8 Ways to Write Interesting and Quality Content

Writing quality and engaging content jasa backlink terpercaya is an option. You can choose to allocate the time needed to work to create creative content and build a brand well. Or you can choose to take the easy path and write makeshift content, a choice that ends up costing you because it will only waste time and energy.

The choice for content marketers is clear. To improve SEO rankings, get traffic and leads, you’re creating engaging and qualified content for your blog or website.

When you write original content, search engines will help your site get more exposure. Google doesn’t like it and will penalize sites with duplicate content. On the other hand, Google jasa backlink wants to reward high-quality sites that contain original content.

So engaging content not only makes the website better, but also increases the ranking of the site, which can have a very positive impact on your business.

Before discussing how to create interesting content, you need to know the characteristics of quality articles. When your content meets all of these standards it means you’re making a good start.

  • Quality Content Is Easy to Find (Findable)

The content you write will be useless if no one reads it. Therefore, your content should be easy to find in at least two ways:

    • From within your site. When someone is already on your site, they should be able to find your latest and best content.
    • From outside your site. This means through search engines. People who don’t know you or your website should be able to find content through Google search.

The best way to be found by search engines is to tailor content to relevant keywords. Then optimize the content for those keywords.

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  • Quality Content Can Be Shared (Shareable)

There are two things that make content shareable:

    • People want to share it. When people find really good content, they want to spread it, at least include it on Facebook’s timeline.
    • Content is easy to share. Make it easy for people to share your content.

Here are some basic things about shareable content:

    • Start with a really good one. Do you want to share it? When you’re embarrassed to tell a friend what you’ve just posited, this means your content isn’t good enough.
    • Allocate time to “framing.” This means headlines, images, and sections that appear on Facebook. The more people who see your headline and feel interested, the more likely they will click and read. This maximizes their potential to share it on their network.
    • Use an easy sharing tool. Use what you need to encourage readers to share your contan.
  • Quality Content Is Easy to Read (Readable)

Readability is very important for text. Good design and good writing are related in it. From a design perspective, legible content means it’s not heavy on the eyes, so pay attention to the following factors:

    • Writing size
    • Text color and background. For example, red on a black background is not a good idea.
    • Column area. Too broad will make the reader lost when moving back to the left margin.
    • Leading (vertical distance between lines is not too close).
  • Good Content Is Always Remembered (Memorable)

Good content not only entertains you for 2 minutes and then disappears jasa backlink terbaik from mind, but keeps you from visiting it again, and recommending it to a friend or colleague. You can make content more memorable by making sure to answer the question, “So what?” or by creating content that doesn’t just mimic what others have already said.

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Whatever your reason for having a website, whether for business or personal hobby, it is very important to run it properly. Now, we will present some tips for developing quality content.

First we need to look at what makes a quality content. Here’s how to create content that’s interesting to you:

  • Create Original Content

As mentioned above, original content is in line with Google and your site visitors. Plagiarizing other people’s content will lead to penalties from Google that could get you back to square one. Learn more about writing content to boost a site’s ranking.

Original also means originality. Your idea should be original. Using the same concept or post again and again means it’s not original. If your content is published, no one will link to it, and this means it violates the purpose of writing content from the beginning.

  • Focus on Creating Strong Headlines

Good headlines generate interest and invite readers. Consider the following statistics:

    • 80 percent of people will read your headline
    • But only 20 percent of those people will read your entire content.

This is what makes your headline as important as the article itself.

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  • Can Give an Answer

What is the ultimate goal of search engines? Your answer is correct when you say “To provide a number of answers.” Google is good at this. Type a question in Google and you’ll be presented with links, images, and videos.

When people use search engines, all they want is answers, and it becomes the job of search engines to provide answers. Similarly, when people read a blog post, see an infographic, or watch a video, they want answers to gain knowledge.

One important tip for you, people not only want answers, but they want answers quickly. So make your content easy to read so people can catch the important parts quickly.

Try reading the title or subtitles of a non-fiction book or article. Readers will be made to wonder or feel curious. It is the author’s job to provide answers and present supportive information.

  • Accurate in Reporting and Retrieving Information

You write an article for a company blog, hundreds of people read it but it turns out what you wrote is inaccurate. Can you imagine the negative impact it has on your company and personal reputation. Remember, your blog is a reflection of your company. When there is a problem with a blog, it will have an impact on how people see your product.

Every statistic you display must be verified. Many blog posts will link to statistics and their sources.

Accuracy builds reader trust. Here are some tips related to this:

    • Consider who you’re linking to. What is a trusted and authority source? Linking to a quality website will build more trust from your readers.
    • Link to more content. The more you support what you write, the more reliable your content will become.
    • Create links to other sources and content to help search engines know the content of your content, and how this content should be categorized.
  • Create Engaging Content

Engaging content offers something new, a new perspective, knowledge, something useful, inspiring, or entertaining. Engaging content gives readers something they’ve never seen before. Read our article on the secrets keywords can rank in Google.

8 Points to Consider when Writing Content for SEO

The essence of writing content to optimize SEO for your website, is how to add value offered to the target audience jasa backlink terbaik and provide useful information to solve certain problems that are being faced by them. Therefore, creating content to boost SEO is a challenging task.

First of all, you need to understand the audience’s intentions, know very well which jasa backlink terpercaya keywords you want to raise, and always be aware of how Google’s algorithm works.

Given the many aspects contained in SEO improving tips, this article will only focus on the content writing process and the technical aspects of SEO only. Keyword Research Should Follow Best Practices

Always remember, that when writing content, you have to maximize keywords for the target audience. Otherwise, your content won’t reach the targeted person. Keywords that should be lifted are phrases that your audience is actively looking for.

To determine the right keywords, you need to understand:

  • Target audience — who are they?
  • What problems do you want to solve through the content created?
  • What kind of information does the audience need?
  • What keywords and phrases do they often use in search engines?

Take advantage of the various tools available out there, both free and paid, to do keyword research. Some of the most popular, there are Ubersuggest, Google Keyword planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, and KWFinder.

When determining keywords for the topic you want to raise, it’s a good thing to consider the following data:

  • Search volume — the number that indicates the frequency with which the keyword is searched
  • SEO difficulty — competitor estimates among organic search
  • Paid difficulty — competitor estimate among paid search
  • Cost per click — the average cost per click for a single ad on Google.

