Singapore Kochs: The Random Singapore Walk

Foster articulates that the relation of more positive attributes to a particular brand makes consumers to be attracted and become loyal to the brand. Another dominant factor in this perspective is the price factor. Various studies have found out that customers who harbored a high brand loyalty were not very sensitive to price changes. A brand name is a significant factor that influences brand loyalty. Keller, (1998) points out that a popular brand name can disseminate the advantages of the product, and result into a higher recall of a particular advertised benefit in comparison to a brand that is less known. These will therefore, lead to high repurchase rates and high recalls. Product promotion factor was another equally important element in relation to brand loyalty. Promotion is one element of the product mix, which takes the form of communication between the brand, and its potential customers. This study will apply the Confirmation Theory, which is also in line with DeSarbo and Oliver’s ideology (1988). The basic tenets of this theory articulate that satisfaction is chiefly related to the expectations of customers, the results of which is regarded as the discontentment.

Here are Danny and Aaron in the taxi on the way to church.After church Aaron had some fun at a local mall playing on all the rides. Last Thursday Betsy and Danny got all dressed up for the annual staff banquet. It was a wonderful evening. Over the past year we have seen a lot of construction in our neighborhood as the local town council is working to make the area “barrier free”. The largest portion of this work is upgrading all of the elevators to stop at all floors instead of just the even floors (some buildings they only stop every four floors!) That construction has finally reached our building. Thankfully there are two lifts in the building and they are only working on one at a time, but this construction is supposed to take close to a year to complete! Aaron is really enjoying newfound freedom. He loves to run off ahead of us while walking to the hawker for dinner. But thankfully he is also very good at waiting for us before he attempts to cross the street. A random building seen on an outing last Saturday. This is one of the many mosques in Singapore. Aaron and Mommy at the MRT station. Aaron loves walking on the bumps! Thanks for caring. Checking up on us! We love you all, drop us a comment to let us know you were here!

And I wasn’t the only unusual one thoroughly engaged: there were kids, elderly, parents, tourists, foreigners and students all appreciating the same exhibition, albeit in different manners. With the kids gravitating towards the interactive games and storytelling booths, the adults were free to wander and lose themselves in the heavier stuff like the photography series that challenged perspectives or a riveting Infographic about World Poverty. The concept behind each work is easy to grasp because it either resonates well with Singaporeans, or is a familiar social issue to all. Held in conjunction with SG50, many of the pieces have a local tinge to it. A particular crowd favourite was Scrap Snag, an interactive role-playing game involving Singapore’s iconic Karang-Guni man and government personnel, both racing against time to snag the trash. I particularly enjoyed the exhibit entitled ‘Streetsauce’, which I heard belongs to a professor of the department. Revolving around the social issue of female homelessness, Streetsauce is designed as an edible interface that conveys public engagement in the issue over the sense of taste.

Thought that this was a neat technical article from Clouflare on how they are obtaining random values to feed their cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generators (CSPRNG). Essentially, their San Francisco office has a camera pointed at a wall of lava lamps that it is constantly watching and will convert the image into a numeric value to feed into the CSPRNG to generate a secure encryption key, thus making it extremely difficult (try to never use the impossible term) to actually break their key. In a separate article from August, they mention that their London office uses a similar technique but instead is focusing on three double pendulum setups while their Singapore office has a Geiger counter measuring the radioactive decay of a uranium pellet in a glass bell in the lobby. While the probability is obviously very low that somebody will manage to predict or modify the output of the entropy sources on our production machines, it would be irresponsible of us to pretend that it is impossible.

The manufacturer’s actual cost to transport a specific vehicle from the assembly plant to the dealer is not reflected in the destination charge. Automakers instead use proprietary formulas to arrive at a nationwide average for a particular product type. That means large pickups will cost more than small compact cars but the charge for that product is the same whether the consumer buys the vehicle one mile or 2,000 miles away from the assembly plant. Destination charges are only for auto transport within the United States. Random Singaporean With vehicle pricing so competitive, automakers strive to keep the destination charges down because they are included in the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Used cars are also transported throughout the country. In 2007, according to ADESA Analytical Services, almost 42 million used cars were sold in the United States. About one third were sold through franchise dealers, another third sold through 42,751 independent used-car dealers and the rest sold by private individuals.

Tips on how to use Telegram for business

Currently, you can say that any media, whether paid or free, can be used as a sales channel as long as you are connected to the internet. Yes, in this fast-paced and online era, whatever it is, it must be put to good use if you have a plan to build a business or develop the business you are running. In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at 10 tips on how to use Telegram for business and the features it offers. Hope it’s useful for you!

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a chat application that allows users to send messages, photos, videos, audio and encrypted files or documents. Telegram can be used on various operating systems such as Android, Windows OS, iOS, MacOS, and Linux OS simultaneously.

Can I use Telegram for business?

From a small business perspective, Telegram can be used for business. Lots of business friends are now starting to use Telegram to communicate and do business. This application that has great power and has more than 100 million users has not taken advantage of its advantages. So if you want to use it, it would be great because not many people are using it. With such a wide user base, there is always the possibility that a client or potential client for your business uses Telegram.

1. Use Telegram groups

In Telegram there are many groups scattered and most do not require many requirements to join or join in it. Well, through this group is one way to use Telegram for online business. Try to find out which buying and selling groups are active on Telegram. Don’t forget to see how many members or members have joined in it. The more members, the greater your chances of promoting the products you sell.

