How to Be a Motivating Speaker

There are many ways that we can contribute to those around us. We can help change someone’s negative thought patterns through writings that make many people more motivated, or through positive words that can awaken their passion for life to have a better life than before.  Are there any Career Advice readers who feel that they are fussy, or maybe they like to speak in public (by giving speeches, for example). If “yes”, hey congratulations! Because it’s a power that other people might not have! If readers have these strengths, you only need to think about how to hone these abilities into a benefit for others. One good idea is to become a speaker who can motivate others to be more enthusiastic in facing the black and white of life.  If Career Advice readers are interested in becoming a speaker who can give “light” to others, let’s look at some of the tips below.  

1. Develop a Conversation Idea 

Before conveying knowledge and experiences that are useful for others, the thing we must do is develop ideas.  We will not become successful public speakers by repeating the same old ideas as other speakers. If we use the same method as them, then how will the content we deliver differ from the previous speaker? There is no.  Especially if we only quote the motivational words they have, for example “Mr. Mario Teguh always says that…” “As Uncle Bob Sadino said that…” and that happens over and over again without making the typical quote that we have.  Everyone has a different way and view of staying motivated in life, and listeners want to hear your version, not stick with someone else’s version. Invest a lot of time thinking about the message and how we can deliver it in a way that will inspire, motivate, and captivate listeners. 

2. What Kind of Listener Do You Want? 

Thinking that what we have to say will have a positive effect on everyone’s life, it’s a very good enthusiasm. However, the reality is that not everything is suitable for everyone to hear. Why? Simple, maybe the points we will convey are irrelevant to their lives.  For example, when we become a speaker who excels in Motivator Jogja conveying tips for successful negotiations with clients, this may be very suitable for business people who want to expand their business network. However, is this the ideal material for high school graduates who are confused about choosing a university? Certainly not. Messages that are too general usually won’t leave a huge impact on anyone. So, we need to identify which types of groups we really want to reach, so that we can create content that is relevant to them.

3. Test Content Before Delivering It

In modern times like today, the presence of the internet really helps us in measuring market demand and public interest in the motivational words we spread.   Not a few writers who convey the motivation they want to transmit through writings on personal blogs or other platforms. People feel so attracted to the content provided, that readers “ask for more”. They want to hear other motivational words live, which increases the passion and enthusiasm of each individual in facing this enigmatic life.  Use social media to share quotes or ideas with followers. When our writing catches their attention, that’s when we know that the content is really what other people want. Not only that, they will also tell us what they want to learn more if we listen to their requests.  

4. Gain Speaking Skills

Having content is a good starting point, but there’s something else to think about. What’s that? The correct and correct way of delivery. There are many very influential speakers who became famous because of their way of delivery which is very interesting and different from other speakers.  Also pay attention to the body language used spontaneously when conveying content to listeners. For example, shaking your legs while talking is quite disturbing. To gain skills in public speaking , we can take special classes, hire a coach to help us develop better communication habits , or record ourselves giving a speech and watch it again.  

5. Be a Volunteer Speaker

Once Career Advice readers feel very ready with the development of the content concept, the delivery method, and have the confidence to appear and motivate the crowd, try to reach out to local organizations or associations that may need your services and content to deliver to their team. But wait. For starters, you can give this offer for free.  Will you lose? Certainly not. Think of this opportunity as an initial practice that should really be carried out as well as possible, where your name will be increasingly known, and you can also use this as an initial experience to become more skilled at paid opportunities in the future. 

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