One useful tip that must be remembered, is to always check related keyword sections and questions. This will give you more topics, ideas, and insights into what words you can use as next-died content. Also optimize writing content for Search Robots

Try to write content in the senateural style possible, that is, use a language that is familiar to the audience. However, it is also necessary to consider content adjustments to target search engine robots.

Virtual robots also called crawlers or spiders are basically machines that continuously scan all the space in the virtual world for content. In order for your content to rank on Google, you’ll need to make sure these robots are able to index your pages. When Google bots “store” your content in their database, it means that your content has made it into the index.

To get your content in the search engineindex, try the following ways:

  • Add primary keywords in the form of tags and meta descriptions
  • Use key keywords in the as early sections as possible in your content
  • Use other keywords that still have a correlation with the main keyword

Another factor that is also no less important, is that if you can insert a target keyword at the beginning of the content, it will add weight to your content. But remember, if this is not possible or not in line with the large framework of content, it should not be forced to do so. Because back again, writing senateural content is probably the main key. Prioritize creating long-format content

The ideal blog post length is approximately 1,500 to 2,000 words. It’s only legal if you want to experiment with the format or length of the writing, and see which one elicits a more positive response from the reader. In addition to more freely in pouring what is to be delivered, some of the advantages of large volume content include:

  • Provides SEO value for the longer term
  • Can update the content at any time by adding new information, which, by the way, has an impact on the increase in traffic
  • Potentially high-quality magnet backlinks. If your content is good and considered relevant, many bloggers will display your content links on their blogs. This will certainly add more value to the target audience.
  • Long content tends to attract more organic traffic.
  • If your content has a complete and comprehensive discussion, readers will not hesitate to share it through their personal social media channels.

4. Diversivikasi content format to maintain reader interest

It is true, maintaining the specificity of content must be maintained in order to get a higher ranking in search engines. But, the variety of content must also be considered so that readers do not get bored.

Although the content is equally informative, try to review who your target audience is, and try fresher content formats. Maybe there are people who prefer videos, some are easier to digest through reading, or even some like to be practical just by scanning infographics.

Here are some content writing ideas for you to try to be more engaged with your audience:

  • Tutorial
  • Freebiew: checklist, eBook
  • Listicle
  • Interactive content
  • Case study
  • Interview with experts
  • Survey or poll
  • Presentation

The combination of easy content format options binds the audience in a good way of writing is a complete combination to improve SEO and ranking. Pay attention to the structure of the text and focus on the reader’s comfort

Most people tend to skimming when reading articles on the internet. They won’t read the entire article until the end unless they really need the information that’s in it. Often, they will look for certain parts that contain specific information that they want to know.

Therefore, your job as a creator is to make it easier for readers to find ideas that will be sought after.

  • Break ideas into single ideas that are each organized in separate paragraphs
  • Use bullet points and lists
  • Pour ideas and convey information in a language and way of writing that is clear and easy to understand.
  • Arrange well your writing, so that it has a good-to-read groove

For English-language content, use useful tools like Grammarly and Hemingwat to help you create writing that is clear, structured, and has good writing rules. Include supporting visualizations

Starting from images, infographics, to short videos, when used accurately, this variety of visual forms can make the packaging of your content more attractive, even increase the level of engagement. Utilizing visual media is a way to illustrate and affirm the ideas contained in your content. This supporting visualization adds valuable value to your content, because the possibility to be shared on social media by readers is greater, than if your content is just written text.

For starters, try to use the imagefirst. As the most common form of visual media used, the effectiveness of images has been widely proven to help the performance of your content. Images that are optimized correctly, can make your content get a high ranking in search engines. Then, what do you need to know to make your images give maximum effect?

  • Compress the picture first. This will make your website more accessible, a factor that determines whether a content will get a high ranking or not. One simple way to press the jasa backlink file size of your image, is to use TinyPNG.
  • Name an image with descriptive text. This will make it easier for Google to read and identify the images you’re using.

7. Use internal linking

Internal linking is the most essential practice in efforts to improve SEO. Basically, what is meant by internal linking is linking(link)one page in your website to another page.

10 Ways to Write SEO Articles to Rank on Google!

When writing articles, everyone wants jasa backlink terpercaya their articles to appear on the first page of Google. You too. yes, right?

However, you jasa backlink terbaik yourself find it very difficult. It’s almost impossible even. Moreover, every day there are 4.4 million new blog posts published.

Then what should it be? Is it, just give up?

Eits, don’t dong! You can apply SEO tricks to your articles. This trick makes your article have a chance to rank high in Google search results.

Relax, in this article you will get 10 ways to write SEO friendly articles. Curious? Let’s see more!

Here are various SEO article writing techniques that you can practice easily. Let’s check one by one: 1. Know the Characteristics of Prospective Readers

The first thing you need to do is know the characteristics of prospective readers.

By understanding their characteristics, you can understand what they want.

For example, for example, after research, you find the fact that the majority of the characteristics of your prospective readers are students, aged 19-25, and interested in culinary tourism.

Armed with this information, you can create content that is casual and raise topics related to culinary tourism recommendations.

The more relevant your content is to the characteristics of the reader, the more likely your article is to appear on Google’s search page.

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Want to know what keywords are often typed by prospective visitors to your article? Easy, keyword research.

The trick, you just write the topic of your content in a tool like Keyword Tool or Ubersuggest. Then, you will find any keywords that are often written for the topic.

Here is an example of an analysis of the topic of “culinary tourism” in Ubersuggest:

Based on the results, you know that “surabaya culinary tourism” and “unfortunate culinary tourism” have a fairly high search volume. So, you can create content whose topic is related to the keyword.

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Titles are the first thing people see in Google search results.

Whether or not people click and read your article starts from the title.

It’s also a shame that your article goes to the first page of Google. Uh, but nobody’s looking.

So, that’s why you have to make an interesting title.

Emm… Let’s try to practice it.

For example, you are faced with two articles with the following title:

  • “How to Eradicate Mosquitoes at Home”
  • “Basmi Mosquitoes at Home with 3 Easy Steps”
  • Yes, obviously the second article looks more interesting to click on.

    Well, the easiest way to create an interesting title is to mention the benefits of the article. It can also be by writing down what concerns the reader. For example, like this: 4. Add Subheading

    Trust me, not all readers will read your article until it’s finished.

