Definition of Prostate Cancer

Well, the prostate disease that most often affects men is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or commonly abbreviated as BPH. Prostate cancer is a type of cancer that commonly affects men and develops in the prostate gland. Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. Finasteride and dutasteride are two types of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. For example, if your father or brother has prostate cancer, you have a greater (up to twofold) risk of developing this cancer. Surgery is generally recommended for patients with BPH whose prostate size is very large or has severe complaints. High-fat foods also basically need to be avoided by cancer patients because cancer cells can be stimulated to grow quickly. Keep your prostate healthy by eating lots of foods rich in vitamins and minerals, exercising regularly, and maintaining an ideal body weight. It has been studied that a group of men with weight problems actually detected prostate cancer. However, the results of this study were continued to be investigated so that the truth could be confirmed.

Maybe for some people, pumpkin is no stranger because it is too often used and is believed to be a powerful traditional medicine. The cause of prostate enlargement in men is mostly due to lifestyle and bad habits that are done every day. However, the cause of the mutation itself is not known for certain. Until now, it is not known exactly what causes prostate cancer. Excessive stress can be a Tratamento Para PrĂ³stata cause of prostate enlargement, because stress can cause a person to urinate frequently. The cause of prostate cancer at a young age is the result of changes in DNA or abnormal cell growth in the prostate gland. Statins are drugs that are under research and have been found to increase the risk of prostate cancer. To detect and determine the stage of prostate cancer, the doctor will perform an ultrasound examination of the prostate, MRI, and prostate biopsy. In general, prostate cancer can be treated with radiation therapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery to remove the prostate gland. The methods of treatment he underwent started from surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and the provision of other supportive drugs. Prostate cancer that is detected early, has a chance for successful treatment.

The prostate has an important role in the male reproductive system. Prostate cancer is a malignancy caused by the growth of abnormal cells in the male prostate gland, a gland in the reproductive system located below the bladder. Pants that are too tight can limit the freedom of blood flow to flow smoothly and trigger the emergence of high humidity around the reproductive organs which causes the temperature to get hotter around it and triggers the growth of fungi and bacteria. However, according to experts, prostate disorders at a young age can be caused by infection with microorganisms or bacteria. According to data, 50 percent of men will experience BPH at the age of 50 years or older. The risk of prostate disease increases to 50 percent by age 70. Obesity that leads to obesity is very susceptible to disturbing prostate health. Of course this will have an impact on the health of other organs and is quite dangerous. But these symptoms could be caused by a urinary tract infection, not prostate cancer symptoms. If there is a wound then gradually the wound will trigger inflammation which causes an enlarged prostate. You can also reduce the risk of prostate cancer by adopting a healthy daily lifestyle and conducting regular laboratory tests.

May we always be healthy! Therefore, you should reduce the consumption of a number of foods that cause prostate cancer. Someone who suffers from blood sugar disease or diabetes or more often called diabetes is at high risk of being the cause of an enlarged prostate. Not only lung infections or other types of heart disease can be caused by this one bad habit. Because it is only owned by men, this disease is of course only experienced by them. But at a basic level, prostate cancer is caused by changes in the DNA of normal prostate cells. The cause of prostate cancer is damage to the genetic material (DNA) of prostate cells. But at a basic level, the cause of prostate cancer is a change in the DNA of normal prostate cells. The first food ingredient that needs to be avoided because it can cause prostate cancer is red meat. Certain types of foods should be avoided especially those that can increase the risk of prostate cancer; These types of foods include: milk and dairy products, saturated fats found in animal products, red meat, and grilled meats. It’s just that it’s still not clear what causes the damage to the genetic material. Not only as a hypertension drug, garlic is efficacious in treating and treating prostate disorders.

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