2. Difficult to find a suitable group? Create your own community

One Telegram group can contain up to 200 thousand members. Well, this can also be your opportunity to build your own community. If you find it difficult to find a suitable group and feel right, you can create your own group. For example, you create a more specific group such as “Tamiya and polo shirt buying and selling forum”. And invite your closest friends so they recommend this group to their friends too.

3. Always remember “sharing is caring”

In the buying and selling groups that you follow, try to actively provide useful information and content. That way you will give the impression as a seller who is not only spamming to sell, but also wants to establish good relationships with buyers and fellow sellers. You can actively share useful content such as tips or tutorials related to the products you sell. That way, over time there will be a sense of wanting to buy from those who read it.

4. Search with the right keywords

Keywords that you can use include “buying and selling” or “online shop groups”. Or you can also directly do a search with specific keywords, such as “buying and selling aesthetic goods”. A way that you can also try is to look for recommendations from friends who are already members of a buying and selling group. So it can be considered more credibility. Plus if it’s a fairly private group or a close group, you can get recommendations from your friends earlier so that your request to join can be accepted faster.

5. Use the Telegram channel

The difference with groups is that in this Telegram channel, the owner or creator of the channel can only communicate in one direction. So people who subscribe will get info on the sale being promoted, but can’t give a response. Well, if this is the case, you can create your own sales channel and the first thing you need to do is build a community so you have enough subscribers, then promote your selling products with broadcast messages on the channel.

6. Maximize the Chat Bot or Auto Chat feature

The Telegram application also has a chat bot feature or usually called chat automatically. This feature is used to reply to someone’s chat automatically when they greet you. Usually this feature is used by people who have businesses, such as credit agents. Therefore, maximize this chat feature so that your product sales increase every day.

7. Turn on security features

Another advantage that Telegram has and can be used for business is turning on its security features. Telegram is a chat application with the highest security because until now the application has not found a remote exploit system specifically made to hack Telegram. Unlike the WhatsApp application, which in 2020 found a WhatsApp Remote Exploit that was used to trick the security of the Whatsapp application through GIF images to describe the victim’s messages.

8. Use the document sending option

In the document sending option, Telegram has two options that can be used and the size of the document that can be sent is also quite large. When you want to send a document, you can choose one of the options, namely a file with the original size or a compressed file with a maximum size of 1.5 GB. Unlike the WhatsApp application, when we send images, videos and other files automatically, both types of files will be compressed, reducing the quality of the files sent.

9. Establish good communication with group members

Good communication will produce good things too. You can communicate with the members in the buying and selling group that you participate in as simple as greeting the members at a certain moment. Of course, you can also share motivational posts, buy cheap and effective social media marketing give encouragement, share quotes, and don’t forget to actively respond to those who are actively communicating in the group.

Kajian Lengkap Tentang Dispersi Emisi

Sebelum mengajukan rencana usaha atau kegiatan untuk mendapatkan persetujuan lingkungan, harus diperoleh persetujuan teknis (Pertek). Dengan demikian memasukkan semua pengelolaan lingkungan ke dalam AMDAL atau UKL-UPL. Setelah mendapat Persetujuan Lingkungan, pelaku usaha langsung mendapatkan Sertifikat Laik Operasional (SLO) untuk bangunan/fasilitas yang telah mendapat persetujuan teknis.

Pendekatan kajian teknis Andalalin didasarkan pada tingkat risiko lalu lintas yang ditimbulkan, analog dengan tingkat risiko pada AMDAL, yaitu : 

– Kegiatan Bangkitan Lalu Lintas Tinggi                    = ANDALALIN

– Kegiatan Bangkitan Lalu Lintas Menengah         = Rekomendasi Teknis

– Kegiatan Bangkitan Lalu Lintas Rendah               = Standar Teknis

Banyak studi teknis diperlukan, tergantung pada jenis usaha/kegiatan, untuk mendapatkan izin teknis dari pemerintah sebagai prasyarat untuk AMDAL/UKL-UPL. Studi-studi tersebut antara lain sebagai berikut:

1) Analisis Teknis Dampak Lalu Lintas

Studi Teknis Analisis Dampak Lalu Lintas sebagaimana dimaksud dalam PP 22/2021, merupakan instrumen pengganti dari dokumen Analisis Dampak Lalu Lintas (Andalalin) yang terkenal. Andalalin merupakan rangkaian kegiatan studi dampak lalu lintas terkait pembangunan pusat kegiatan, permukiman, dan infrastruktur yang hasilnya terangkum dalam dokumen analisis dampak lalu lintas.

Persetujuan Dinas Perhubungan untuk setiap bahaya bangkitan lalu lintas tersebut di atas dinyatakan sebagai Persetujuan Teknis Andalalin (Pertek), yang diperlukan sebelum dokumen AMDAL atau UKL-UPL dapat diintegrasikan.

2) Kajian Teknis Penyimpanan, Pengumpulan, Pemanfaatan, Pengolahan, dan Penimbunan Limbah B3

Analisis teknis yang menyeluruh dan lengkap sangat penting untuk setiap bisnis atau kegiatan yang mengumpulkan, memanfaatkan, memproses, atau menimbun limbah B3. Kajian teknis untuk pengelolaan limbah B3 harus menunjukkan bahwa sumber daya dan infrastruktur yang direncanakan untuk operasi pengelolaan limbah B3 sudah sesuai dan tidak akan berdampak buruk pada lingkungan.