    Eits, don’t get hurt just yet. Instead, you have to create a strategy so that your article can still be understood even if the reader only reads your article at a glance.

    The easiest way is to use subheading. Because, the subheading function is more or less the same as the chapter function in the book.

    So, readers can know the points you want to convey in your content. The easier the content is, the more likely the reader is to listen until it’s finished.

    Well, the longer visitors stay on your website, the more likely your website is to rank high on Google. Write a shorter paragraph

    Want to know other ways to make your content more interesting? You just make the paragraph shorter.

    Logically, readers will more easily focus on writing that has fewer sentences.

    What about paragraphs up to 4 or 5 lines long?

    The reader may be confused by the core points presented in his paragraph. Because there’s too much to understand.

    How many words should you put in a paragraph?

    To make your content easier to understand and more SEO friendly, try to make each paragraph of content no more than 150 words. Use an Easy-to-Read Writing Format

    Although the content of your content is good, but visitors will still run away if the content is difficult to read.

    Therefore, you must make sure that the format of the writing you use is easy to read. Examples of formats that you should pay attention to are the type and size of fonts. Here are the recommendations:

    • Font type – Verdana, Arial, or Comic Sans.
    • Font size – 14 to 22px

    By using the right writing format, readers will more easily understand your content.

    And, this will certainly affect Google’s consideration to include your website to rank higher. Use LSI keywords

    Have you ever wondered, why can Google tell the difference between poor (pity) and Malang (city)?

    Yes, they both have different contexts. But is the writing the same?

    Well, in this case, Google relies on LSI or Latent Semantic Index. It’s a feature that can detect words related to its main topic.

    For example, for content whose topic is about misfortune, it will be connected to content that contains words such as “fate”, “story”, “feeling”, and the like.

    Alternatively, the topic of malang city will be connected with content that contains words such as “East Java”, “region”, “city”, and the like.

    In essence, make sure you use words that are connected to your main topic. So, your content will look more relevant to the main topic.

    To find out LSI from various topics, you can use tools such as LSIGraph. Use Internal and External Links

    When creating content, make sure you include two types of links, namely internal links and external links.

    What’s the difference between the two?

    • Internal Links – Links coming from your website. It’s a good way for Google to understand the structure of your website.
    • External Links – Links that come from outside your website. If you put up a link from a credible website, your website will also lift its reputation.

    That’s why you need to install both types of links. But remember, make sure you don’t over-post links.

    Because, the number of links that are too many will make readers so not focused on the content. In addition, your content will also look messy. So, use the link as necessary.10. Optimizing Images

    As a content sweetener, you can put interesting images in your content.

    But, you also need to make sure that the images installed have been optimized first. More or less here’s what you need to do:

    • Make sure the name of the picture is relevant to the topic you are taking.
    • Insert alt text into the image. And put up descriptions that are relevant to the topic as well.
    • Make sure the image file size is small. Ideally, the size of the image you install should be under 150 KB.

    Well to shrink the size of the image, you can use a tool like TinyPNG or PicResize.Ready to Create an SEO-Friendly Article?

    Safe! Now you already know all the important steps you need to do to create an SEO-friendly article.

    Start by knowing the characteristics of your prospective readers first, then continue with keyword research.

    After that, you can optimize your article by giving an interesting jasa backlink title, using a good-to-read writing format, to optimize the image.

    Do you want to learn more about SEO? Bitlabs provides google website creation + optimization materials to help you create a website that is ready to rank high on Google!

    Want? Let’s sign up at Bitlabs right now!

    Content Writing Trends 2021: 5 Ways to Optimize Your SEO Content

    After a very long pandemic in 2020, businesses realize that it is important to earn a stable income. Moreover, to get profits is very djasa backlink terbaik ifficult, especially for small businesses. For online businesses, 2021 is the year in which to start thinking about how to improve the quality of their SEO content writing so that their online business starts to grow, and make a profit again. Content Writing Trends 2021: 5 Ways to Optimize Your SEO Content

    Many things must be done by business people ranging from strategy improvement, to the recovery of their business. But behind all this, improving the content on the website page will be one of the trends, and a new strategy that will be done by many online businesses in 2021.

    Many small businesses have a tendency to choose more than 1 representative to be their business representative. This is considered to improve the name of the company, or the brand. So that the more representatives are selected, the more known the name of a brand is also known.

    However, that’s not entirely true. You only need to appoint 1 representative to make your small business famous. Many large companies use this strategy, and it is very successful to make their brand famous. For example, Elon Musk is known as the CEO of SpaceX, and Tesla. Tesla only appointed Musk alone to be its representative, and it is evident that every time we hear the name Elon Musk most of us will definitely think about the electric car company, Tesla.

    Small businesses need to be more selective in grouping different types of tasks, and the people who will be working on them by 2021. Hiring a lot of people, or even experts, won’t be effective if a small business doesn’t know the main elements, and doesn’t hire those experts in their specific field.

    The best and most effective solution for introducing a brand is to use people who have high authority in their company to become the sole representative of their company. In this case the owner, or CEO is the person most worthy of choice, especially if they jasa backlink can write content about their own product promotion.5 How to Optimize Your Content

    There are several ways to optimize content writing on your site pages in 2021, namely: Optimization of Keywords

    You must know the content needed by the market, and the readers of your site’s pages. Then, then you will find out what type of keywords you will write for a content. After that, for about 6 weeks you should see the development of the keywords you use earlier. If in the writing you get a low ranking, it could be that you misplace the position of the keyword. In fact, simply changing the title of your writing to a simpler language can help improve the content. Optimization in the Title

    By writing an interesting title but sticking to a short word selection, you can get people interested in reading your content. Writing a title will not only improve your content’s SEO rankings, but it should also be able to connect with readers who want to read your content.

    It would be better if you could add a number to your title. The addition of numbers is claimed to increase the number of clicks by as much as 36%. Plus, by using parentheses, or citations in titles, you can increase the number of clicks by as much as 38%.

