POCO F4 gT Long-term Review: this Gaming Phone is still a Terrific Value

That’s true of the F4 GT as well, with the device featuring a design that isn’t enticing in the least. Sure, not all gaming phones need to have RGB lighting or an aggressive styling, but the design at the back of the F4 GT feels unfinished. Then there’s the flash module stylized like a lightning bolt that doesn’t blend in with the rest of the design choices, and the nonsensical text written around the camera module. This isn’t a design that will get anyone excited, and the best thing to do is put a case on it. That said, the F4 GT doesn’t feel unwieldy in the hand, and while it has flat sides, they have a subtle curve where the back blends into the mid-frame, and that makes a noticeable difference in usability. It is also durable, with the device coming away without any issues after taking a few tumbles. Like last year, the right side is particularly heavy, with POCO retaining the magnetic gaming triggers.

https://nambanation.com Purchasing a phone in the Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 segment can be confusing in the Indian market. There’s definitely increased competition. It doesn’t help that many phones appear to have broadly similar specifications. There are, of course, some differences. Sometimes it is the camera setup or the charging speed. The latest addition to this segment is the Poco F4 5G, which frankly, did seem underwhelming to me at first glance. There’s no one ‘wow’ factor that makes you think the Poco F4 is standing out in the sea of sameness. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Poco F4 5G: What’s good? The Poco F4 5G has an impressive design, though it is on the taller side given the 6.67-inch display. It is not a very bulky device, though sometimes I found one-hand usage a bit tough. The green colour is muted with a matte finish, and the Poco branding is minimal.

POCO is back with another gaming smartphone, the POCO F4 5G has a powerful Snapdragon 870 processor and it’s the first POCO smartphone to feature OIS. It’s available in Moonlight Silver, Night Black, and Nebula Green color options and it will go for sale on 27th June 2022 via Flipkart at noon. Now, let’s find out whether you should spend Rs 27999 because we have seen tons of bugs in recently launched POCO Phones. Amazon and Flipkart Republic Day Sale 2023 is live, so if you wanted to buy something then this is the best chance otherwise, you will have to wait till the 2023 Diwali sale. VerdictReasons to Buy POCO F4 5G? Reasons to Not Buy POCO F4 5G? AMOLED display, two years of warranty, stereo speakers, solid build quality, and its available at Rs 27999 which is a good price for what POCO is offering. Now, there is no doubt that POCO F4 5G is a value-for-money device but you also need to keep in mind that, POCO X3 Pro 5G had a motherboard issue and when the customer went to the service center, they didn’t do anything about it.

The Poco F4 5G offers a good balance of specifications for its retail price as we’ve already seen in our first impressions. However, this smartphone faces stiff competition from brands such as OnePlus, iQoo, and even its close cousin Xiaomi. It’s time to find out whether the F4 5G is worth buying or whether you’d be better off with something from one of these other manufacturers at this price. The official retail price of the Poco F4 5G starts at Rs. 27,999 for the variant with 6GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. For Rs. 29,999, you get 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Finally, for Rs. 33,999 you get 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, and this is the configuration I’ve been testing. Keep in mind that with promotional offers and online sales, you can get each of these variants for a lot less. The F4 5G is available in Nebula Green and Night Black colours.

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