Izin teknis tidak diperlukan untuk Limbah B3 yang dihasilkan di tempat. Setiap usaha yang menyimpan, mengumpulkan, memanfaatkan, mengolah, atau menimbun Limbah B3, baik sebagai kegiatan primer maupun sekunder, wajib dilengkapi dengan Pertek Limbah B3. Jenis kajian ini sebagian besar diatur oleh spesifikasi pengelolaan limbah B3. Akibatnya, kandungan analisis teknis limbah B3 akan sangat bervariasi antar kegiatan perusahaan.

3) Studi Teknis Emisi Udara

Persetujuan Teknis untuk Emisi ke Udara diperlukan untuk rencana bisnis dan tindakan yang menghasilkan emisi udara. Ketentuan mengenai jenis badan usaha yang wajib memenuhi Pertek Pembuangan Emisi ke Udara diatur secara mandiri oleh Menteri Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan melalui Peraturan Menteri.

Kajian teknis eliminasi emisi ke udara akan dipusatkan pada analisis bahan bakar, parameter emisi, spesifikasi cerobong, laju aliran gas buang, pengaruhnya terhadap udara ambien, lokasi pengambilan sampel, dan periode pemantauan kualitas udara emisi. Pemerintah akan mengevaluasi indeks kualitas udara kawasan, kepadatan aktivitas penduduk, dan pola pemanfaatan ruang di sekitarnya sambil melakukan evaluasi teknis dan memberikan persetujuan teknis untuk menghilangkan emisi ke udara.

– Calpuff menggunakan metode keadaan tidak tetap, memperhitungkan efek variasi spasial dalam komponen meteorologi dan sifat permukaan.

– Calpuff mampu mensimulasikan penumpukan polutan setiap jam, resirkulasi, dan efek kausalitas yang tidak ditangkap oleh teknik kondisi tunak.

– AERMOD adalah pendekatan berbasis model Gaussian untuk pemodelan distribusi polutan. Menghasilkan dispersi jangka panjang dari polutan udara ambien (jam, hari, bulan dan tahun).

4) Pemeriksaan Teknis Debit Air Limbah ke Laut

Dalam kajian dispersi emisi Setiap badan usaha yang akan membuang air limbah olahan ke perairan laut harus memiliki Izin Teknis Pembuangan Air Limbah Ke Laut. Sebelumnya, dokumen ini disebut sebagai Izin Pembuangan Air Limbah Ke Laut.

Kajian teknis pembuangan air limbah ke laut meliputi deskripsi rinci fasilitas IPAL yang diusulkan, teknologi pengolahan air limbah, neraca air, dan titik pembuangan air limbah ke laut, selain estimasi Zone Initial Dilution (ZID). ZID adalah zona disolusi awal dimana konsentrasi polutan memasuki air laut dan terdifusi hingga mencapai konsentrasi yang sama dengan perairan sekitarnya. ZID merupakan ukuran potensi dampak lingkungan dari pembuangan air limbah ke laut. Ukuran zona pelarutan awal ditentukan oleh jumlah air limbah yang dibuang, serta oleh arus, pasang surut, dan gelombang.

5) Investigasi Teknis Debit Air Limbah ke Sumber Air

Air limbah dapat dibuang dengan berbagai cara, termasuk sungai, waduk, danau, saluran drainase, dan saluran irigasi. Untuk memastikan bahwa air limbah yang dibuang tidak berdampak buruk pada sumber air permukaan, diperlukan penilaian teknis pembuangan air limbah ke sumber air.

Analisis teknis pembuangan air limbah ke sumber air meliputi deskripsi rinci tentang fasilitas IPAL yang diusulkan, proses pengolahan air limbah, neraca air, titik debit air limbah ke sumber air, geometri sumber air, dan debit sumber air, antara lain.

keuntungan. Selain itu, kajian teknis akan mengkaji sejauh mana distribusi air limbah dapat mengubah kualitas sumber air minum, serta interaksi kegiatan lain yang membuang air limbah ke sumber air minum. Salah satu komponen terpenting dari studi ini adalah menentukan persyaratan kualitas yang dapat diterima untuk pembuangan air limbah. Jika zona pelarutan polutan di sumber air dinyatakan aman dan tidak berpengaruh signifikan terhadap kualitas lingkungan, dokumen tinjauan teknis dapat diajukan kepada pemerintah untuk mendapatkan persetujuan teknis pembuangan air limbah ke sumber air. Setiap jenis sumber air akan memerlukan prosedur penyelidikan dan analisis yang unik.

6) Kajian Teknis Aplikasi Air Limbah

Pemanfaatan Air Limbah untuk Aplikasi Tanah adalah teknik untuk membuang air limbah ketika tidak ada sumber air yang tersedia di dekatnya atau ketika daerah itu terlalu jauh dari laut, dan satu-satunya pilihan adalah dengan menginfiltrasi air limbah ke dalam tanah. Kajian teknis penerapan air limbah ke tanah berisi uraian rinci tentang fasilitas IPAL yang diusulkan, metode pengolahan air limbah, neraca air, titik pembuangan air limbah untuk aplikasi tanah, geologi, jenis tanah dan batuan, dan lokasi cekungan air tanah, antara lain . Selain itu, kajian teknis akan menentukan tanah/kapasitas batuan untuk menerima sejumlah air limbah pada waktu tertentu. Metode pembuangan air limbah aplikasi ke tanah dapat dikombinasikan dengan prosedur fitoteknologi, yang melibatkan pengenalan air ke area yang mengandung media tanaman/penyerap tanaman. Bagian penting dari studi ini adalah menentukan kemampuan dan daya dukung tanah untuk menampung air limbah tanpa menimbulkan dampak estetika atau akumulasi polutan kimia dan biologis.