    Headers or commonly known as subtitles are commonly used by content writers to provide structure to their writing. Most people when they want to read a piece of content, will definitely see the jasa backlink terpercaya header first before starting to read the entire content. Therefore, it is important for you to write headers in short sentences, and written honestly so that readers can get important information that you want to convey. Optimization of Content Content

    The author is required to write a paragraph briefly, and still contain a lot of information. You can give a target to write a content for example, only 500 words for the content of a product. Another thing with a blog, you can write at least with 1200 words. This will make it easier for readers who read through a small screen can freely read, and get important information from your writing. Optimization on Links, and Images

    Providing links to a piece of writing can improve content SEO. The images you provide should also have unique titles to grab the reader’s attention, and increase traffic for your site.

    Citrahost can help to optimize, and provide services for your business website, visit us here.

    Learning SEO: A Complete Guide & Easy for Beginners

    If Qwords friends are looking for the most complete and easiest SEO learning guide, you’re in the right place!

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is indeed one of the important techniques that webmasters must learn. The main goal is to get a high ranking on search engine pages.

    Surely Qwords friends know that the higher your jasa backlink terpercaya website’s ranking on the search page, the more traffic and leads will be obtained?

    At first glance, SEO material may sound complicated because there are many technical terms that are certainly quite foreign to beginners. But take it easy!

    In this seo learning tutorial for beginners, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started with SEO optimization on your website and business.

    Starting from the basic concept of SEO to practical and easy tips to get top rankings on the first page of Google.

    Let’s just get started! Latest SEO Learning Tutorials

    Given Google’s frequently changing algorithms, SEO optimization strategies must always follow existing trends.

    However, don’t panic! There are several main components of SEO optimization that remain relevant to use to this day.

    To make it easier for you to learn SEO, in this article we will discuss all the components of SEO in detail in several parts, namely:

  • Basic Concepts of SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Create Quality Content
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Improving eat websites
  • Well now we just see all the explanations yuk friend Qwords! 1. Basic Concepts of SEO

    Before understanding seo learning materials more deeply, Qwords friends must certainly understand the basic concepts of search engine optimization itself.

    In short, SEO is the effort and optimization steps of a website or content to get top rankings on Google search pages (search engine result pages).

    The main difference between SEO and paid advertising is that SEO involves organic traffic. This means you don’t have to pay to be on the first page of a search engine.

    Well this means that websites that get top rankings on the first page of Google will get quality organic traffic for free.

    Given that almost 70% of internet searches start with Google, it is certain that SEO optimization will be very profitable for your business and website.

    The way SEO itself works is actually quite simple. Google and other search engines have certain algorithms to determine content that deserves a high rank.

    Later, search engine bots or often also called crawlers will search the internet to find content and websites that meet the algorithm.

    Unfortunately, until now Google has never publicly announced what factors are involved in the process of a website.

    But don’t panic! Many SEO communities find some of the key indicators that a website must implement for SEO optimization.

    Factors such as website speed, content quality, SSL usage, keywords used, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and many others.

    Fortunately, in this article we will discuss all these indicators in full and briefly so that you can learn SEO more easily.

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    Keyword research is one of the leading indicators in SEO. The main purpose of a search engine is to display all relevant searches requested by the user.

    To be able to get into the relevant search results, your content and website must have a niche and also the right keywords in accordance with the target audience.

    In addition, you are not only required to search all keywords related to business. You also need to understand the search intent and also its competitiveness.

    Here are some of the most important elements to consider when learning SEO and doing keyword research:

    • Search Volume

    Search volume or search volume in keyword research shows that several keywords are searched on Google within a predetermined period of time.

    If a keyword displays a search volume with 10,000 on your tool, it means that it was searched 10,000 times in the past month.

    The higher the search volume that a keyword has, the higher the traffic you will get if the website is on the first page of search.

    • Keyword Difficulty

    As the name suggests keyword difficulty or the difficulty level of keywords shows the level of difficulty that a keyword has.

    The higher the keyword difficulty (KD) owned by a keyword, the more difficult it is for your website and content to rank on the first page of the SERPs.

    Generally, popular keyword research tools such as Ahrefs use the number 0-100 scale to indicate the difficulty level of a keyword.

    In addition, jasa backlink usually keyword research tools will also show how many backlinks you need so that the website and content can rank well.

    Of course, the higher the KD a keyword has, the more backlinks needed to be on the first page of a search.

    • Keyword Suggestions

    After deciding on the right keywords that fit your business and content, don’t forget to look for other keywords related to Qwords friends!

    As the name implies, keyword suggestions are a collection of keywords that are relevant to the main keyword. These additional keywords are often also called long tail keywords.

    In essence, long tail keywords are longer keywords and related to the main keywords. Long tail keywords also usually have a more detailed search intent.

    If the main keyword is “learn SEO”, the long tail keywords that will appear will usually provide more complete information such as “learn SEO for beginners, SEO learning guide, learn WordPress SEO” and so on.

    You can use keyword tips to help your content and website get higher rankings on search pages.

    • Tools for Keyword Research

    The good news, there are currently many tools that you can use to do keyword research, some of which are:

      • Google trends — free.
      • Google related search — free.
      • KWFinder — freemium.
      • Keywordstool.io – free.
      • SEM rush — freemium.
      • Keyword surfer — free.

    3. Quality SEO Content

    After choosing the right keywords, the next step in seo learning is to create quality website content.

    If you want your website and content to rank first on Google pages, you need to know how to create quality content.

    Why should that be? In essence, Google does prefer relevant and quality content in a keyword.

    When someone searches for a keyword on Google, the crawler engine will look for content that is considered to meet the search intent of the search.

    Google will always strive to give its users the best experience by directing them to the best content it can find.

    Therefore, knowing how to create quality SEO content is one of the most important steps in learning SEO.

    There are many factors to consider when creating quality content, here are some of them:

    • Quality of content

    There are times when a content only needs a lot of keywords to be able to get the top ranking on Google.

    But because Google’s algorithm is constantly updated all the time, this technique called keyword stuffing can no longer be done.

    Currently websites that get the top ranking on Google generally have quality content and relevant to search.

    Producing quality content is not easy. Fortunately, nowadays you don’t have to think about the content and structure of the content from the beginning.

    You only need to read the content that has been ranked in selected keywords. Then add more value and make your content more interesting.

    Title interesting content and add images or videos to attract readers and visitors.

    • Search intent

    How to Improve Website SEO Easily Without Complicated

    One of jasa backlink terpercaya the wishes of the owner or manager of the website is certainly the content presented wants to get a lot of readers and a lot of search in search engines. But, until now your website is actually declining its readership? And maybe when internet visitors do a search for the topic they need, your website never appears in the top searches?

