Consider renting an office from a container

In several industrial areas in Indonesia, the use of used containers for offices is increasing and is very likely to become a trend in the future because it has several advantages. Therefore, this opportunity is used by container modification companies together with building offices from containers that can be rented daily, weekly or monthly.

For entrepreneurs who desire to have a unique office from their own used container, but still have certain constraints or considerations, container rental facilities for offices can be a solution. In industrial areas around Jakarta such as Bekasi or Tangerang industrial areas, the use of containers for offices has become commonplace.

Container also rented for office

Consideration of the rental price, which is inexpensive and practical and can be moved, is one of the main reasons why you choose to rent a container office . Imagine if you have a project area that is quite far from settlements, while the project needs to be monitored so that the work can go well together. Making a living bed for the office is not the right choice because there are already container offices that can be rented. In addition, a lot of material is wasted when the project is completed, which means there is an increase in costs.

Generally, Sewa Office Container companies that provide used container rental services for offices have been perfected with electrical and air conditioning installations, so that office comfort can be created. However, sometimes containers are not perfected along with tables and chairs. So tenants need to provide tables and chairs according to their needs.

In general, the size of the office container for rent consists of 2 types, namely the size of 20 feet and 40 feet. The following is the container size in meters:

  • Container 20 feet = length 6m x width 2.4m x height 2.6m
  • 40 feet container = 12m long x 2.5m wide x 2.6m high

There are many reasons why building from used containers is expected to become a trend in the future. Especially considering that the earth’s population is getting more and more, the plots of land are getting less and less.

Sales of containers from time to time are increasing in line with the demand from the community. Actually, why is this interest in making buildings from used containers expected to be more and more popular in the future?

Easy to Move

Used containers for buildings have a compact model and are easy to move either by air or land transportation. So if the building you want is an employee mess or a temporary boarding house, you don’t have to resell your building.

No Need to Manage IMB

The shape is unique and does not require an IMB (Building Permit) because it is a temporary building.

That way, you can save extra energy so you don’t have to take care of it. The rest, you can apply furniture and other interesting items to support the building function of your used containers.

Complete Installation

If you choose a trusted container modification service such as Wahana Graha Container, you can get a used container house with a complete installation package ranging from electricity, gas, and even water pipes. Obviously easier and cheaper.

However, complete is not always complicated. The sizes and building models of used containers are also simple and suitable for functional purposes; starting from the warehouse, office, even home.

Cheaper Price

The price is cheaper than houses of the same size. Used containers that can be used for buildings can range from 50-73 million. Compare this with the expenses you have to spend on conventional buildings made of walls and bricks. Of course, the numbers are very disproportionate.

Faster Work

Ordinary buildings can take 6 months – 1 year, Well, Container Houses Work can only take 1 month to 3 months. This is because the already geometric shape of the container facilitates rapid construction.
But does that mean the house from the used container is not sturdy? Not necessarily. A trusted container modification service will ensure that the building can last up to a dozen, even decades. This is because the corten steel used definitely meets ISO standards.

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