Diatas adalah merupakan kajian dispersi emisi serta studi tentang kajian dispersi emisi.

4P Marketing Strategy and Examples in the Business World

In the business world, marketing is an important thing after the production process. You could say that marketing is an activity or economic activity that bridges the production process from producers and consumption on the part of consumers.

The definition of marketing when viewed based on the concepts of needs , wants and demands , is a social and managerial process carried out by individuals or groups to get what they want and need by producing, offering and exchanging products that are needed. value to others.

When doing marketing, it is necessary to have a strategy so that the steps that have been taken can bring results, in this case profits, as desired. However, before determining what kind of marketing strategy will be applied, digital marketing business people should be able to determine the segmentation and target market so that they can make the right marketing strategy.

When defined, a marketing strategy is a strategy or trick specifically designed to promote a product so that it will generate profits. A good marketing strategy will help businesses to identify their best customers. It can also help in understanding what consumers need. With a good strategy, it is possible to implement the most effective marketing methods. The main goal is to make the business run so that it can better satisfy customers who have purchased the product.

4P Marketing Strategy

There are actually a lot of marketing strategies that can be applied by business people. However, there is one main strategy that needs to be implemented and is known as the 4P marketing strategy.

The 4P marketing strategy is also known as the marketing mix or marketing mix. Briefly, the history of this strategy was originally popularized by Neil Borden in the 1950s. After that it was refined by Jerome McCarthy into a 7P marketing strategy.

History of 4P Marketing Strategy

The 4P marketing strategy begins with the emergence of the formation of the strategy. In the 1950s, someone named Neil Borden popularized the term marketing mix or it could also be called a  marketing mix which contains more than ten marketing elements in it. Neil Borden defines that a marketing executive is indeed one who combines various ingredients to create the right recipe so that he can market a product. 

Then, in the 1960s, Jerome McCarthy devised a strategy with the 7P’s variables, he provided additions and refinements such as the essentials of the marketing mix. Over time, finally many versions of the P such as 5P, 8P and so on. But the 4P marketing strategy is the purest and core of the various other marketing models. It should be noted that each P model is only an extension of the 4P. 

In addition, McCarthy also articulates changes in the existing balance of these various variables from a long-term perspective with the most difficult product to change.

The 4P variable is the initial foundation of all marketing activities.

Definition of 4P’s Marketing Strategy

The 4P marketing strategy is a collection of basic components or variables that become the initial benchmark for businesses so that consumers want to buy their products. The 4P marketing strategy or also known as the marketing mix consists of 4 parts, namely product , price , place , and promotion .

Price (price), product (product), promotion (promotion) and place (distribution). The four marketing variables are four important things in the field of marketing in business and can be used as a basis for developing strategies to get a strong position in the market.

Marketing strategies can not only be used for businesses or businesses on a large scale but can also be carried out by business actors who have MSME businesses. 

Factors that Determine 4P’s Marketing Strategy

As a businessman, when you are able to make decisions on the four marketing variables which include price, product, promotion and distribution, then that means you also need to consider various factors outside of these four variables, including:

Internal factors

Internal factors here mean several factors related to the internal affairs of the company or organization. Usually includes availability of funds, nature of the product, company objectives, stages in the product life-cycle and others. 

External Factors

While what is meant by external factors are factors that exist or arise from outside the company, for example, consumer behavior, level of competition, distribution, and government regulations.

Important Variables in 4P’s Marketing Strategy

As mentioned above, the 4P marketing strategy includes 4 variables, namely price (price), product (product), promotion (promotion) and place (distribution).

  1. Product

Good and quality products will help win business competition with competitors who have similar products. Products offered and sold in the market should be able to meet the needs, desires and expectations of consumers.

There are several things that need to be considered in this case to attract the attention of consumers, including the variety of product choices, the physical form of the product itself, features, the brand that will be introduced to consumers, attractive packaging, and product guarantees. 

Therefore, before carrying out the production process and developing products, as a businessman you should be able to analyze market opportunities. If you have, then you can enter the stage of pricing, distribution and marketing promotion. 

Business owners or companies should also be able to predict and calculate the life-cycle period of a product and predict roughly what risks will be encountered as the product moves in each phase. Phases in the product life-cycle include a growth phase followed by maturity and finally a period of declining product sales.

Based on the level of long-term customer satisfaction, products can be divided into four, namely:

  • Useful products ( salutary products ), for example detergents without many chemicals or environmentally friendly.
  • Products that are less than perfect ( deficient products ), for example medicines that taste bitter.
  • Products that are pleasing (pleasant product ), for example cigarettes.
  • Products that are needed ( desirable products ), for example, nutritious food or drinks.

Meanwhile, if it is based on the intended use for consumers, the products are divided into two, namely consumer and industrial products. The grouping of products into consumer and industrial products is useful when you develop a 4P marketing strategy because each of these product categories will be marketed to different markets and with different marketing techniques. For the record, consumer products generally have a longer distribution process than industrial products.