    If it does experience something like that it is possible that your WEBSITE SEO is still not optimal, but the article written has been optimized from the start of the title, meta title, meta description etc. Let’s find out the problem together.

    In the world of SEO besides you have to optimize from the side of the article, which you need to pay attention to not only the article. You need to pay attention to the SEO settings on your website, SEO settings can be done with the help of plugins if you use the WordPress CMS platform.

    WordPress does provide technical assistance with the plugins they provide, one of which is plugins in terms of SEO. Check out this article how to install a WordPress plugin if you don’t know how to install it yet.

    One of the SEO plugins that you can use is Rank Math. In this article will be discussed thoroughly on how to improve website SEO with Rank Math. Check it out below! What is SEO Website?

    Before we discuss about how to improve website SEO with Rank Math, it’s good that we know in advance what SEO is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SEO is a way of optimizing a website. SEO is a long-term strategy to rank at the top of search engines (Source: Pixabay)

    The goal of SEO is to increase the ranking and organic traffic of websites in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. By getting the top spot in the search engine, the website will get good organic traffic.

    As we all know that nowadays competition occurs quite fiercely in the achievement of the top peak of search engines. Moreover, not only you who apply a variety of SEO strategies for their websites.

    One that you need to pay attention to in terms of SEO is technical SEO, good quality technical SEO will help your website to be on top of search engines so that it can give preferences and recommendations to your website when internet users search for topics relevant to your website. Why is website SEO so important?

    There are many reasons why website SEO is so important for the progress of the website you manage, below are 3 big reasons why website SEO is so important: SEO can increase website brand awareness.

    When your website can get the top position in search engines, of course this will be an advantage for the website. When your website is at the top of search engines, surely your website will be the first click by internet users.

    So that internet users will more often enter your website and internet users will also become aware about the website and brand you offer there. For example, if you sell a product, automatically you have to create content related to the product.

    In the content you can later insert an invitation to buy your product, the content can be in the form of product reviews, tips and jasa backlink tricks and so forth. Well, when you implement good and correct website SEO. Then the chances of your content being in the top position of the website become greater and internet users will open the content and buy your product.

    Cool isn’t it? Check out the article how to build brand awareness on this website for more information. SEO is one part of an effective strategy today.

    Until now SEO is still considered as an effective way to increase the traffic of a website. But with a note you have jasa backlink terbaik applied SEO techniques well and correctly, especially in terms of user experience.

    As long as the digital world and websites still exist, SEO will still be very effective and likely won’t end anytime soon. Why? Because search engines are always doing development and internet visitors today are still dependent on these search engines.

    Therefore, if you are the manager and owner of the website, then SEO will certainly always be needed to optimize the performance of the website. SEO Can Bring In New Customers

    When you have a website and the website has been optimized to the maximum, then the chances of your website being widely accessed by internet users are very large. Usually the customers will search first about the product through the internet.

    These customers will do a comparison of products reviewed on the internet, after the references they get are sufficient. Then they will make a purchase of the item.

    Well this is the importance of SEO, if your website is in the top position of search engines, then the chances of these customers buying products through your website can be greater. How do you know why website SEO is so important?

    Let’s now find out how to improve website SEO with rank math plugin, see the discussion below! How to Improve Website SEO with Rank Math Plugin

    You already know about SEO and the reasons behind the importance of SEO for the sustainability of a website. And now it’s time we apply seo website that will be discussed in the way in this article. Rank Math plugin can be used for website optimization (Source: Pixabay)

    How to improve SEO This website uses helpful tools in the form of Rank Math plugin. Rank Math is a plugin developed by WordPress to help its users optimize their websites.

    The reasons why using the Rank Math Plugin as a website SEO plugin include:

    • In easy and practical use.
    • Easy and automatic settings/configurations.
    • The best plugin.
    • Keywords that can be tracked.
    • Complete and easy-to-understand documentation is available.
    • Compatible with WooCommerce plugins.

    Those are some of the reasons why we recommend Rank Math as the best SEO Plugin available today, now we learn together on how to improve Website SEO with Rank Math Plugin.

    When we will improve SEO in a website by using the Rank Math Plugin, the first preparation is certainly install first. How to install is quite easy to do a search on the Plugin page > Add new.

    On that page there are several other plugins that you can use. But we will look for the Rank Math plugin, therefore in the search field input keyword ‘Rank Math’ and enter. See the picture below! Enter the keyword “Rank Math” in the search field

    After you do a search and WordPress will provide the search results with the keyword Rank Math earlier. To install the plugin click Install now which is positioned next to the wordpress SEO plugin – Rank Math.

    Watch the picture below! Rank Math is an additional plugin for SEO.

    After you install on the WordPress website, then now you activate the plugin by pressing the Active button, as shown in the image below! The key to SEO is consistency When, Configure SEO in The Rank Math Plugin!

    After you have installed the Rank Math plugin on the WordPress system, it is time to proceed to the next stage as a stage on how to improve website SEO with the Rank Math Plugin.

    This stage is the configuration of the Rank Math plugin, so that the Rank Math plugin can be used for website SEO needs. Then you need to do some of the following configurations:

    The first step in configuring the Rank Math plugin is to create an account first in RankMath.com.

    Once you register there, you will get 3 settings options. For example, in this article will explain the SEO settings of the Rank Math plugin website for easy configuration options, then click Start Wizard.Rank Math, Start Wizard Easy

    Why is on-page SEO important? How to Write SEO Friendly On-Page Articles in 2021

    On-page SEO refers to on-site optimization or on-page optimization. So why is on-page SEO important? On-Page SEO gives you the freedom to control all SEO jasa backlink factors and make pages have a better user experience and higher rankings through SEO concepts and techniques.

