The Power of Volunteers: Cleaning up in Singapore

“Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much”- Even today, Helen Keller’s words still ring true, even when it comes to caring for our community and the environment. Clean4Change initiative launched by the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (Alliance), of which ExxonMobil is a member. The campaign is a global movement started by the Alliance that seeks to reduce plastic waste in the environment using the power of connected communities and collective action. Due to the pandemic, ExxonMobil employees took part in the clean-up activity in groups of two or five, to adhere to the COVID19 guidelines. Over the course of the multi-week campaign, many staff volunteers also involved their families, turning the activity into a bonding experience. Clean4Change campaign. “It’s been a positive experience so far, and allows me to encourage my child to take care of the environment. In our adventures, we talk about the impacts of littering, where waste streams could flow into, and even potential recycling opportunities,” explained Rui Hoong, who gathered more than 400 pieces of litter.

Wikipedia defines translation as a comprehension of published text that is transferred into other language. Translation involves the preservation of the original meaning of the text and allows no room for any connotation apart from it, irrespective of the words that the original text will be translated into. Master translation services are in needed in many aspects of business, government, religion, science and media where written materials are distributed globally. Businesses that have overseas offices all over the world need translation to keep business units and employees arrayed under the same goals. Products that are ushered in worldwide come in versatile translated editions, in their packaging, in the customer support, and others. The scientific community relies on translation for the transport in different languages of scientific advancements and breakthroughs, for example, in the field of biotechnology and medicine. These advancements can positively affect the rest of the world. Not all scientists speak the English language, but their contributions need to be shared to mankind.

community work singapore Food technologist Samantha Liew volunteers for Back Alley Barbers to serve migrant workers while award-winning photographer Edwin Koo runs a community project taking portraits of the elderly. Food technologist Samantha Liew volunteers for Back Alley Barbers to serve migrant workers while award-winning photographer Edwin Koo runs a community project taking portraits of the elderly. In a city where many are workaholics, Singapore is often touted as boring with ‘no life’. Singapore After Work dispels the notion by featuring the lesser-known stories of ordinary salary folks and how they pursue unique passions outside office hours. Among the myriad of anecdotes: a software developer hunts down tiny creepy crawlies after dark. A graphic designer takes makes time beyond work to clean and groom terminally ill patients. A marketing consultant tries to keep the food heritage of indigenous people alive, and an oncology nurse makes dreams come true for children with critical illnesses.

Several South Indians use caste names as surnames in the Western mode. Common examples of such names in Singapore include Iyer and Pillay/mudaliyar (Tamil), Nair and Menon (Malayalee). While Telugu people use caste as the middle name Reddy/Naidu and family name as surname. Some Tamil Christian families have retained Indian names (as given names or ‘family’ names), generally alongside or in place of Western or Christian names, e.g. Vivian Balakrishnan. Some West and East Indian groups, such as the Gujaratis, Marathis and Bengalis, use family surnames, although the Gujaratis may choose whether to merge their father’s name with the surname. Sikh men invariably adopt ‘Singh’ as their surname, while Sikh women adopt ‘Kaur’, as is their traditional practice. However, some Sikhs have also re-introduced supplementary family or clan names, thus instead of simply ‘Charanjit Singh’, an individual might adopt the name ‘Charanjit Singh Siddhu’ for himself or his son. Many of the clubs and associations established by and for Indians in Singapore are defined along narrower linguistic, religious or other sub-ethnic lines.

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