  1. Price

The second important variable in the 4P marketing strategy is price . The ability to determine the selling price of a product is also a very important aspect in a marketing strategy because it can affect demand and sales in the market. Pricing also aims to maintain and improve market share , price stability, to achieve the target of return on investment and most importantly to achieve maximum profit.

In the process of determining the price, there are several factors that need to be considered, including: costs, benefits, competitors and changing market needs.

For business owners or companies, product prices can generate revenue and profit. Meanwhile, for consumers, price cannot be separated from two aspects, namely the ability to buy and the benefits that will be obtained by the consumer. One thing to remember is don’t forget to consider the discount or discount system as well as installments or installments, because these two things can actually affect consumers’ interest in buying a product. 

  1. Promotion (Promotion)

Promotion is an activity related to the act of informing, influencing and communicating products to consumers or potential consumers. Because of its important role, it can be said that even a good quality product will not be sold easily if there is no proper promotion. 

The purpose of promotion is to inform the market environment or consumers about the product or business that you run. The form of promotion can be in the form of advertising, public relations , publications (social media and print media) and also sales promotions. In this case, what is meant by public relations includes press releases , sponsorship agreements, workshops , and seminars. The point is that consumers need to be given awareness or awareness so that they feel like buying the products that you market. 

Promotional activities are important variables because the process is strongly influenced by the marketing strategy planning of the business or company to retain customers and market share , at least in the short term.

  1. Place (Distribution)

In this case, what is meant by a place is a place where consumers can get the products that you offer. Where the product is distributed, it can be a franchise , outlet, or even a reseller . In addition to the location, the distribution process is also important so that products can reach consumers in good condition and not damaged.

There are 3 main aspects that determine the distribution process in the 4P marketing strategy, namely the company’s transportation system, storage system, and the selection of distribution channels (wholesalers, retailers, agents or brokers).


Perihal ini sangat normal, sebab anak memanglah jadi buah hati serta penyejuk mata untuk orang tuanya. Seluruh suku serta ras, menyangka anak merupakan anugerah serta investasi untuk orang tuanya. Entah itu investasi dalam jangka waktu dekat ataupun lama.

Di dalam Islam sendiri, tiap orang yang wafat hingga terputus amalannya kecuali 3 perihal. Anak yang sholih yang mendoakan merupakan salah satu dari 3 amalan yang tidak terdapat putus- putusnya. Anak yang sholih serta mendoakan orang tuanya hendak jadi investasi di akhirat untuk orang tuanya.

Tidak cuma urusan akhirat, jasa catering paket aqiqah anak yang sholih serta sholihah pula hendak menolong orang tuanya dikala tua renta. Menemani mereka dikala umur tua. Seluruh orang yang telah tua renta, tentu merindukan kasih sayang anaknya yang hirau terhadapnya.

Mau memesan keperluan aqiqah secara online hendak namun masih ragu sebab khawatir memperoleh paket aqiqah yang tidak cocok keperluan serta kualitasnya kurang baik? Jadilah pemesan yang smart!

Kamu wajib teliti memilah gerai yang menawarkan paket aqiqah online biar tidak sempat salah seleksi. Serta pada peluang kali ini kami hendak bagikan sebagian panduan memilah paket aqiqah online yang dianjurkan buat Kamu terapkan supaya tidak hingga salah seleksi. Berikut datanya!

Terdapat sebagian panduan yang dapat Kamu terapkan supaya tidak salah seleksi memilah paket aqiqah online. Sebagian panduan memilah paket aqiqah online yang butuh Kamu terapkan antara lain:


Berarti tidak berarti sih. Sebagian orang menyangka jika testimoni ini berarti. Namun sebagian orang yang lain pula menyangka kalau testimoni ini tidak berarti. Sebab itu dikala ini kita ambil jalur tengahnya saja.

Bila Kamu memanglah masih ragu dengan jasa paket aqiqah online yang ditawarkan, ataupun bisa jadi jasa tersebut masih baru dibuka, hingga terdapat baiknya buat Kamu cek dahulu testimoninya. Apakah pemesan banyak yang puas dengan testimoninya ataupun tidak. Bila memanglah pemesan banyak yang puas dengan testimoninya pasti ini merupakan sesuatu berita baik buat Kamu sebab dapat jadi, testimoni tersebut benar serta opsi paket jasa aqiqah tersebut memanglah terbaik buat Kamu.

Bila Kamu saat ini ini masih bingung memastikan memilah paket aqiqah online yang mana, Kamu dapat seleksi paket aqiqah online Nayla Aqiqah spesialnya Kamu yang berdiam diri di Cimahi, Bandung serta sekitarnya. Telah banyak testimoni positif buat Nayla Aqiqah yang dapat Kamu cek sendiri.


Jangan Kamu kurang ingat pula buat cek barangnya. Jadi, saat sebelum Kamu deal memesan paket aqiqah online terdapat baiknya Kamu cek dahulu kambing ataupun domba yang hendak diolah. Kamu dapat memohon fotonya, ataupun tiba langsung ke tempat gerai aqiqah tersebut.