    If you have your own website, you can use On-Page SEO to meet all optimization requirements. No one likes to browse through ugly and worthless articles, and through On-Page SEO, you can gain more ranking authority. At the end of this article, I’m going to talk about How to Write Seo Friendly Articles On-Page Why On-Page SEO Is Important

    On-Page SEO is a combination of white hat SEO concept and writing skills, improving the quality of a website’s content to get better rankings is the goal of On-Page SEO. To do good On-Page SEO, you should consider these 3 main factors. High Quality Content

    The first focus of On-page SEO is to jasa backlink terpercaya provide useful content, why should people come to your website to see your page content? There seems to be no other possibility other than something good or valuable. Therefore, you should provide real and useful content, so that people will be willing to visit your website, and then the search engines will rank you higher because your information is very helpful to many people. Website structure

    In addition to good content, On-Page SEO also requires visitors to be able to load very quickly and smoothly while browsing your website. Your website code should be optimized, images should be compressed, and the structure of the website should be clear. On-Page SEO improves user experience, strengthens their stay rate and bounce rate Exterior design and user experience

    On-Page SEO is very attentive to the user’s feelings. As long as the user is satisfied, the search engine will be satisfied. Therefore, good On-Page SEO is not about making adjustments to search engines but improving the user experience. A good exterior design and interface design can allow users to get a better experience while browsing. An intuitive layout and layout design can guide users more effectively to the next page and continue browsing. Such On-Page SEO is the key to improving a WEBSITE’s ranking. How to optimize on-page SEO

    An important part of On-Page SEO optimization is content optimization. Only high-quality content can entice users to read. Providing useful information to the public is one of the main reasons why search engines improve your rankings. Therefore, in On-Page SEO optimization, most focus on the quality of the content.

    After saying so much about the importance of On-Page SEO content optimization, then how to optimize content SEO? Continue writing the original article

    Original articles are the search engine’s favorite content. To be true, articles plagiarized or reposted will be considered duplicate content by Google, so original articles usually have a higher weight.

    In addition, frequently updating original articles with a certain frequency can effectively encourage search engine crawler robots to keep visiting your website, which can effectively increase search engine attention to your website.

    When you continue to insist on publishing original articles, jasa backlink terbaik whether intentionally or unintentionally, you will often get more traffic because of those articles. In general, we call it long-tail keywords. For example, the theme of your entire website is SEO, and the content of this article is “Google SEO Optimization Highlights 2021”, so your article can appear when users search for “Google SEO 2021”. This is the advantage of the original article and using long tail keywords.

    In addition to the fact that original articles can have a higher weight and long-tail keywords can gain more traffic, it is also very important to enrich the content of the website. Search engines love websites with great content, which means that they are of a lot of quality (high) and can provide a lot of useful information to users, so as to effectively improve search engine rankings.

    In summary, the benefits of publishing an original article over time are:

    • The original article has a high weight.
    • Increase the frequency of search engine crawling
    • Long tail keywords get more traffic
    • Richest website content

    How to Write SEO Friendly Articles On-Page

    Now that we understand that writing high-quality content can benefit a lot, what are some specific techniques that can be used to improve content article writing skills quickly? The following will tell you some of the main points of article writing so that you can quickly start practicing writing high-quality articles. Create unique confidential information

    Take SEO as an example, you can create different confidential information, such as SEO skills, Google SEO, Bing SEO. . . . And many more. Write different types of articles according to different categories. Remember, all categories should revolve around the same topic (this is SEO) or related categories, so that your website has a diverse and highly relevant topic at the same time.

    If it is a general company website, you can make case introductions, Q&A encyclopedia questions and answers, and related news. And so on, to keep the website constantly updated with new content. The content of the article revolves around keywords.

    The content of the article should be written according to the category keywords, and the classification is closely followed by the main keywords, so that extensively related structural content will be formed. When your article is classified as Google SEO, the content of the article should be written around relevant Google SEO content. SEO takes a long time to accumulate, and it is necessary to keep deciphering keywords. Title contains keywords

    Titles contain keywords, which can effectively allow users (or search engines) to have an intuitive response. For example, someone searched for Google SEO 2021, and two articles, one title is the latest published algorithm update for Google search engine optimization; Another title is the updated Google SEO Algorithm 2021, which of the two articles will you choose? Obviously, you have to choose the latter. Therefore, the title should contain the target keyword you want to reveal (in this case Google, SEO, 2021).

    The content of the home article is written around the keywords. Target keywords are naturally distributed in articles, do not accumulate, are unintentional, and do not affect reading. The beginning of the article is very important.

    The first paragraph at the beginning of the article is the most important. Except that search engines generally use the first paragraph as a Description (if you don’t set it specifically). After reading the first paragraph, they will decide whether to continue reading. Therefore, the first paragraph can start with your target keyword and the focus of the entire article. It will also affect the evaluation of articles by search engines (users). Keywords are not limited to text.

    Keyword elaboration is not limited to text. You can present it in different types of images and videos. Article content with images, text, and images is the most ideal because it contains diverse content. Search engines like to integrate different types of content, just as people like a lot of things together. Search engines mimic human preferences for assessing websites.

    6 Tips for Creating Interesting and Engaging Content Titles

    The first thing a person jasa backlink will see when looking at a piece of content is the title. Content title is an important factor in selling content. For those of you who own an e-commerce website, your potential customers will make their first impression of your brand from the headlines you use. The main purpose of a content title is not just to sell your goods or services. They should also be able to make readers want to read the article until it is finished.

    In digital marketing activities, the title or headline of a content is used for SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing. Therefore, creating an interesting and engaging content title becomes a must. So how do you create an engaging and engaging content title? Here are some tips for creating interesting and engaging titles or headlines. Use Formula 4U

    There are no right or wrong headlines, but there are indeed types of headlines that have been proven to work. By following a similar formula, the titles you create can encourage people to click on your content and read it. A blogger, Melanie Duncan, created the 4U formula. This formula is believed to encourage website visitors to read your content to completion.

    Also Read: SEO Tips & Tricks on Instagram To Improve Search Results

    • Useful

    Try to think about what kind of headlines you’ll click on when you’re looking at your news feed. One type of article title that you will click on is usually an article that offers something useful for you. This point can be used by both companies that offer products and services.

    • Urgent

    One way bloggers jasa backlink terpercaya attract the attention of their readers is with headlines that make an urgent feel.with an important title tone, ordinary people will be more interested in clicking on the article. They certainly do not want to miss the news that is being talked about, helpful, and informative. Source: unsplash.com

    • Unique

    People love to read something unique. Usually something unique can instantly grab someone’s attention and make them want to click on the article. Most websites use a play on words in their title to attract attention.

