pengalaman kerja minimun 6 bulan di bidang K3

Tingkatan madya

SLTA: mempunyai pengalaman 10 tahun di bidang K3

D3: memiliki pengalaman kerja di bidang K3 minimun 8 tahun

S1 non metode& non K3: mempunyai pengalaman kerja minimal

7 tahun di bidang K3

S1 metode( non K3): memiliki pengalaman kerja 5 tahun di bidang K3

S1 K3: Memiliki pengalaman kerja minimun 2 tahun di bidang K3

Tingkatan utama

Tidak berlaku buat SLTA

S1 non metode& non K3: mempunyai pengalaman kerja minimal

10 tahun di bidang K3

S1 metode( non K3): memiliki pengalaman kerja 8 tahun di bidang K3

S1 K3: Memiliki pengalaman kerja minimun 5 tahun di bidang K3

Perbandingan berikutnya terletak pada dokumen yang diterima. Sehabis menjajaki sertifikasi K3 Kemanker, Kamu hendak memperoleh 3 dokumen ialah sertifikat keikutsertaan pembinaan calon pakar K3 universal, pesan keputusan penunjukan( SKP) pakar K3 universal, serta lisensi K3. Sebaliknya, BNSP cuma membagikan 1 sertifikat saja.

Satu lagi yang butuh Kamu tahu tentang perbandingan sertifikasi K3 Kemnaker serta BNSP yakni metode memperpanjang sertifikat yang sudah habis masa berlakunya( 3 tahun). Tidak terdapat tes ulang untuk Kamu yang melaksanakan perpanjang sertifikasi Kemnaker. Kamu cuma butuh mengajukan permohonan. Beda dengan BNSP yang mewajibkan Kamu buat menjajaki tes ulang buat memperbarui masa berlaku sertifikat terpaut.

Khasiat Menjajaki Sertifikasi Pakar K3 Umum

Buat memperoleh sertifikat K3, Kamu pasti wajib menjajaki sertifikasi yang diselenggarakan sepanjang sebagian hari. Lewat kegiatan ini, Kamu dapat belajar gimana metode kurangi angka musibah serta penyakit akibat kerja, menolong Kamu menguasai suasana di area kerja, sampai tingkatkan citra positif industri dan membagikan keyakinan kepada klien industri.

Contoh Sertifikat Pakar K3 Universal Beserta Penjelasannya

Beda lembaga yang menghasilkan, pasti saja beda pula tampilannya. Kamu dapat memandang kalau contoh sertifikat K3 universal BNSP nampak berbeda dengan kepunyaan Kemnaker. Apabila dicermati, sertifikat K3 universal BNSP terdiri dari 2 taman ialah bagian depan yang berisi data no pendaftaran, unit kompetensi yang diiringi, tingkatan( utama, muda, madya) yang diseleksi, serta masa berlaku sertifikat. Bergeser ke bagian balik sertifikat K3 universal BNSP, k3 umum

Kamu hendak memandang data tentang catatan unit kompetensi, gambar partisipan, serta ciri tangan.

Terdapat 3 sertifikasi K3 yang diakui di Indonesia, ialah BNSP, LSP, serta Kemnaker. Pelajari perbandingan serta ketentuan harus sertifikasi K3 yang wajib dipadati buat memperoleh sertifikat K3.

Undang- Undang juga sudah mengharuskan industri dengan ketentuan tertentu buat mempunyai tenaga pakar K3—termasuk di antara lain merupakan Pakar, Petugas, Operator, serta Pengawas K3—sesuai bidang pekerjaannya selaku salah satu wujud kepatuhan terhadap implementasi K3. Ada pula guna jadi pakar K3, seorang wajib lebih dahulu lewat sertifikasi K3.

Di Indonesia sendiri cuma terdapat 3 lembaga yang berhak menghasilkan sertifikat K3 dengan ketentuan harus sertifikasi K3, ialah Tubuh Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi( BNSP), Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi( LSP), serta Departemen Tenaga Kerja( Kemnaker).

Travel Semarang Surabaya

Transportasi travel antar jemput dari dan ke kota-kota besar seperti SEMARANG SURABAYA atau SURABAYA SEMARANG, kini semakin banyak diminati masyarakat karena lebih mudah dan praktis. Cara pesannya sangat simpel. Penumpang tidak perlu repot kemana-mana. Cukup booking lewat telp atau whatsapp, ditunggu dirumah, nanti akan dijemput sama mobil travelnya. 

Bintang Raya Travel adalah salah satu jasa Travel Semarang Surabaya yang sudah sangat berpengalaman dalam melayani kebutuhan angkutan penumpang maupun barang, khususnya dengan rute perjalanan dari Semarang ke Surabaya secara cepat aman dan nyaman, serta dengan harga tiket murah.

Dalam melayani jasa travel dengan rute dari Semarang ke Surabaya, Bintang Raya Travel selalu mengutamakan kenyamanan para pelangganya dengan cara memberikan layanan yang terbaik.

Layanan Door To Door

Bintang Raya Travel dapat dikategorikan sebagai penyedia jasa travel terbaik saat ini, karena memiliki berbagai macam layanan unggulan. Diantaranya yaitu layanan Service Antar Jemput atau Door To Door. Pemesan travel tidak perlu mendatangi pool / garasi maupun tempat Bintang Raya Travel. Cukup booking saja melalui telp atau WA, nanti akan dijemput dirumah dan diantar sampai ke tempat tujuan sesuai dengan alamat yang diinginkan.

Layanan Carter 1 Mobil

Bagi yang ingin menggunakan jasa travel Semarang Surabaya tetapi tidak berkenan digabung dengan penumpang lain atau mau menggunakan jasa travel dengan tanpa mengikuti jadwal travel seperti biasanya, maka dapat menggunakan layanan kami yaitu: Carter 1 Mobil Dipakai Sendiri.

Layanan Paket Kilat

Selain penumpang, Bintang Raya Travel juga melayani pengiriman paket maupun dokumen dengan layanan paket dijemput dan diantar dengan durasi sehari barang sampai ditempat tujuan dengan harga murah terjangkau.

Layanan Eksekutif

Fasilitas yang kami berikan menggunakan prinsip kenyamanan, keamanan, dan keselamatan. Sehingga penumpang mendapatkan pengalaman terbaik selama melakukan perjalanan bersama Bintang Raya Travel.

Jemput Antar

Door To Door

Driver Profesional

Armada Yang Nyaman

Reclining Seat / Kursi dapat distel

Full AC



Tersedia Jurusan Lainnya:

Semarang Jakarta

Semarang Bandung

Semarang Malang

Jakarta Purwokerto

Jakarta Purbalingga

Dan lain-lain


Mudah, Simpel, Tanpa Ribet

Dijemput Dulu – Bayar Belakangan

(Pembayaran langsung sama sopir kalau sudah dijemput)