Sebab jangan hingga Kamu memperoleh benda kambing ataupun domba yang cacat dimana cocok apa yang dikatakan oleh Imam Malik kalau“ Aqiqah itu semacam seperti nusuk( sembeliah denda larangan haji) serta udhhiyah( kurban), tidak boleh dalam aqiqah ini hewan yang picak, kurus, patah tulang, serta sakit. Imam Asy- Syafi’ iy mengatakan: Serta wajib dihindari dalam hewan aqiqah ini cacat- cacat yang tidak diperbolehkan dalam qurban”.

Sebab itu yang semacam ini tidak boleh Kamu remehkan. Serta buat Nayla Aqiqah, bila Kamu pesan paket aqiqah online di Nayla Aqiqah, Kamu dapat cek barangnya langsung di Jalan. Bunda Ganirah Nomor. E 52 Kel. Cibeber, kec Cimahi Selatan, kota Cimahi.


Pastinya Kamu tidak mau bila aqiqah yang telah Kamu susun tidak cocok rencana cuma sebab paket aqiqah yang terlambat tiba bukan? Sebab itu terdapat baiknya buat Kamu seleksi gerai aqiqah dengan pelayanan yang responsif.

Responsif tidaknya gerai aqiqah dapat Kamu amati ataupun Kamu temui dari metode mereka melayani sms, bbm ataupun kala kita tanya– tanya. Serta dapat pula Kamu amati dari testimoni para pemesan. Darisana seluruh data dapat Kamu temukan.

Seperti itu sebagian panduan memilah paket aqiqah online yang Kamu butuh ketahui biar tidak salah seleksi memesan. Untuk Kamu yang dikala ini memanglah baru mempunyai putra serta gadis kami ucapkan selamat. Mudah- mudahan nanti putra gadis Kamu jadi putra serta gadis yang salih serta shalihah. Kami, Nayla Aqiqah siap menolong kebutuhan aqiqah putra serta gadis Kamu.

The Best Way to Choose the Right Website Development Service!

At this time there are many website creation services that you can find on the Internet. However, of course not all of them can match your needs. This is why it is important to find out beforehand or even do a comparison so that you can find a suitable website. Here are some ways to choose a website creation service that will help you to do a little screening before making a decision:

Kеtаhuі Рrоfіl Аgеnѕі

The first important and easy thing to do in how to choose a website creation service is to watch the agency profile. This will give you an overview of how they work, including website results that you can later access.

The fastest way to review an agency’s profile is to look at their site ‘s appearance. The size is not always aesthetic, you can also judge from the web performance if it takes a long time.

Also check the оrtоfоlіо or the case studies that they have been working on so far. Those who are professional will usually include the work or clients who have used their services on the website so that they are easily accessible to all consumers.

Check Krеdіbіlіtаѕ and Lеgаltаѕ

When looking for an agency, the second way to choose a website creation service is to try to find one that is trustworthy or untrustworthy. This is usually supported by a legal element which indicates that the agency has owned the license. That way, jasa pembuatan website medan you can reduce the risk of various losses while working with them.

You can also be more calm because the agency you use can be reliable. Compare if you finally rented the services of an agency that was not clear when there were problems in the middle of the road. Pаѕtі meероtkan isn’t it?

Understand Completeness of Features

You have to know what you need. If you don’t know much about the website, you can bring a sample website to then study with the agency. Next, then you see the completeness of the following features that the agency offers.

You can jugа lаіnnуа mеmbеrіkаn additional questions important to ensure, for example ѕоаl hоѕtіng, араkаh mеrеkа mеnggunаkаn template , template lіѕеnѕі dеngаn bаgаіmаnа, tеrkаіt Cраnеl or соntrоl ѕеbаgаі panel that bеrhubungаn fіlе реnуіmраnаn place dеngаn wеbѕіtе, and ѕеbаgаіnуа.

Know about Warranty and Mаіntеnаnсе

As with other products, websites can also experience problems or disturbances until they cannot be used optimally. Starting from a downed tеm, rірt еrrоr, or others. Therefore, it is important to ask questions about guarantees and maintenance.

Will you get a warranty guarantee and the period is long? Besides that, how about steadfastly, is there any add-on to it? Knowing the clarity on this matter from the start will reduce the feeling of worry and trouble in the future.

Tips for Buying a Used Car So It Doesn’t Drain Your Pockets

For those who have limited money, maybe buying a used car is an option rather than a new car which is more expensive. But is it right to buy a used car in its current condition? promo daihatsu bekasi

It should be understood, although it can save costs, there are a number of challenges when buying a used car. Buying a used car must be full of caution. Rushing to buy can result in financial losses in the future.

“The health of used car components is certainly not like a new car, which is still in excellent condition. It is also possible that the post-purchase maintenance costs incurred will reach half or exceed the purchase price of the car,” said Dila Karinta, Head of Public Relations of Lifepal Technologies Indonesia.

According to Lifepal, there are several things to consider when buying a used car so it doesn’t eat away at your finances. Here are some things to consider when deciding to buy a used car:

1. According to the budget

If you decide to buy a used car, it is recommended to look for a unit that fits your budget and daily operational needs that doesn’t drain your pocket.

For example, when you have the desire to buy a car brand ?A? because of its attractive design, or car brand ?B? which looks elegant, or the car ?C? very agile in his maneuvers. But unfortunately the price of used cars A, B, and C is quite high.

Therefore, before choosing to ask yourself, are the features really ?must have? to support daily mobility?