    • Ultra-Specific

    You will often see the titles of articles that use numbers. The title of this article is what is meant by ultra-specific. Readers will know for sure what they will get if they click on this article. By ensuring that your title has these four elements, you will attract the attention of more readers. Make sure the benefits of the article are visible from the title

    If the title of your content promises a benefit, people will be encouraged to click through and read the article. Your title should be able to convince readers that they will get something by reading your article. To be able to do this successfully, you need to get to know your audience first. Use Comparisons in Titles To Attract Attention

    When you do a comparison on the title of the content, people will usually wonder what the relationship between the two things. Every day, people make a lot of decisions. Content with titles that contain comparisons will make people curious. Comparison articles can also help readers to determine which thing or product is right for them. Enter Numbers In Content Title

    One of the most popular types of content is the type of content listicles – content in the form of lists. People love to read listicles because they are easy to read and save time. Therefore, including numbers in the title of the content can grab the reader’s attention. Articles that use numbers in the title are usually articles that contain tips and tricks.

    Also Read: Benefits of Using Google Sheets to Manage Business5. Use Keywords in the jasa backlink terbaik Title

    If you use keywords throughout the article, you should also include them in the title. Readers will know what your article is about and what they can expect from reading it, as will search engines. You can do it easily with a title like “What makes (keywords) very important in a (keyword).”

    By including keywords in the title, you will attract more kli and readers, get more shares on social media, rank higher, and get more website traffic. Logique Digital Services Indonesia

    Logique Digital Indonesia provides web development, app development, web design, digital marketing, and others. We have a team of professionals in their respective fields to help grow your business in the digital world. Please contact us or click logique services for more information.

    The Importance of Knowing How to Create Interesting Content Marketing

    Friends of jasa backlink terbaik asingmania.blogspot.com/2020/03/jasa-backlink-murah.html” target=”_blank”>jasa backlink terpercaya IDwebhost, of course we are very familiar with the term “content is king”. In today’s business era, content marketing has become a necessity for a modern brand. Content marketing is the key to the success of a digital marketing campaign. Did you know, behind every great brand there is a lot of good, relevant content that connects your company and your audience.

    However, there are still many people who wonder, why content marketing is so important. To help you understand the importance of content marketing, here are the benefits you get when you know how to create interesting and good content. Friends of IDwebhost, please refer to this article until it is finished.

    Table of Contents

    • The Importance of Knowing How to Create Interesting Content
    • Improving Brand Reputation
    • Content Optimization Helps Improve Your SEO
    • Interesting Content Can Attract Potential Customers
    • Content as a Tool Showcases Product Excellence
    • Content as a Means of Building Relationships With Customers
    • Distinguishing Yourself from competitors
    • Supporting Digital Marketing Strategies
    • Conclusion

    The Importance of Knowing How to Create Interesting Content

    Knowing how to create interesting content marketing is a must. But, before that, all you have to know first is the usefulness of interesting content marketing. There are several benefits to your business when it comes to having interesting content. Here are the benefits of creating interesting content: Improving Brand Reputation

    One of the great benefits of the importance of a content marketing is building a brand reputation. In this very tight digital marketing era competition, building trust between brands and consumers is very important. By gaining the trust of customers, your business reputation will increase positively. Interesting content can help potential consumers understand the products you are selling.

    If the consumer feels the content you present is interesting and in accordance with your needs, consumers will provide feedback. The more valuable the content presented, the easier it is to build trust with your target audience. Consistently updating content will help you increase the trust of consumers. Interesting Content Helps Increase Conversions

    In any type of business, conversion is very important. Engaging content marketing can help increase conversions because it allows you to educate potential customers about the values they will get if they buy your product. If well educated, prospective customers will be encouraged to make purchasing decisions.

    To encourage conversions, be sure to include a clear call to action. Call to Action will tell readers what they need to do next, leading them to the next step in the conversion process. Conversion here can just wonder, or directly make a purchase. Content Optimization Helps Improve Your SEO

    Did you know, content is one of the most effective SEO techniques. The more consistently you create compelling content, the more pages will be indexed by jasa backlink search engines. The more content in your website, the more pages search engines will index to show users in their search results. While it doesn’t necessarily generate high traffic, it will make your brand rank higher for more keywords. If the content you have is quality, the longer visitors will stay on your website. Of course this has a very positive impact on your search engine optimization.Interesting content is an efficient way to grow new leads.

    Engaging content marketing can help bring new leads to your business. Leads are essential for businesses that rely on consistent traffic to grow brands, and increase sales. Therefore, content marketing is not only good for bringing new business prospects, but also affordable in cost. The key to maximizing a content is to create a content marketing strategy that directly targets the target market. From the beginning you should have thought about strategies, such as when determining the topic, the product you are selling, and the method of promotion. Content as a Tool Showcases Product Excellence

    Content marketing allows you to showcase the advantages that your product has to a wide audience. On the other hand, potential customers also want that they get something out of the product. This is very good as a marketing strategy, so that potential customers are well educated about your product.

    Content marketing is very useful to help you build positive relationships with customers. Loyal customers are a valuable asset to a brand. One of the indicators you have loyal customers is the presence of repeat purchases. Therefore you must know how to take care of this good relationship. With good content marketing, such as providing tips and tricks to take care of products, or holding discounts at certain times is very powerful to increase consumer loyalty. Content Marketing Helps You Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors

    In the world of digital marketing that is so fast, it is very important for a brand to distinguish itself from its competitors. For example, you have some rivals in an industry, say the contemporary food industry. You need effective content marketing to differentiate your product from other food brands, showing potential customers why your product is so special. If you want to portray that your brand is different, it is very important to develop unique content, your characteristics, commonly called brand personality. Brand personality is very useful as a link between the brand and the customer. Support All Digital Marketing Strategies

    As a businessman, it is necessary to create interesting and quality content as one of the digital marketing tactics. For example, if you want to launch a marketing campaign using email to educate customers. You should develop interesting email content to encourage anyone reading it to take the next step.

    From the content of the email you can develop into content on the blog and on social media. So, create content that can be adapted to other marketing channels.  This shows that the importance of creating good content marketing can be integrated into all other marketing strategies. Turn your ideas into interesting and quality content. Conclusion

    With all the benefits we have explained above, it is seen that why content marketing is for all types of businesses. The importance of knowing how to create engaging content not only helps increase visibility, but also builds a positive relationship between you and your customers. Now is the time to start. Strive to create compelling content and think of a good marketing strategy, one that fits your target market. By knowing how to create interesting content, it helps increase conversions and increase brand awareness.

