How to buy fullblood Dorper both online and offline does require carefulness. This is to minimize the occurrence of fraud. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a Dorper sheep and its F1.

For beginners who want to build a goat and sheep business, it is advisable to buy directly through the farm only.

How to Buy Dorper Fullblood Safe

Since 2014, the Indonesian people’s need for goat meat has been increasing. Starting from the feast of sacrifice, aqiqah, to daily consumption needs.

However, this condition has not been matched by the growth of the domestic jual domba dorper sheep population. This is the background for the country’s livestock farms to start cultivating superior varieties of sheep, such as .

Generally, there are some simple criteria that we can use as a benchmark when we want to buy a goat or sheep. The following are the criteria for selecting superior quality stud and rams.

Pay attention to body shape

The selected breed of sheep is the chest and neck and the back and waist lines are proportional and compact in a straight line. Choose sheep that are large but not too fat.

As for how to buy a fullblood stud dorper, choose one with a wide chest, a relatively long body, and a slightly higher back body. Choose the largest among the males in general, but not too fat.


A good Dorper lamb is soft and supple. It has thin and short wool and fur.

Sheep Age

Both broodstock and males should be selected aged 1.5-2 years. Avoid choosing a brood that is too old or too young to reduce the risk when the brood is pregnant and gives birth. Dorper sheep ready to mate are generally sold when they are 8 months old and over.

Check Marriage Tools and Systems

How to buy a good fullblood stud dorper has 2 testes. Both are the same size and supple and can function well.

Make sure the female and male sires also have a large, active, and friendly lust. If both parents have the perfect mating system and tools, the chances of producing quality lambs will be even greater.

Healthy Sheep

Checking the health of sheep can be seen by observing their appetite. In addition, also observe normal or not breathing and activeness of movement. Avoid buying sick sheep even if they are sold at a cheap price.

Normality of his 4 legs

Choose a breeder with straight legs and high heels. The 4 legs of the lamb are able to function as supports so that the sheep can stand well, straight, and firmly. Make sure you also check the rest of the body thoroughly to make sure there are no defects.


A good female parent is able to take care of the cempe well. This can be seen from the friendly eyes.

Teeth Texture

How to buy a fullblood dorper, you should choose a sheep with a complete number of teeth and an even texture, both upper and lower jaws.

Male Doper Price

The selling price of Dorper lambs starts from Rp. 12 million. As for the adult male dorper starting at Rp. 32 million. However, the price of Dorper sheep can reach Rp. 32-33 million rupiah per head.

Cross Dorper Seeds

Considering the high price of fullblood dorper in the country, breeders generally buy F1 (cross dorper) dorper, where the selling price of the sheep is more economical if used as a breeder. Cross dorper seeds are generally obtained from crossbreeding between Dorper and Garut sheep.

The advantage of Garut sheep is that it has good adaptability and is resistant to various types of diseases. Garut sheep itself is the result of crossing three types of sheep, namely Capstaad sheep (South Africa), Merino (Australia), with local sheep.

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