“If these features are not really needed, then choose another car with a well-known brand and good quality, as well as a more affordable price,” he added.

Also pay attention to the availability and price of spare parts, the availability of official workshops, as well as things that are common problems with the car.

2. Complete documents

This one is important. Buy a used car that has complete documents. Buying a used car without a Motorized Vehicle Owner’s Book (BPKB) and or a Vehicle Number Certificate (STNK) is very risky. The reason is to take care of these documents will take money and time.

Another impact, the absence of car documents can pose a more severe risk. For example, the seller may say that the BPKB is missing. But what happens if BPKB turns out to be in leasing due to credit problems?

“So the car purchased can be withdrawn by the financing or leasing company at any time,” he explained.

Likewise, if there is a BPKB but a STNK is not there, then it is also possible that the car tax is dead.

If you persist, the problem you will face is being dragged into the law. In fact, buying a car without documents or fakes can be categorized as a crime. You also have the potential to be entangled in Article 480 of the Criminal Code regarding Stolen Proceeds.

3. Think back to buying on credit

There is a strong reason why it is not advisable to buy a used car on installments or on credit. The reason is because our monthly expenses can swell.

“Car installments of course lead to passive expenses that must be paid per month. When the car we loan also requires replacement of spare parts, it is certain that our monthly expenses will swell,” he said.

According to him, there are two ways to measure the ability to buy a car. First, just make sure you don’t use your emergency fund to buy it, and second make sure when you buy it in cash, your current assets are still in the range of 15 percent to 20 percent of your net worth.

What is meant by “emergency fund” is a cash deposit that is used only in emergency conditions, such as in the event of termination of employment or a family member experiencing an accident or serious illness.

“So, it is very unwise to sacrifice emergency funds to buy a car,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the value of the ratio of current assets to net worth is obtained from the comparison of the total value of current assets such as savings, cash and cash equivalents, and net worth, namely total assets and total debt.

How to Choose the Best Digital Agency?

The digital marketing process or digital marketing is quite important to develop a business. Not only increasing sales, digital marketing also aims to build brand or brand awareness . Using the best digital agency services will be much more effective for you to do. Because digital marketing requires high knowledge to get optimal and measurable results.

Digital agencies have the experience to provide optimal results. But of course you have to choose the best agency so you don’t feel disappointed. To help you choose the best agency, here are some tips:

Choose an Agency That Understands Your Needs

Before looking for an agency, it’s a good idea to define the goals of the marketing activities that you will run. What do you want after using the services of an agency? Examples are increasing traffic, increasing brand awareness , and so on.

After you understand what the company needs, then you can find the best agency that understands your goals. They must know what strategies to implement to achieve the goals. That way, the marketing process can run effectively and efficiently.

Choose an Agency with a Professional and Experienced Team

Running digital marketing is not just posting content on social media or other platforms. There are various things that need to be done to maximize marketing, for example using SEO, digital agency indo good UI/UX design, and so on.

Only the best digital agencies can do the work you need. The best must have a team that is both professional and experienced in digital marketing.

Choose an Agency with the Right Portfolio

The next thing you need to do in choosing an agency is to look at its portfolio. Ask about the types of campaigns that have been run to achieve marketing goals.

Usually agencies have created their own portfolio or display it on the official website. So you can immediately judge for yourself whether the displayed portfolio is appropriate or not. Make sure the agency you choose has worked on a project that fits your needs.

Choose an Agency That Understands Marketing Concepts

The next way to choose the best digital agency is to understand the marketing concept. Most digital agencies offer creativity in ad creation. But it can be useless if they do not understand the concept of marketing.

If you understand the concept of marketing, agencies can determine effective and efficient campaigns . That way, you can also save on your marketing budget .

Choose an Agency That Can Communicate Well

Communication is the next important thing that is often forgotten by many people. Usually people only pay attention to skills when looking for a digital agency.

In fact, communication is one of the keys to the success of a digital marketing campaign . The lack of good communication between the agency and the client can lead to mistakes. In addition, you will also find it difficult to monitor if there is no good communication.

Consider Price

Price should still be a consideration when choosing a digital agency. Basically, the quality of the service offered affects the price. The better the service, the higher the price. 

Even so, you can still make considerations in determining the price. Usually the agency will help you choose a service according to your budget. Therefore, make sure the agency you choose is comfortable to work with.

How to Be a Motivating Speaker

There are many ways that we can contribute to those around us. We can help change someone’s negative thought patterns through writings that make many people more motivated, or through positive words that can awaken their passion for life to have a better life than before.  Are there any Career Advice readers who feel that they are fussy, or maybe they like to speak in public (by giving speeches, for example). If “yes”, hey congratulations! Because it’s a power that other people might not have! If readers have these strengths, you only need to think about how to hone these abilities into a benefit for others. One good idea is to become a speaker who can motivate others to be more enthusiastic in facing the black and white of life.  If Career Advice readers are interested in becoming a speaker who can give “light” to others, let’s look at some of the tips below.  

1. Develop a Conversation Idea 

Before conveying knowledge and experiences that are useful for others, the thing we must do is develop ideas.  We will not become successful public speakers by repeating the same old ideas as other speakers. If we use the same method as them, then how will the content we deliver differ from the previous speaker? There is no.  Especially if we only quote the motivational words they have, for example “Mr. Mario Teguh always says that…” “As Uncle Bob Sadino said that…” and that happens over and over again without making the typical quote that we have.  Everyone has a different way and view of staying motivated in life, and listeners want to hear your version, not stick with someone else’s version. Invest a lot of time thinking about the message and how we can deliver it in a way that will inspire, motivate, and captivate listeners. 