    Immediately start a digital marketing campaign now by creating your own website on IDwebhost. Wait moreover, online your business with the best web hosting services in Indonesia.

    YouTube SEO: Easy Ways to Increase YouTube Video Rankings

    When you upload a video to YouTube, you certainly hope your video is watched by many people. yes, right?

    However, this may sound difficult. You see, you have to compete with a lot of YouTube videos.

    Especially every hour, there are 100 hours of new videos uploaded there!

    But, wait! Don’t be discouraged just yet. One trick to get your videos watched a lot is to make them easy to find. The trick, just need to implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) YouTube.

    YouTube SEO can help your videos appear at the very top when viewers are searching.

    That way, your video can have a greater chance of being clicked and watched.

    Well, what the hell do you need to do to practice YouTube SEO? Here, we’ll discuss it in full. Starting from tips to tools.

    Let’s check it out together!5+ YouTube SEO Tips That You Should Try

    Here are tips that can help boost your video’s ranking in YouTube search results: Keyword Research

    When you’re looking for videos on YouTube, you’ve definitely seen search recommendations that appear along with the keywords you type:

    jasa backlink terpercaya It looks simple. But, actually the recommendation displays the keywords that are most often searched by YouTube viewers.

    Well, to make your video easier to find, of course your video must contain keywords that are sought by many people, right?

    That’s why you need to do keyword research first. To find the right keywords, you can use tools like Ubersuggest or Ahrefs.

    But remember, do not pursue keywords solely because the search volume is high. You also have to make sure that the keywords are in accordance with the theme of your channel. Use Interesting Titles and Thumbnails

    Before deciding to choose a video, viewers must see the title and thumbnail first. If the title and thumbnail are interesting, they can be interested in clicking on the video.

    In other words, no matter how interesting your content is, if the title and thumbnail are ordinary, no one will want to click on the video.

    Therefore, make sure you create a catchy title and supported by visual thumbnails that attract the eye.

    If you want to create interesting visuals, Canva is the right solution. This tool has a complete enough editing feature to create video thumbnails that spoil the eyes.

    But, although the main goal is to attract the audience to click on the video, never use titles and thumbnails that smell clickbait. This can encourage viewers to click the dislike button.

    Oh yes, don’t forget to also save keywords in the title of the video. So, your video becomes relevant to the keywords that the audience typed in the search field. Install Keywords in the Video Description

    In addition to installing keywords in the title of the video, you also need to write them in the description column.

    Why is that? Because if YouTube detects a particular keyword in your video description, they can assign it as the relevant result for that keyword.

    For example, here is a description of the video that appears in the first rank for the keyword “learn digital marketing”:

    As seen above, the uploader mentions the keyword clearly at the beginning of the description.

    Why at the beginning? Because the description is only displayed in the first 3 lines. For the rest, viewers have to click the Show More button to see the rest of the description.

    Therefore, make sure you write the target keyword clearly at the beginning of the description. Keywords must also look natural and connect with the overall description. 4. Make An Interesting Video

    When reading the title of this subheading maybe you think, “Yes definitely dong, the video period is not made interesting?”.

    Ironically, many video makers miss these tips. They just think that the important thing is that they’ve made a good video.

    However, they don’t think whether the video is interesting or not for the audience.

    According to research from Backlinko, the longer viewers stay on your videos, the more likely your videos are to be recommended by YouTube.

    This is natural, because YouTube will want to recommend videos that are considered interesting. And one of the indicators is a video that is often watched until it runs out.

    So, how do I make an interesting video? It’s simple. You just need to observe videos that are the same topic as the ones you made.

    Make sure the videos you make comparisons have a good record. For example, the number of likes or the number of views.

    After that, you just find out what are the weak points of the video. Is the video material lacking detail? Or maybe the visuals can still be emerated again?

    Well, from there, you can get inspiration to make interesting videos compared to competitor videos.

    To find out if the audience lasts longer when watching the video you make, you can see it in YouTube Analytics. Install Tags and Categories That Match Keywords

    Another thing that can help YouTube to show your videos is to jasa backlink terbaik put up the right categories and tags. It is also recommended by the YouTube Creator Academy.

    Although somejasa backlink times considered the same, actually categories and tags have different functions.

    • Categories serve to determine the classification of the video. So, does the video fit into the sports category? food? Or music?
    • Tags serve to tell the characteristics of the content. For example, suppose you make a video tutorial to create a website. You can put up tags “education”, “website”, “IT”, and the like.

    That way, your video can be more relevant to the audience’s search results.

    Make sure you use categories and tags that match the theme of your content. And it would be even better if you set your target keyword as a tag.

    Don’t worry about running out of inspiration. You can find tag recommendations that match your content in tools like Keyword Tool or Youtube Tag Generator. Promote your video

    Hooray! You’re done creating, optimizing, and uploading your videos. Does that mean everything is done?

    Unfortunately, not yet. You can just wait for the audience to come alone to your video. But, this method will take longer to increase the number of views.

    Conversely, by using a ball pick-up strategy, your video will be able to reach views at the beginning of its publication.

    This is important, because in order for YouTube to know if your content is worth showing in high rankings in search results, of course they must know first whether your content is able to attract visitors.

    For that, you have to promote your video to various platforms. For example, to social media.

    By spreading video links to Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, the number of views you get will be more.

    But that doesn’t mean you have to spread your links across all platforms. Instead, you just need to choose a platform that is really relevant to your content only.

    In addition to promoting your own videos, you can also invite your audience to share the video.

    So how do they share your video? Of course they will do it with pleasure if your video is indeed useful for them.

    So, the key, is in the quality of the video you make. Are you ready to practice Seo On YouTube?

    Okay, you already know how to rank your videos on YouTube. Now it’s time to practice it!

    Start by doing keyword research first. Then, make an interesting video based on these keywords.

    Don’t forget to optimize the video by slipping keywords into the title, thumbnail, description, and tag. After that, you can start promoting the video to various platforms.

    Oh yes, in addition to learning YouTube SEO, you can also learn SEO to increase your website’s ranking in Google search results.

    Want to know how? You can find it at Bitlabs! Here, you can learn to create a website + optimization on Google. The material is explained simply and also friendly for beginners.

    Want? Let’s sign up at Bitlabs right now!