Understanding Low Code Platform, And How Mendix Provides It For Business

The idea of using digital platforms comes as one of the solutions in modern business operations. It goes as many applications allow better integration and usage, which is mostly based on the features and capabilities. With that in mind, come aboard Mendix Low Code Platform. Mendix by itself is already known for its capability. But how about low code? What makes it different?

What Is Low Code?

Mendix in general is a platform that is meant to help accelerate the enterprise app delivery process through the long and winding development Life Cycle. In other words, it is a platform that helps the business to make true their desired app. One thing that makes them unique is the easier to do and uses process, comprising processes from ideation to launching and management.

But the low code system makes the Mendix even more powerful. It is a system that highlights extensibility and integration with various tools to support cross-function and team collaboration. It is available as Mendix Studio pro with a license version, which allows a complex development with full-stack application logic, more integration, and some custom coding.

While indeed the system is deemed more complex than the no code, Mendix Low Code Platform still provides a lot of help in the creation process. It can cover a range of key capabilities, including IDE, visual and model-driven development environment, cloud native scaling, and easy-to-deploy function. It can turn into a powerful and beneficial project for a growing business.

How It Is Used In Business?

Depending on the purpose, Mendix mainly generates the main function in accelerating the creation process. It can take an example of developing or designing a prototype of a business-driven app for the company. Mendix allows the designer to work completely without coding, yet still has the chance to enhance the prototype with more complex logic of the low code. 

How If The Designer Does Not Understand Coding?

One thing that makes Mendix Low Code Platform used by many businesses is its easy-to-use and developed function. It comes up as the app helps creators develop a new business-driven idea from scratch easily. The creator does not have to be a developer, since the app allows the creation simply by dragging and dropping the mapping or modeling function.

However, worse comes to worst, the business can always work with professionals to optimize the use of Mendix low code. Take the example of Soltius Indonesia. The company is a known and certified partner of Mendix and Siemens. The company can provide help, services, and training in using Mendix, which is a great deal for the company’s future development. For complete product information, visit: www.soltius.co.id

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