2. What Kind of Listener Do You Want? 

Thinking that what we have to say will have a positive effect on everyone’s life, it’s a very good enthusiasm. However, the reality is that not everything is suitable for everyone to hear. Why? Simple, maybe the points we will convey are irrelevant to their lives.  For example, when we become a speaker who excels in Motivator Jogja conveying tips for successful negotiations with clients, this may be very suitable for business people who want to expand their business network. However, is this the ideal material for high school graduates who are confused about choosing a university? Certainly not. Messages that are too general usually won’t leave a huge impact on anyone. So, we need to identify which types of groups we really want to reach, so that we can create content that is relevant to them.

3. Test Content Before Delivering It

In modern times like today, the presence of the internet really helps us in measuring market demand and public interest in the motivational words we spread.   Not a few writers who convey the motivation they want to transmit through writings on personal blogs or other platforms. People feel so attracted to the content provided, that readers “ask for more”. They want to hear other motivational words live, which increases the passion and enthusiasm of each individual in facing this enigmatic life.  Use social media to share quotes or ideas with followers. When our writing catches their attention, that’s when we know that the content is really what other people want. Not only that, they will also tell us what they want to learn more if we listen to their requests.  

4. Gain Speaking Skills

Having content is a good starting point, but there’s something else to think about. What’s that? The correct and correct way of delivery. There are many very influential speakers who became famous because of their way of delivery which is very interesting and different from other speakers.  Also pay attention to the body language used spontaneously when conveying content to listeners. For example, shaking your legs while talking is quite disturbing. To gain skills in public speaking , we can take special classes, hire a coach to help us develop better communication habits , or record ourselves giving a speech and watch it again.  

5. Be a Volunteer Speaker

Once Career Advice readers feel very ready with the development of the content concept, the delivery method, and have the confidence to appear and motivate the crowd, try to reach out to local organizations or associations that may need your services and content to deliver to their team. But wait. For starters, you can give this offer for free.  Will you lose? Certainly not. Think of this opportunity as an initial practice that should really be carried out as well as possible, where your name will be increasingly known, and you can also use this as an initial experience to become more skilled at paid opportunities in the future. 

Consider renting an office from a container

In several industrial areas in Indonesia, the use of used containers for offices is increasing and is very likely to become a trend in the future because it has several advantages. Therefore, this opportunity is used by container modification companies together with building offices from containers that can be rented daily, weekly or monthly.

For entrepreneurs who desire to have a unique office from their own used container, but still have certain constraints or considerations, container rental facilities for offices can be a solution. In industrial areas around Jakarta such as Bekasi or Tangerang industrial areas, the use of containers for offices has become commonplace.

Container also rented for office

Consideration of the rental price, which is inexpensive and practical and can be moved, is one of the main reasons why you choose to rent a container office . Imagine if you have a project area that is quite far from settlements, while the project needs to be monitored so that the work can go well together. Making a living bed for the office is not the right choice because there are already container offices that can be rented. In addition, a lot of material is wasted when the project is completed, which means there is an increase in costs.

Generally, Sewa Office Container companies that provide used container rental services for offices have been perfected with electrical and air conditioning installations, so that office comfort can be created. However, sometimes containers are not perfected along with tables and chairs. So tenants need to provide tables and chairs according to their needs.

In general, the size of the office container for rent consists of 2 types, namely the size of 20 feet and 40 feet. The following is the container size in meters:

  • Container 20 feet = length 6m x width 2.4m x height 2.6m
  • 40 feet container = 12m long x 2.5m wide x 2.6m high

There are many reasons why building from used containers is expected to become a trend in the future. Especially considering that the earth’s population is getting more and more, the plots of land are getting less and less.

Sales of containers from time to time are increasing in line with the demand from the community. Actually, why is this interest in making buildings from used containers expected to be more and more popular in the future?

Easy to Move

Used containers for buildings have a compact model and are easy to move either by air or land transportation. So if the building you want is an employee mess or a temporary boarding house, you don’t have to resell your building.

No Need to Manage IMB

The shape is unique and does not require an IMB (Building Permit) because it is a temporary building.

That way, you can save extra energy so you don’t have to take care of it. The rest, you can apply furniture and other interesting items to support the building function of your used containers.

Complete Installation

If you choose a trusted container modification service such as Wahana Graha Container, you can get a used container house with a complete installation package ranging from electricity, gas, and even water pipes. Obviously easier and cheaper.

However, complete is not always complicated. The sizes and building models of used containers are also simple and suitable for functional purposes; starting from the warehouse, office, even home.

Cheaper Price

The price is cheaper than houses of the same size. Used containers that can be used for buildings can range from 50-73 million. Compare this with the expenses you have to spend on conventional buildings made of walls and bricks. Of course, the numbers are very disproportionate.

Faster Work

Ordinary buildings can take 6 months – 1 year, Well, Container Houses Work can only take 1 month to 3 months. This is because the already geometric shape of the container facilitates rapid construction.
But does that mean the house from the used container is not sturdy? Not necessarily. A trusted container modification service will ensure that the building can last up to a dozen, even decades. This is because the corten steel used definitely meets ISO standards.